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Bye-Bye, Bar

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Sad news, guys.

Last night was my LAST Bar Method class for awhile. My unlimited 30 day membership is officially over – cue the violins. I feel dramatically upset about this. I mean it’s only a workout class! But honestly, I love it so much. I wish I could cancel my gym membership RIGHT NOW and just run and do Bar Method. Unfortunately, I have to wait until June when my gym contract is up. Sigh.

The environment that Bar Method creates is so welcoming. The instructors all knew my name and the studio just made me feel so happy when I walked in the door. I saw my flexibility increase and I really learned to push myself during the hardest parts of class. My co-worker is able to do another month and I am insanely jealous. INSANELY. Ok, I’m calming down now and will stop acting like a crazy person over a workout class. Perspective. I need some perspective.

I will however, now talk to you about my awesome lunch I had yesterday (and today as well). I put my own spin on the sandwich I had on Sunday from Whole Foods. Two pieces of whole grain bread, a slice of cheese, avacado, tomato and some hummus (I omitted the hummus today and replaced it with spicy Dijon mustard and it was SO much better). It’s a really filling sandwich that feels super decadent and it’s easy to make. Throw in a side of grapes and we’ve got ourselves a tasty lunch.

Get in my belly!

To console myself this morning I actually ate breakfast at home like a real person. I warmed up some slices of banana, threw them over two Van’s Lite Waffles and put some lite syrup alllllll over them. With a warm cup of Dunkin from my Keurig (yup, I bought two boxes when I was home in NJ and am almost done with the first box), it was a great way to start my Tuesday.

Am I at iHop?

It’s a beautiful day here in D.C. and I’m already looking forward to my run tonight. Is it 6pm yet?


Monday’s workout: Bar Method
Monday’s meals highlight: I made an odd creation last night based on a Flexitarian recipe and it was delicious – black pearl rice, asparagus, garbanzo beans, garlic, ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce. Quick and tasty!

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If You’re Superstitious and You Know It Clap Your Hands (clap, clap)

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I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a superstitious person when it comes to sports but I do have my quirks. When I play tennis, I need to hold my racket a certain way and usually roll it through my hands at least twice before serving. When I watch Yankee games, I either wear my hat the entire game, or don’t. There is no putting the hat on or taking the hat off, etc. When I played field hockey in high school I had a stick handshake that HAD to be done with my co-captain before every game. And now that the Giants are in the Superbowl I’m finding myself acting like a superstitious fool.

Instead of going to a friend’s annual Superbowl party, I will be heading back to the Giants bar where I watched the NFC Championship game. I will be wearing the exact same outfit I’ve worn for the past two games…right down to the undergarments (TMI? Too late.) and my lucky socks. I’ve been thinking about standing in the same spot but I do really want to get a table for the big game. We’ll see…

Let’s take a look at a few sports superstitions that I found:

– Brian Urlacher: Chocolate chip cookies.Brian Urlacher chows down on a pair of chocolate chip cookies before each game. Never more than two, never less.

– Tiger Woods: Red on Sundays. Why does Woods wear red on Sundays? According to an interview Woods did with David Letterman, he wears the color because of his mother. Momma Tiger told him at a young age that as a Capricorn, his power would be highest when he wore the color, so he saves it for when he needs it.

– Wade Boggs: Chicken. During his 1982 rookie year, Boggs noticed that on days when he ate chicken before a game, he played well. So, from that point on, all Boggs ate before games was chicken.

– Wayne Gretzky: Baby Powder. He had to cover the blade of his stick in baby powder. HAD TO.

There are also general superstitions like the rally cap, the playoff beard and many, many others. I’d be dis-honest if I didn’t admit that I’m very nervous about Sunday’s game. I’m looking forward to a great day of drink special, half-priced food, friends and hopefully another Championship. Fingers crossed!

Oh hey, Tom. Just arriving to kick your ass on Sunday.


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Summing Up

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On Friday night, I ended up back at Lost Society to celebrate a friend’s birthday. After endless truffled potato chips, I had the scallops and they were absolutely delicious. They were nice and plump and cooked perfectly. Yes, I just described them as plump. I shared the roasted brussel sprouts with my friend and it was the perfect amount of food. We ordered three desserts to share amongst the table – and we needed something with a birthday candle it in 🙂 The desserts were pretty good but nothing outstanding.

