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Wednesday Way

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Washington D.C. is pretty much back to normal after Hurricane Sandy, but the devastation in New Jersey and New York is just crazy.  My thoughts are with everybody that has been affected by the storm.   And may everybody be able to get back

Today is Halloween and while I did not dress in any costume at all this weekend, I will be trick or treating tonight with my niece and nephew this evening – both dressed as owls!

I came across this article today about un-friending people on Facebook/being a prisoner of random status updates.  Thank you Jessica over at How Sweet It Is this made me laugh a lot.  I’ve been known to have my own Facebook addiction and this paragraph specifically made me giggle:

I feel like I’m stuck in an episode of A&E’s ‘Hoarders.’ Except instead of being trapped in my own house, surrounded by cats and piles of newspapers and junk from years ago, I’m wading through ten-foot-high piles of meaningless people I’ve collected through social media and now feel artificially connected to. It’s having an effect on my mental health. I shuffle around, loathing pumpkin spice lattes and cursing Nicki Minaj.
I need an intervention.

On a completely unrelated note, Justin and I have been making grilled cheese sandwiches the past several days – being stuck at home with a hurricane will do that to you.  I made a pesto grilled cheese with brie and american cheese the other day and thought it was the best creation ever.  I even toasted it just right, where the cheese is just melty enough and nothing is burnt!

Last night I made this spicy turkey and tomato soup (but with chicken). It just occurred to me right now I should have had a grilled cheese along with it!  We have leftovers, so there is a chance they can be paired together soon.

Happy Halloween!!!


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Race Recap: MCM 10k

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First let me say, I hope everyone is OK after the storm. Everything ended up being fine here in the DC for me. I never lost power and was holed up in my apartment watching TV and eating snacks throughout the storm. My family up in NJ/NY seem to be doing OK too though some of them don’t have power. I hope they are all get power back sooner than later!

Now, on to the race recap! I was so happy to be out running in a race on Sunday. It was awesome. Seriously, just awesome. The weather was a lot warmer than I thought it was going to be and I”m glad I ended up wearing my favorite Lululemon running skirt with my “I Love Sweat” shirt. It is really the perfect race day outfit, I have to say. The 10k started at 7:55am on the Mall. I woke up at 6:00am has some black coffee and some oatmeal, packed up my backpack and headed down to the start line. I ran down to the start line, kind of making up a route as I went and ended up running just under 2 miles. It was a good warm up and I’m glad I got some extra mileage in before the race. I immediately went to the bag check (UPS trucks) and then just wandered around taking in the scene. Luckily I didn’t have to use the bathroom because the porta-potty lines were SUPER long.

Good morning, DC!

You can see the big red start line if you look close enough.

There wasn’t much down time and before I knew it, it was time to line up. I was being very cautious about my time (not really sure why) and ended up lining up in the back of the 1:00 – 1:10 corral. While waiting for the race to start the girl next to me asked if I had run this race before because it was her first race ever. I was so excited for her (and told her that maybe 10 times). She was nervous but I told her it was a great course, with spectators and that it really never thins out so she would have people around her at all times and I promised she would have fun. Her fiance was also running it but was lined up in a faster corral. I never saw her again after we started but I hoped she had an amazing race!

I definitely started out a little too far back but I got into a good pace pretty quickly. I stayed in the 9 minute range the entire race and every time I looked down at my Garmin it was usually in the 9:35 – 9:38 range, which is great for me! I felt really great throughout the entire race and even found myself powering up each hill. It was a little windy in Crystal City and everyone was yelling about Sandy but other than that, the weather was great. I also felt like the race went by SO quickly, we were at mile 6 before I knew it. I knew the horrible hill was at the end and I powered up it as much as I could and crossed the finish line with my hands in the air. I felt awesome!

I thought I had managed to keep my time under an hour and was feeling really proud about that but I just looked up the results and turns out my time was 1:01:23. Not bad, not bad at all but I still wished I had been under an hour. A new 10k goal to work towards I think. Right after the race ended I grabbed some water and went directly to get my bag so I could hop on the metro and get back out on the course to see all the marathon runners.

