Half Marathon Training: Week 8

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Another week of late nights at work and another week without running…except for Saturday. I went for a run with my brother-in-law around Brooklyn. We were aiming for 10 miles but ended up doing 8 because I had a super crappy run and my left foot was killing me. Right off the bat the run just didn’t feel good to me. I was winded, cold and just feeling crappy. Plus, there were a ton of hills. Ugh. I trailed behind my brother-in-law by at least 3/4 of a mile and when we got to mile 6.5, I told him I was almost done and we started making our way back his house and we made it to 8 miles.

I am having some serious pain on the outer edge of my left foot. I did some Googling and I think I just need to keep icing and rest up a bit. Let’s hope that it’s heals up and I start to feel better soon. I am traveling for work this week but plan to get in a good long run with a friend on the West Coast who is also training for a half marathon.

On to week 9!


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Half Marathon Training: Week 7

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Remember how I was getting back on the horse this week? Well, I didn’t until Saturday. But I did it with a beautiful 10 mile run along the Hudson on Saturday. It’s no secret that we’ve had some crappy winter weather (like snow every three days…not that I’m counting) and Saturday was in the 50s and it felt like every single person in NYC was outside and it was great. It was a glimmer of hope that spring will be here….at some point.

I didn’t run with my Garmin because it wasn’t charged so I went with MapMyRun instead and honestly, it was kind of a better run because I didn’t look at my Garmin every two seconds. I’m thinking that maybe I should run the half without it. On Saturday, I’ve run faster than I’ve run the entire time I’ve been training with an average pace of 9:58. Almost all of my miles were under 10:00 except for 2 or 3. I’ll take it! If I can keep around that pace on race day then I will definitely beat my last half time. It was an encouraging run to say the least.

It and didn’t hurt that the views were gorgeous. Yes, that is real sunshine. And the Statue of Liberty if you look close enough.


I am now heading off to a yoga class with a friend. Which is VERY needed after yesterday. Hello soreness. I plan to run 10 miles the next two weekends for my long runs before moving up to 11 and 12 before race day.

Onto week 8 feeling positive!


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Half Marathon Training: Week 6

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Was this peak week? It was more like taper week…or actually even less than a taper. I didn’t run once this week. That doesn’t mean I didn’t workout, I just never went for a run. Was it a busy week at work? Yes. Did I have some fun social plans? Yes. Did the weather allow me to run outside? No. Am I fighting off yet another cold that has turned into a sinus infectio? Yes. Do I have enough excuses? But there is nothing I can do about it now. The only thing I can do is get back on the horse on week 7 and focus on these next 6 weeks of training. Fingers crossed this snow let’s up a bit and I can get my long runs in outside.

Monday – 55 minute BodyPump
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 45 minute spin at Revolve
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Rest shred

6 weeks down, 6 to go…


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Class Review: Revolve

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On Wednesday night, I went to Revolve Fitness to try out their BodyRide spin class. There is actually a Revolve Fitness in D.C. (well in Arlington, VA) but I never made it to a class there. The NYC studio is located in Union Square right off the subway and I easily made it to their 6:30pm class.

The locker room is located in the basement and is co-ed but there are separate male and female bathrooms with showers. When I got the “tour” I was told to change in the bathroom instead of the shared space. Now I feel like most cycle studios are all very narrow and get very crowded and it’s so hard to navigate (that’s one thing I actually love about more Flywheel studios – they are huge!) but this studios was SO tiny. I mean it was a mad house before and after class and I felt insanely rushed and barely got my stuff into a locker in time. The spin room is located upstairs where the “lobby” is located – there is only one spin room. It was medium sized with mirrors on three walls and bikes faces a variety of directions.

My friend and I hopped onto our bikes which were on the far side of the room. You can rent shoes but I brought my own – you have to wear clip in shoes. I did buy water since I forgot my water bottle and they were able to easily charge it to the card I had on my account which I appreciated. They have filtered water bottle refill stations for those who brought their own.


What is a BodyRide? (from the Revolve website):

Cardio…Strength…Flexibility…Everything you need in one complete class. This all-encompassing workout allows you to maximize the time you have to work-out in one place. Start out strong. The ride is cardio-intense and gets the heart rate up and keeps it there. Stay moving while you strengthen and tone the upper body on the bike. Polish it all off with a cool down stretch both on and off the bike. You get it all. You get the complete body!