I think I’ve had my fill of Lost Society for awhile and will definitely be looking to try some new places next time I go out to dinner.

On Saturday, I went to a Grey DC market for the first time. I had heard great things about their underground markets and wanted to check out the scene. The market was north of Columbia Heights from 1-4pm. I arrived with two friends around 1:45pm and there was a HUGE line to get in.

Oh hey huge line.

We patiently waited and finally made it down into the basement and I have to say I was really disappointed with the event. There were not as many vendors as I had expected (they has listed a ton of them on their website prior to the event) and it was so jam-packed you could barely move around. Plus, the vendors that were there could barely get out the samples in time for people to try their products.

My friend really wanted a bahn mi from a popular vendor. We waited in a very long line and got up to the table and were told that they were making more sandwiches in their truck but were running out. The woman pointed to a huge stack of papers and said that those people had paid and were the first in line to get sandwiches and then if they had any more they would start selling again.

Bahn Mi fail.

My friend was disappointed so we high-tailed it out of there and went to Pho 14 in Columbia Heights where both of my friends enjoyed delicious bahn mi’s and I had a steaming bowl of vegetable pho. Man, it was good and totally hit the spot. I was so glad to have finally tried Pho 14 as it’s rumored to have the best Pho is the city.

I ended my weekend with some more Bar Method, some coaching and finally my “long run” for the week. I managed to run 4 of the 5 workouts that were scheduled this week and I feel very proud of that. It was my first week back to running and while I did do the lower mileage, I felt good and feel like I’m already starting to get into a running groove. Sunday’s workout called for 4-7 miles and I did 4 🙂

I didn’t have a route planned out for this event so it was a little rocky. I do much better when I have a planned route and don’t have to keep looking at my phone to see the mileage and pace. And then I totally had a moment where I understood what Ali goes through on some of her runs because my stomach was NOT happy with me. The kind people at Casa Nonna let me into their restaurant in my sweaty running gear – thank you!

After finally cooling down, I decided that Sunday night was the perfect time for me to satisfy my burger craving. I made my way to Shake Shack – which I believe has the best burger in the city – and was greeted by a sign indicating that they were out of burgers. Yes, a burger joint OUT OF BURGERS. Maybe this was a divine sign that I should be home eating a healthier dinner. Did I do that? Nope, I went across the street and had Pinkberry for dinner.

Pinkberry for dinner...normal


Friday’s workout: Day of rest
Friday’s meals highlight: Scallops
Saturday’s workout: Bar Method
Saturday’s meals highlight: Nada
Sunday’s workout: Bar Method + 4 mile run
Sunday’s meals highlight: Sunrise Sandwich from Whole Foods…whole wheat bread, tomato, lettuce, cheese, avacado, red onion and some type of sauce. I am making my own version for lunch today!

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The Freakin Weekend

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Well, lunch at District Commons did not happen for us.  We ended up at Circa in Foggy Bottom instead.  I never looked closely enough at the website to find out that they don’t serve lunch on Saturdays!  Oops, I just discovered that right now upon further review.  We’ll have to try it another time!

I would have to say the company of our guests at Circa was way better than the meal.  Justin and I both had the breakfast burrito, which was smaller than I expected (not a bad thing necessarily, but I wanted something a little heartier). Overall, it was kind of boring.  The chicken sausage was fine and the eggs fluffy, but it was nothing spectacular.  It was really nice catching up with our friends over a nice long Saturday brunch.

After lunch/brunch, we headed to Georgetown to return a few things at Athleta and Lululemon and on our way back to the car, we hit up Pinkberry. I had never been before so it was really fun to try!

I got the original yogurt with crunchy peanut butter sauce and a waffle cookie. I also added coconut in there, because I felt like I needed one more topping.  I definitely didn’t need it.  Look forward to going back and trying more flavors!

We got in an Oscar movie last night with Moneyball.  Great story, great acting, fun movie – glad we watched!  Can’t wait to check more Oscar movies in the coming weeks.