I made it to around mile 16 trying to find friends and finally just stopped, worried I was going to miss some of them running through. I saw Emily who was sparkling away and yelled out to her. She sped by and gave me a big smile and wave. I next saw my friend Billy who was running a marathon for this first time. He looked great and was running at an awesome pace. I then saw my co-worker Noam who looked like he was just having a ball and managed to miss Meredith on the first go around (seriously, I’m sorry, Meredith).

After missing Meredith I totally panicked and literally ran to mile 25.5. and planted myself there determined to see her. I saw Billy again, missed Noam for a second time, am pretty sure I saw Erika and then Meredith came running up. I literally ran into the crowd and we gave each other the biggest hug ever. She looked amazing and I ran with her a bit and gave her some last words on encouragement and she powered through the end with a strong finish.

I’m so in awe of all of my friend who ran the marathon. They are truly amazing!! I love watching races so much and was totally emotional throughout the entire thing. I love when spectators finally see their runner and erupt in screams. I tear up every single time. The MCM also tends to have a lot more emotion attached to it and I truly think it’s an awesome race. Congrats to all the runners!

I’m already looking forward to the 5k Addy and I are doing on the 9th and I’m ready for the half to just be here already. I had 10 miles slated for my long run over the weekend and I ended up doing 8. I never ran the last two miles but between the race and all the walking I did that day (all over the race course and then HOME…yes I walked from Rosslyn to Logan Circle)I felt like my legs had done all they could for the day. I threw on on my compression sleeves and worked out my legs with The Stick when I got home. Three weeks to go until the half!

Let’s continue to make this the longest post ever and take a look at last week’s SIDI and what’s coming up for this week:

Monday – Rest – success!
Tuesday – 3.5 mile run – success!
Wednesday – Spin + Body Pump – success!
Thursday – 4 mile run – success!
Friday – Spin – did not happen
Saturday – Zumba + Body Pump – played tennis for an hour with a friend instead – loved it!
Sunday – MCM 10K Race + 4 additional miles (for a long run of 10 total) – 8 miles completed

This week’s:

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – R&R Run (3-4 miles easy)
Wednesday – Spin + Body Pump
Thursday – R&R Run (3-4 miles easy)
Friday – Spin
Saturday – 11 mile run


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Random Things Friday

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My mind is all over the place today thinking about the impending wrath of Hurricane Sandy, it being Friday, Taylor Swift and the Marine Corps Marathon!

The warnings for Sandy are already out of control. I always find myself hoping these storms are as bad as they say they are going to be, because  I can’t take all the hype and then be let down with a lame storm.  With that said, I do NOT want it to be windy or rainy for the Marine Corps Marathon because I want all the runners to be able to kick ass.  I am looking forward to cheering on all the runners – see you at Mile 9 – Meredith I’m looking at you!

I’ve been reading old MCM re-caps and reading about everybody getting ready for this weekend and a very little part of me started questioning whether or not I should run a marathon down the road.  I’m still not there, but the little twinge of desire surprised me too!

I’ve discovered a new obsession with Taylor Swift this week. She is clearly making the rounds promoting her new album, Red and I’m enjoying every stop along the way.  Not to mention the song, We are Never Ever Getting Back Together is clearly so catchy, I hear it once and can’t get it out of my head all day.  I think it’s great that she writes the majority of her songs, even if she writes them about all her breakups with famous people!  I’m hooked.

I’m ready for the weekend, there were multiple days this week where I had to peel myself out of bed and I’m looking forward to sleeping in even 30 minutes longer than I normally do!

And because this picture is a little too hard to pass up, check out the new baby gazelle at the Washington Zoo.

so cute, right!

Happy Friday and Good Luck MCM Runners!!

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MCM Expo

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Meredith and I went to the Marine Corps Marathon Expo yesterday. The expo was set to open at 4pm and around 3pm Addy sent us a photo of the line that had already formed, so instead of leaving a little before 4pm, we hopped in the car and sped off to the DC Armory to get in line.

Boy am I glad we did. The lines were out of control. I can only imagine what it looks like on Saturday!

We waited in line for 45 minutes being entertained by the folks in line around us (the guy next to us has run 30 marathons – 30!!!!) and the Marine band. Meredith also made a new friend:

Oh hey, Molly!

Once the line started moving we were in and out of the bib area very quickly.

Bibs for all!