It was your typical 45 minute spin class. We rode for 25 minutes, did 7 minutes of arms and then rode for another 10 minutes and ended with some stretching. The arm portion was longer than any I have experienced and we were told not to pedal so I cooled down really quickly which wasn’t that great. To say the instructor had enthusiasm would have been an understatement. He spent the entire class running around, waving a towel in the air (and sometimes in our faces), flickering the lights and yelling and screaming about. He spent maybe 5 minutes with his butt on that bike. At once point he was right in front of me gripping my bike staring at me and I just put my head down and pumped my legs hoping he would disappear. It was a bit much.

Luckily, almost the entire playlist was off of Beyonce new album and that kept me going and per most spin classes I take, it flew by in no time. I got in a good sweat and my shoulders were sore for days. I’m not sure I’d return to Revolve…clearly I love Flywheel the best, but it was fun to try out a class there.


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Class Review: Exhale Flow Yoga

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A week ago, I went to my second Exhale Spa class (from the 3 class Gilt City I had purchased) and this time instead of doing a barre class, I tried out their Flow Yoga. Let’s first start by saying that I haven’t taken a yoga class since November so I knew it was going to be a challenge.

My friend and I went to the Central Park South studio which is absolutely beautiful and so serene. The yoga studio itself was very big and clean. And they gave you freshly cleaned mats as you walked into the studio. The class was packed wall to wall which I think is always the sign of a good class.

We started out with some stretching and ab work and then did a pretty challenging flow for 45 minutes. I was sweating! I felt comfortable in most poses and could follow along pretty well. The instructor was hands on and made adjustments. He was very supportive and also cracked a few jokes here and there which I always appreciate.

After we finished the flow, he gave us time to work on any additional poses or do any poses we hadn’t done in class that our body wanted. It was a little intimidating as most of the class went to inversions but I focused on areas that I wanted to stretched more and stayed in the zone. We then moved our mats to the wall and again either practiced inversions or worked on stretching again the wall. I worked on my crow – the only pose I have where my feet make it off the ground – and the instructor gave me some tips I hadn’t heard before that were helpful.

We ended with our legs up against the wall in savasana and then the 75 minute class was over. It flew by. I worked really hard throughout the entire class, pushed myself during some challenging poses and definitely worked up a sweat. It was a great yoga class and one I would definitely return to. The prices are quick steep though so I’ll have to keep my eyes out for some more online deals.

A glimpse into the yoga studio

A glimpse into the yoga studio

The huge clothing/accessories shop in the lobby.

The huge clothing/accessories shop in the lobby.


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Half Marthon Training: Week 5

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Week 5 had it’s ups and down. I got in 8 miles outside even though it was chilly and a bit icy. I ran from 46th street up to 125th and then weaved my way back through the streets to 72nd and hopped on the subway. I also went to a hardcore yoga class at Exhale Spa that was fantastic and really made me realize I need to step up my yoga game again.

I had plans for some good cross-training on Sunday but had a sorta surprise visit from some family that included seeing Wicked. I was so excited to finally see the show so many had raved about. It was fantastic!

On to week 6! I was just on the race website checking out some information and thinking about buying my train ticket to Philly soon.  I have a busy week that includes a quick trip to NJ mid-week so I am changing up my training plans a bit but still want to get in those miles.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 miles + 75 minutes flow yoga
Wednesday: Shape’s The Ultimate Ab & Arm Workout*
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 8 miles (outside..brr!)
Sunday: Good city walking!



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That time I went to acupuncture

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As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been trying to find a way to solve the issue I’ve been having with some pretty bad tension headaches. While I’ve been working with a doctor and trying some more traditional remedies, a couple of people mentioned that I should try acupuncture. Some co-workers mentioned a great place by work and an added bonus was that they were having a 2 for 1 GroupOn. Score!

So off to City Acupuncture I went and man, was I nervous. Someone sticking needles into me?! I really didn’t know what to expect besides that. City Acupuncture normally charges $40 per session and the way they get away with such a low price is that it is not private. There are around 15 beds in one big open room, with partitions separately each bed. I personally had no qualms with this but I guess most people have private room acupuncture, like getting a massage at a spa.

I was greeted by a receptionist in a very tranquil space and told to remove my shoes. I was then led to the back by my acupuncturist. She was very nice and had a great bedside manner. We discussed what was going on and I felt comfortable sharing personal details with her. She then explained what was going to happen and how I should feel during the treatment.

