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The World Series, a Baby Shower AND a Pearl Jam Concert

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Last week was a bit of a whirlwind for me and Justin.

When the Red Sox made it to the World Series, Justin was entertaining the idea of going to Game 1 in Boston.  I was pretty much on board right away, but we still went back and forth Sunday morning deciding should we or shouldn’t we. Ultimately, we decided to go for it!   We had been wanting to take a few days/long weekend away from D.C. before the baby is born (at a beach), but never could come up with a weekend that worked.  This seemed like the perfect plan, a World Series Baby Moon!

We purchased the game tickets, found some decently priced flights and paid an arm and a leg for one last hotel room available in the city – we stayed out by the airport which ended up working out just fine for our planning.

I am SO glad we did, it was totally worth our time and money.  Justin is a huge Red Sox fan, I just love baseball in general.   There is just something magical about being a World Series game no matter who you are rooting for!


janda at redsox

It certainly helped the mood that the Red Sox won the game 8-1!

red sox win game 1

We came back to D.C. and went back to work, it was fantastic that it was already Friday!   I was treated to a very special surprise at work – my co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower!!!


I knew one was coming, but didn’t expect it this soon!  It was such a lovely surprise to the day and was such a thoughtful shower and am grateful I have such wonderful co-workers!!



This weekend, Justin and I drove to Baltimore for my first (his second, maybe third) Pearl Jam concert!   I haven’t been to a concert in a while and while I’m not the biggest fan it is always great to see a band live!

I don’t know if this link will work, but I’ll try it:

Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town

This week holds some work travel for me, but I think it will be hard to top the excitement of last week!!





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Class Review: Physique 57

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I finally made it to Physique 57 on Wednesday night.  After reading about Physique on a ton of blogs and obviously loving the whole barre workout movement, I was really excited to give it a go. After I signed up for my class I received a phone call welcoming me to Physique. The woman I spoke with gave me some tips for my first class, information about the studio and was ready to answer any questions I had. They have a pretty pricey/strict cancellation policy (which really isn’t out of the ordinary anymore at all of the boutique fitness studios) but when you’re new you can late cancel and receive no penalty (I may have late cancelled twice due to work…oops).

I arrived at the studio, which was white, modern and beautiful. The studio I was at had a nice locker room with lockers, showers and plenty of mirrored space. There were plenty of towels and lots of the usual locker room amenities around including Altoids. I purchased a bottle of water because I forgot mine (one thing I love about Flywheel is that they give you water for free!) and stood around reading all the articles posted on the walls about how many celebrities love Physique.

Because it was my first class I took a Beginner class and it was a challenge from the very start to the very end. The studio was mirrored with bars on every wall and very plush blue carpeting. We started off with 5 lb. weights and did a ton of arms. I actually really enjoyed the arm portion a lot and liked that it was longer than some of the other barre classes I’ve taken in the past. We then moved to the barre and began some serious thigh and butt work. All of the moves were similar to ones I’ve done in the past but much more intense. We also did each move slowly and then rapidly and then repeated that process. There wasn’t as much stretching as similar classes and it was very high energy with fun, popular music. The instructor walked around making adjustments and chatted throughout class, keeping things peppy. She also offered modifications to make certain moves harder as options throughout class.  We used a barre, ball, small mat, large mat and stretchy band throughout class.

The class flew by and ended with a lot of abs, a little back dancing and finally some stretching. The two women next to me were also new (one was super pregnant) and it was nice to have along for the journey. I’d say the biggest focus of class was the legs and the butt but I felt like I got a really good aerobic and anaerobic workout. I was sweating, huffing and puffing a bit and of course, super sore the next day. I literally just sneezed and my abs were in pain.

I left class feeling energized and really enjoyed the workout. Physique offered a 2 for 1 deal when you sign up for your first class and I know have a second free class to use in 7 days. They also really follow up! I received a phone call the day after class asking how I enjoyed it and to see if I had any questions. I also received two emails checking in about how I enjoyed class and with package information. Physique is personal, detailed and dedicated, that’s for sure! I absolutely see why women (and men!) love to take classes there and how they all see immediate results. Class packages are of course pricey – what studio isn’t these days? – but I could see it being another fun class to take here and there as a little treat.

I’m glad I gave Physique a try and would love to go back again soon. Another barre class in the books!

What the studio set up looks like with the props.

What the studio set up looks like with the props.

We actually did this in class and it was tough!

We actually did this in class and it was tough!


Sunday’s workout: 45 minutes Flywheel
Sunday’s meals highlight: Chicken and pilaf at my grandma’s
Monday’s workout: Rest
Monday’s meals highlight: Lemon & herb Tilapia
Tuesday’s workout: 60 minutes Hot Vinyasana
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Mashed sweet potatoes with dinnerWednesday’s workout: 60 minutes Physique 57
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Bow-tie pasta w/ vodka sauce
Thursday’s workout: Rest
Thursday’s meals highlight: Lentil soup

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I had such a lovely birthday celebration all day on Wednesday.  From Stephanie’s sweet blog post, to all the social media love, to really great co-workers decorating my desk and baking me sweet treats, to dinner with Justin – I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

It’s funny to think that a year ago we just started trying to have a baby and now here I am about 3 months from having a baby and that next year at this time we’ll have an almost 10 month old baby to celebrate the day with too – it’s all sort of mind boggling.    I love my birthday (week, month) so much, but I do look forward to loving a new month (most likely January)  just as much…!!