We then got into a new line to go into the Armory. Meredith reminded me we have to go through security. I mean we have to go through security to get lunch across the street yet this still seemed time consuming and annoying. Where isn’t there security in DC? But once we were in the expo, we grabbed our t-shirts and our desperately needed large plastic bags and took a lap around.

I tried some new Nuun flavors and wanted to buy some buy they only took cash and I didn’t have any on me 😦 I was excited to finally taste the famous Kona Kola and really liked it. I also sampled a bunch of different energy shot options for when I run out of Honeystingers. I enjoyed the Clif Blocs in Tropical and they were pretty tasty. They were larger than the Honeystingers and more gooey. I also tried Gu Chomps in Watermelon and LOVED the flavor. So tasty!! I tried the strawberry too and did not like them. I’m glad I have two other options that are available in more stores in the area so I can switch up my nutrition and not have to order Honeystingers all the time.

Meredith bought a new snazzy headband and then we made our way over to The Stick booth. I mean I knew I wanted to buy one ever since Addy got hers but the guy totally sold me on it 100%. He showed me how to use it effectively on my legs, back and neck. It felt so good and ticklish too. Yes, I am that person that laughs incessantly when I’m getting a pedicure 🙂 I’m happy to have a foam roller and a stick now and once I work on actually stretching a lot more, I think my legs will be in much better shape moving forward. The guy also showed me how to use The Stick to help shin splints so I’m looking forward to giving that a go as well.

Overall it was a successful expo trip and I think Meredith and I are both pumped up for our races.

They roll out the red carpet for runners 🙂

Good luck to all of the runner’s hitting the pavement this weekend in any and all races. I especially want to wish good luck to Meredith (running her second marathon, first MCM), Noam (running MCM for the second time) and Billy (running his first marathon ever!). I’m so excited to cheer all of you on this Sunday!!


P.S. Please go away, Sandy.

Thursday’s workout: 4 mile run
Thursday’s meals highlight: Sweetgreen October Salad for dinner

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Two Pairs of Shoes

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Body Pump




Stephanie’s Wednesday Night O’ Fun

Wednesday’s workout: 60 minute spin + 60 minute Body Pump
Wednesday’s meals highlight: The sweet potato I had for dinner until I realized it might have gone bad…

P.S. Meredith and I just got our MCM expo on. Post to follow soon!

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Sunrise, Sunset, Cork

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I started my morning off yesterday with a longer ran than I usually do before work.  It was great to be out there running, the only downfall was I didn’t give myself enough time for my legs to recover.  So when I got to work, I sat at my desk for the first hour icing my hamstring and calf.

The other bonus to waking up early is getting to see a lovely sunrise!

To complete the day I tried to capture a picture of the sun setting as I was leaving work.   You can see the most amazing colors through these trees – and the colors are concentrated right there.  This picture does it no justice, but I appreciate it each time I see it!

Last night, I headed to 14th Street for a dinner date with my sister at Cork.  I hadn’t been in several months, but long for the avocado pistachio toast.  It’s so amazing, it has just the right amount of avocado and pistachio and the bread is grilled to just the right amount of crispiness with a tough of burnt.  We only got one order (2 pieces each) but I considered ordering another one just so I could have a few more!

We also had hamachi with ruby red grapefruit:

biscuits with pork rillettes:

sheep’s ricotta gnudi with mushrooms.

I did not know what gnudi was when we ordered, it was basically a mixture of pasta and mashed potatoes.  When I googled gnudi today it said it was very similar to gnocchi – which makes perfect sense.  This might have been my favorite dish (besides the avocado)!

I didn’t take photos of the avocado (we ate it too quickly), the short ribs or the arugula salad – all quite good!

It was a lovely evening with fantastic food, drinks and catching up with my sister!   I’m kind of ready to go back to Cork like right now for some more!




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1. Was there a new New Girl on last night? My DVR has been acting up lately and totally didn’t record it last night. I mean I know there are other ways to watch it today (online, On Demand, etc.) but I was pretty bummed last night. I need my weekly Jess!

2. I ran on the treadmill last night and it was a good reminder of how much better it is to run outside. I’m not sure there is enough music and TV in the world to make me do anything more than 4 miles on a treadmill.