For my entire treatment I was lying face down. I was wearing loose workout pants that I rolled up past my knees and a tank top. She started by putting needles in my feet and hands. The ones in my hands hurt a bit at first but the pain disappeared very quickly. She then started to put needles in my neck, shoulders and back. Sometimes I would really feel the needle and other times I felt absolutely nothing. It was very interesting!

She then covered me with a thin foil blanket (like the ones you get post-race) and I laid there for about 30-40 minutes. I could feel an all-over radiating throughout my body but was in no pain. She then returned and took out all of the needles and moved on to cupping. Remember when Gwenyth Paltrow showed up at some red carpet with weird marks on her back?


Well, that’s what I had done and honestly, it wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t have the cupping where they use heat and fire under the cups (crazy sounding, I know), but instead had dry cupping which is more therapeutic. The acupuncturist used about 6 cups on my shoulders and back. She twisted them so there was some suction and left me there for another 10 minutes. It was a really weird feeling but I still felt relaxed and the 10 minutes flew by. Once the cups were removed, there was some massage with lemongrass oil and then the treatment was done. It was over and hour and went by in a flash and I felt relaxed the entire time.

Today I went back for my second treatment and plan to continue going to work through these tension issues. The day after my first appointment, I felt the best I had in a long time and it continued for the next few days. I’m hoping continual treatment will help me find freedom from my pain.

Read more about the benefits of both acupuncture and cupping.

This is just about my experience so please don’t take any of it as medical advice!




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Things I’m liking lately

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– I am obsessed with the new Kind bars…the square ones. My favorite flavor is Maple Pumpkin Seed and I just bought some Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate to try out as well. I’m especially happy with these bars because I can read all of the ingredients and know what they are. It’s my new favorite afternoon snack and I look forward to eating them!

469x352_maplepumpkin 469x352_pbdc

– I finally finished my Quaker packets of oatmeal and bought some plain, quick-cooking oats. Again, I can read everything on the label which has become very important to me lately. But instead of using water in my oatmeal, I’ve started using milk and oh man, what a difference. I will never go back to water again. The milk just adds some creaminess that can’t be beat and when I top it with some fruit, it’s the perfect breakfast.

– I’ve been having an apple and with some White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter as dessert post-dinner and it really hits the spot. Apple and peanut butter was a frequent snack in my household growing up and it always satisfies.

– I know this is totally cheesy, but I’m loving the Facebook “Looking Back” videos everyone is posting. Some of them really tough at the heartstrings. I remember reluctantly joining Facebook my senior year of college and how it was this whole unknown world. It really is amazing how the website has grown and what is has become.

– I am almost done with my my taxes and I can almost taste the refund!

– Peace out, football! It’s time for my favorite sports to begin: BASEBALL! Spring training is right around the corner and I can’t wait for the season to start.


– I booked a Rent the Runway appointment at their studio downtown. With two black tie optional weddings coming up in April and May, I thought it would be fun to check out some dresses in person. I’ll post a full review of my experience there after I go.

– Last weekend I went home to NJ and spent some time with my family and it was so nice. It was a great reminder of how lucky I am to now live to close to my family. Love it!

– Yesterday, I was power walking on the street and dropped my wallet. Three people yelled out to me and one of them handed me my wallet. So nice! Thank you, New Yorkers.

– And speaking of kind New Yorkers, on Friday, on a very packed subway, I was stuck in the middle of the car with no room to even stick my hand up to the ceiling. The man next to me offered his shoulder for me to hold on to and I went for it. It was a nice gesture and very helpful. Hooray kindness!


That’s what I’m liking lately. What’s been good for you?


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Half Marathon Training: Week 4

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Here’s what week 4 of training looked like…

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 3 miles
Wednesday – Shred 45
Thursday – 7 miles
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rest
Sunday –  4.5 miles (outside!!!)

So I got my mileage in this week but I only did one cross training workout. However, the most exciting part of the week was running 4.5 miles outside along the Hudson on Sunday. Man, I cannot wait for spring!


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Half Marathon Training: Week 3

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Totally delayed considering week 4 is almost over but here you go!

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: Rest (fighting off cold)
Thursday: Rest (fighting off cold)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 2 miles
Sunday: Core Fusion


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