Scenes from a birthday:

desk decorated

Showered with these and many more wonderful presents all day!!

Showered with these and many more wonderful presents all day!!

A day full of sweets and treats:




Goat cheese ice cream in the middle - really tasty!

Goat cheese ice cream in the middle – really tasty!

Post dinner at Unum

Post dinner at Unum


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Happy Birthday, Addy!

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Wishing my co-blogger, mama-to-be, and very good friend a happy birthday today! I’m sad that we are unable to celebrate in person today but know that her co-workers, friends, family and of course,  Justin will make it a very special day.

Happy Birthday, Addy! I hope your day is filled with so much happiness 🙂 Here’s to another great year ahead!

Celebrating another inauguration together!

Celebrating another inauguration together!

Post-half glow!

Post-half glow!

Also, Addy, a special someone got you a birthday present….just ignore the #18 🙂

Happy Birthday to my favorite swimmer!

Happy Birthday to my favorite swimmer!

Lots of blog love!



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A Very Fall Food Weekend

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I really wanted to jump on board the fall bandwagon and go to a pumpkin patch/apple orchard, but I also knew this weekend was going to be so rainy and not really pleasant for said outdoor activity.  Instead, I opted to just bake pumpkin flavored items and make my own applesauce. 

Both, I have to admit were a real success.  I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies via a random recipe I googled.  These are the only remaining cookies.

pumpkin cookies

And then I made applesauce in a crock pot from Gina’s Skinny Recipes.  I don’t have a picture and truth be told it would not photograph well at all, but I think it was tasty. It’s also incredibly easy to make – aside from the peeling and coring of the apples.  I used all gala apples, but would be fun trying a mix next time.

I did a little shopping yesterday on my day off – I’m totally with Stephanie – every weekend should be a 3-day weekend!  I was browsing some rugs for the baby’s room and while I’m not really going with any specific theme for the room, I do think we need a rug in there -for nothing else just to have something cozy to lay around on.  This is the one I have my eye on right now from CB2.


Last week before it started raining for like 5 days straight, we had some pretty incredible sunsets.  This one in particular caught my eye on Union Station as I was heading home for the night.  I loved how the top of the building was lit up and how each statue’s shadow was clearly visible.

union station


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All weekends should be three days…

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Someone turned 1 on Saturday!

Someone turned 1 on Saturday!

Saturday fun at the dump with my mom - it was Free Market Day! We dropped off a ton of my furniture and it was snatched up in no time.

Saturday fun at the dump with my mom – it was Free Market Day! We dropped off a ton of my furniture and it was snatched up in no time.

The basement filled with all of my stuff from the move pre-organization. I didn't take an after shot...

The basement filled with all of my stuff from the move pre-organization. I didn’t take an after shot…

Red Mango smoothie and walking around downtown was the perfect afternoon activity.

Red Mango smoothie and walking around downtown was the perfect afternoon activity.

Proscuitto pizza with salad - yum!

Proscuitto pizza with salad – yum!

Heading to friends in Colorado with a little something special :)

Heading to friends in Colorado with a little something special 🙂

What did I buy here?

What did I buy here?

New running shoes! I left my faithful New Balance clunkers and went with the Saucony Guide 6 and I'm in love.

New running shoes! I left my faithful New Balance clunkers and went with the Saucony Guide 6 and I’m in love.

There was a lot of pumpkin DD happening this weekend.

There was a lot of pumpkin DD happening this weekend.

Started today with eggs, a corn English muffin and my ipad.

Started today with eggs, a corn English muffin and my ipad.

Good morning, Carrie.

Good morning, Carrie.


Wednesday’s workout: None
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Eh.
Thursday’s workout: 45 minutes Flywheel
Thursday’s meals highlight: Um.
Friday’s workout: None
Friday’s meals highlight: Nah.
Saturday’s workout: 4 mile run
Saturday’s meals highlight: Proscuitto pizza
Sunday’s workout: 45 minutes Flywheel
Sunday’s meals highlight: Proscuitto pizza leftovers











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Little Things

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I officially have a coffee guy. He’s in a cart across the street from the ferry and outside my building. He knows my order – large coffee with cream – and it’s $1.50. Hooray, coffee cart guy.

I have my fingers crossed for some really good news. Feel free to cross yours as well.

A friend sent out an email about going a wine tasting trip in mid-November.  At first I thought, fall wine tasting? That’s a spring/summer activity! But then I remembered when I went to a vineyard last October in Virginia after a friend’s wedding and it was gorgeous. Bring on the wine! And champagne, and leaves, and sweaters and all the pumpkin things.