3. I made some MCM posters last night and can’t wait to wave them around on Sunday. I wish poster-making was part of my job.

4. I bought the Practical Paleo book that Tina has raved about and am working my way through it. I’m tempted to try the 30 day Squeaky Clean Paleo Challenge. Paleo seems to be all the rage right now in the fitness world – worth it?

5. Feeling charitable? I just donated to the Sean Reilly TBI Fund. I grew up with Sean and the fund is hosting an event in my hometown on November 10th but I’m unable to attend. Check out the site and learn more about traumatic brain injuries.

6. I’m feeling really old about Halloween this year. Usually I love dressing up but for some reason I’ve just lost my spunk for it. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of all my little cousins dressed up though. I think the best costume ever was when my cousin Alex was a blue crayon. He was SO FREAKIN’ ADORABLE.

7. My compression sleeves arrived in the mail last night and even though I did a short run, I put them to good use right away. I’m not sure if I wore them long enough or what but I’m not feeling too much different today. How long am I supposed to wear them? I’m going to wear them tonight and part of tomorrow to see if it will help my shin before my run tomorrow night. I’m hoping they will cure whatever is going  on inside my shins!

Don’t my calves look JUST like the model in the photo above?!

8. I wore my new Adidas running top last night. So comfy. So soft. So sweaty.

When you run and do Zumba you get a sweat ring on your shirt. So sexy, I know.

9. I brought Honeystingers with me tonight for my gym workout because last time I did spin and Body Pump back to back, I felt kind of faint. I’m going to eat some in between the two classes to get a little nutrition in so I’m not STARVED when I eat dinner after 9pm.

10. The Today Show has a segment on this morning talking about Christmas gifts. My sister and I are notorious for figuring out what to get our parents SUPER early. I mean it’s almost November, we must discuss this immediately!


Monday’s workout: Rest
Monday’s meals highlight: Spicy shrimp wrap & tomato feta soup from Pret
Tuesday’s workout: 3.5 mile treadmill run + 45 minutes Zumba
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Crunch wrap from Pret

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Taco Bamba

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Last night we here at District Delights took in the scene at the Taco Bamba pop-up at Black Jack. From past experience, we knew that Black Jack can throw a mean party (remember their 1st Anniversary Party?!) and we were excited to get our taco on.

We arrived on time and snagged a seat in the back corner (along with another co-worker) and were immediately sipping a delightful cocktails and enjoying mini tacos. The tacos were SO tiny, they were adorable. Seriously. We tasted 5 variety of tacos: portabella, duck, pork belly, skirt steak and pork & beef tongue. The two standouts were the portabella and duck…and the tongue actually wasn’t too bad. Tasted just like chicken! Just kidding, or well, maybe not.

To wash down our tacos, we enjoyed two of the specialty cocktails for the evening (we never found the third one). The favorite cocktail was the Pineapple Agua Fresca – Fresh Pineapple, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Milagro Silver Tequila! It was so cool and refreshing and played well off of the spices in the tacos.

Pineapple Fresca and a pork belly taco

Duck and the rarely seen portabella taco

The other cocktail we sampled was a tomato sangria with a tequila shot on the side. The tomato sangria was eh and who wants a tequila shot on a Monday night? We did not. Great presentation though!

The adorable but not so delicious tomato sangria and tequila shot

In addition to the tacos, there were other small bites to eat – mini lobster rolls, shrimp & a raw oyster served with an avocado lime dressing, and a creamed corn that had no cream. They were all delicious!

Mini lobster roll

Shrimp & a raw oyster in an avocado lime dressing

And in true Black Jack form, they didn’t skimp on setting the scene. They had their servers wearing fake mustaches and wearing large sombreros and a pinata hanging in the back to add to the festivities. They also had Nacho Libre playing on the wall behind the bar and mariachi music playing all night. It was a nice way to kick off the week, that’s for sure.

Addy about to crush a mini taco

Stephanie doing what she does best – drinking.

The Taco Bamba restaurant will be opening in Falls Church soon and based on what we had last night,  it will be a hit for the area!

Overall, it was a great event and something fun to start off the week. We’ll be keeping  an eye on their upcoming events calendar for more great Black Jack nights.

Stephanie & Addy

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Shin Splints + SIDI

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So, my SIDI wasn’t my best last week. In fact, it was pretty mediocre.