I enjoyed this NYT article about Twitter bios. Secretary Clinton’s is still the best one ever. My Twitter bio is as follows:

Democrat. Organizational freak. Dog lover. Triathlete. Yankees/Giants fan. Bloggers. Views are my own. RT and links are not endorsements.
New York, NY

What does it say about me? Um, I think that’s pretty self explanatory. If you don’t follow me already, get on board 🙂

Buzzfeed, you complete me.

The 3-day weekend cannot get here quick enough.

Massage tonight – yes!


Monday’s workout: None
Monday’s meals highlight: Lemon-crusted Tilapia
Tuesday’s workout: None
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Um…

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New things

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A new book: 

I read Jhumpa Lahiri’s new book The Lowland in a flash. It was another incredible book, which is not surprising at all because she is one of my favorite authors to read. The story is very heavy and emotional but so well-written. I was hooked from the start. I started the next book in the Gabriel Allon series. After this one there is only one more book and then I’m all caught up. Kind of insane but also kind of awesome with my long commute.

A new workout (well, two):

Monday – Shape circuit (new!)
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – 45 minutes Flywheel (new!)
Friday – 60 minutes Bar Method
Saturday – 75 minutes outdoor bike ride
Sunday – Rest

A new pain:

All I’m going to say about football is that I’m doing better in both of my fantasy leagues (4-0 and 2-2) than the Giants are doing in their real season. Sigh.

A new outing:

In two weeks I’m heading to The Hunt, which is a horse race in Far Hills, NJ. A friend I grew up with hosts a few tents each year with his family and I’m so excited to be able to go for the first time this year. I’m excited for fall weather, some delicious drinks, a few horses and time with friends.

A new doctor:

Last weekend I had a physical with my new doctor. She was so inviting and nice and I felt very comfortable talking to her. I’m excited to find a new primary care physician I like after loving my one in Virginia for so many years. She gave me recommendations for an eye doctor, a dermatologist, an ob-gyn and an orthopedist (stupid foot). I need to get going on these appointments and line up my new team of folks.

What’s new with all of you?


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Class Review: Flywheel

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Last week I went to my first Flywheel class and I loved it! I went to the studio in Millburn, NJ, which is only a few miles from my Mom’s house. I took the 5:45am class which was very early (it required me to get up at 5:00am) but it was a great way to start the day.

The studio in Millburn is absolutely beautiful and big. (I didn’t take any photos because I feel awkward and really need to know the secrets of other bloggers who are so snap happy.) When I walked in, I signed in on one of the three laptops set up by the front desk. Then a staffer showed me around and helped me set up my bike. Flywheel providse shoes but I was able to use my own. They also provide free towels, water bottles and ear plugs. Nice! The actual studio was also big but very packed with bike. The bikes were set up like stadium seating which I appreciated because I signed up to be in the back row. There was an easy view of the instructor from every seat in the house.

I didn’t sign up to be on the famous torque board, though I did enjoy snooping on what others were doing. And man, were they working hard! I was really impressed with other peoples stats. It was motivating to see how well they were doing and push myself harder. The stats are not up all the time. The instructor randomly puts them up on the screen for a portion of a song. On every bike there is a little digital cube that displayed RPMs, torque, and power. I like how they were lit up and easy to see. I find that it’s helpful to know what torque and RPM the instructor wants us to aim for during each song.

Speaking of the instructor, it was his first time teaching at that location and he did a great job. He was high energy, talkative and clearly working very hard along with us. I was happy his first class was a success! The songs were great and we alternated between some hills and sprints. Then there was the arm portion of class. Toward the end of class, we grabbed a bar that was attached to our bike. There were two bar options and I opted for the lighter one. About half the class didn’t participate in the arm portion and the half that did used BOTH bars. I didn’t give myself a hard time as it was my first time there 🙂 The arm portion was tough. No doubt about that. But it went by quickly and then we were on to our last working song. Great way to finish up class. Needless to say, I left a sweaty mess.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first Flywheel experience and I already plan to go back to David’s class this week. The only downside is that the classes are expensive – $32 per class! I think Flywheel does a great job of giving you your money’s worth with the free amenities they offer and sweaty 45 minute class. I received an email before I got home with my stats for class. It was interesting to see my power, RPM average, torque average and approximate calories burned. Now I can work to beat my own stats at this Thursday’s class.

Next up, my review of Physique 57!


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Five Things Friday – phone dump

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1. It’s October!  Just in case you didn’t realize already.  I’ve read many posts where people are celebrating the fact that fall has arrived (um, it’s 88 degrees today) and along with that all their favorite clothing, food and accessories.  I mostly am just celebrating that it is my birthday month!


2.  Sunset on my walk home last evening after a scary day in D.C.


3. I am trying to eat more fish because Justin thinks the baby won’t like fish if I don’t eat any while I’m pregnant.  But I sort of refuse to make it – so he has to. Last night we had fish tacos, they were tasty!  This picture has nothing to do with dinner, it’s just a picture I took at the Warhol museum while we were in Pittsburgh.


4.  Homemade waffles – little bit of fruit, little bit of syrup.


5.  I jumped on the iOS 7 train as soon as I could and then two weeks ago decided to change my background then too.  I felt like I had a new phone twice in one week!  Love the new background!

photo 222 Happy Friday – enjoy your weekend!



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