Monday – Rest – success!
Tuesday – 3.5 mile run –  4 mile run success!
Wednesday – 4 mile run – 3 mile run success!
Thursday – 6 mile run – did not happen
Friday – Rest – attempted 6 miles and only got in 2 (see below)
Saturday – Rest – success!
Sunday – Some sort of workout when I get home from the wedding – did not happen

I had every intention of running those 6 miles on Friday morning. I hopped out of bed right away, got dressed and went out into the rain to bust them out. However, my back and my shins were not interested. I must have just slept at a weird angle the night before but I could not stand up straight when I got out of bed that morning. I went through my usual lower back stretches that I know and tried to loosen up but it just wasn’t working. I figured I’d walk a bit and loosen up some more before running. Well, I never loosened up and when I did get to slow jog, my left shin was killing me. Like serious pain. I managed to do 2 miles at a jog/walk pace before finally throwing in the towel. The 6 mile run just wasn’t happening. I iced my shin a bit when I got home and tried to stretch out my body as much as possible. I’m hoping the compression sleeves I ordered last week will arrive soon and will help me with my shin splints. Here’s hoping!

I’m eager to get back on the training bandwagon this week and this week is even more exciting because IT’S A RACE WEEK. I mean FINALLY. The lack of a September race (I’ve decided that since I did two races in May and will be doing two races in November that I can call my lack of a September race a wash) has gotten me even more excited for the Marine Corps Marathon 10K this weekend. I’m also excited to watch friends run it for the first time (Meredith and Billy!) and cheer on others who have done it before. Can I just be a permanent race cheerleader please? It would be the best job ever. Just saying.

Let’s check out the SIDI for this week:

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 3.5 mile run
Wednesday – Spin + Body Pump
Thursday – 4 mile run
Friday – Spin
Saturday – Zumba + Body Pump
Sunday – MCM 10K Race + 4 additional miles (for a long run of 10 total)

My plan is to run to the race start line, run the race and then eventually run back home. Kind of a broken up long run but I’m going to make it work and I know I’ll have better success doing this then running back to back on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes you just gotta be yourself and do what’s best for you. Only 4 more weeks of training before the half and I’m determined to get in every last run before then.

I promise to take pictures at the event tonight. PROMISE.


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The Weekend

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This weekend I discovered the Broad Branch Market near my neighborhood and instantly wished there was something like this within walking distance of our house.  Some major highlights of this market include – real Slush Puppies!

You know, like Slurpees, but better.  And when you mix all the flavors together it’s called a suicide slushee?!  Wait, maybe that’s just something from my childhood.   I used to drink these things every day at the pool in the summer and sometimes I would stick swedish fish in them for extra fun.

In addition to the Slush Puppie machine, they also had a ton of bulk candy – gummy bears, runts, reese’s pieces, ice cream – pretty much anything you want.

They have a selection of prepared food and sandwiches, cheeses, meats and breads and dry goods too.  We left with beer, wine, candy and slush puppies!   I can’t wait to go back to try more of everything.

I did the longest run of my training yesterday – 12 miles – and it felt really good!   I am so glad because the 11 miles last week felt like such a chore that I didn’t know how it would feel to do 12.  I didn’t actually feel settled into the run until mile 3, but once I hit that I felt good the rest of the way.  I ran on Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park and while it’s packed with bikers who whizz by you very quickly, it’s also a really lovely scenic place to run.  I usually try to end my runs within walking distance to my house, but yesterday I opted to drive to my start so I could shake things up a little.  I’m very glad I did it.

It is a little crazy to look at the training schedule and see only 3 more weekend runs on the calendar.  I’m shooting to go down to 9 this weekend and then 6 and 5 the following weekends.  I’m trying it this way to give my hamstring more of a rest before the half marathon.

I also went to the zoo this weekend because my oldest sister was in town visiting.  We were in the Amazonia building and there early enough that we caught site of some really cool monkeys, including this one.  My niece, Nina, kept asking the monkey to climb again – one of her go to words is again – and the monkey complied.  Was sweet to see how much she loved watching the monkey!

Stephanie and I are off to a fun event tonight which includes tacos and fun specialty drinks – look for a full (double) recap tomorrow!


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