This morning, I set out for a 6 mile run to Eastern Market where I was meeting my sister and fam.  Sunday morning in D.C. is so lovely.  The streets are nice and quiet and it’s so peaceful running through the city.  I started off the first mile downhill and it was dreamy!  The rest of the run was pretty flat and I held a pretty steady pace. By mile 5.5 I was ready to be done, but I stuck it out (slowly).  Upon finishing I ate some cliff shot blocks to keep up my energy and promptly got a chai latte.

I met up with the group and we proceeded to shop for endless amounts of sausages for dinner, some pickles, nuts and donuts for lunch and then some jewelry for gifts.  My nephew really wanted to buy something for his mom.  He said “She has just been so great to me, I want to buy her something!”  Really the sweetest thing ever, we picked out a very lovely silver bird necklace that she had been eyeing earlier that morning.  She loved it and he was so happy about his gift all day!

For dinner tonight, we met back up with the fam and headed to their house for dinner.  My brother in law grilled up the 10+ different flavors of sausage that we bought earlier.  The sausages ranged from chicken and artichoke sausage to half smokes (mild and hot) to chorizo to rabbit sausage to venison and boar sausages.  The choices were endless and the tastes eclectic.

Fresh off the Grill

I sampled the chorizo (spicy), the hot italian sausage (also spicy, but not as tasty), the mild half smoke (seemed to be the overall fave of the night) and the chicken sausage with artichoke (didn’t love).  It was fun to have a smorgasboard of sausages to taste for dinner and I think I want to go back for more half smokes like right now.

Justin and I are currently sitting on the couch in sausage food comas.  Getting ready to start off another busy week at work!

One more week of half marathon training down, seven more to go.


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Airport Eating

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I had to go to Jacksonville for one night on Thursday.  My flight was at 8 pm out of National Airport so I left work promptly at 6 pm to take the metro to the airport.  I arrive early most places and the airport is no exception. The anxiety of sitting on the metro knowing I could be late is more than I can bear. I also have a routine at the airport and hate being rushed.  I need to buy water, mints and like to use the bathroom all before sitting down at the gate waiting to board.  When I’m flying during a meal time, I also need to make sure I eat enough.  The idea of being hungry on the plane also brings on a small amount of anxiety.

I wasn’t even all that hungry when I got to the airport, but knew I would be hungry as soon as we took off.  I was very tempted by Five Guys, but instead opted for California Tortilla.  I got a salad, but I couldn’t resist the chips and queso option as well.

No reason to take a picture of the queso, it wouldn’t photograph well.

After I ate the salad and chips – I wanted something sweet.  Enter, Skittles Riddles.

I never tried these before, but I guess the idea is that the color of the skittle doesn’t taste like you think it would.  I didn’t even notice, I just ate them as quickly as possible and proceeded to not feel great after that!

I guess you could say I was satisfied with my airport food. I was glad I got some dinner in me, since I wasn’t going to land until 10 pm and probably would have opted for fast food at that point.

We are about to go meet friends from out of town for lunch at District Commons. Stephanie went there a few weeks ago and thought it was great, so I’m excited to try it.  I will try to remember to take some photos.



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Fashion Friday

Posted on January 27, 2012. Filed under: Clothing, Fashion, Food |

I am not wearing a very fashionable outfit today so I thought I’d post a few things I’ve coveting right now.

GAP Really Skinny pants - Addy has a few pairs and they look awesome on her! I want some too!

I love the idea of a striped sweatshirt blazer. Just seems to comfy and chic.

I would buy the whole LuLuLemon store if I could. I mean, let's be honest.

Love the bright pop of color here. Staying on the neon trend without being crazy.

Those are just a few things I’ve been wanting to buy lately. The list is always evolving.

Last night I left my bag at work and went for quick run before heading home. Just a loop around the mall. It was a really nice night for a run and there were a ton of people out and about which was nice. I thought I was moving at a pretty good pace and then people would just fly by me. I was in fact jogging, while they were actually running. But hey, to each their own 🙂

I definitely started out this run FAST because I was just so happy to be out of the office and moving and I was going downhill. But I got into a good groove, especially once I reached the Washington Monument and started on my way back.

Speaking of the monuments…hello Capitol!

Who is that ghost?

After waiting over 20 minutes for a red line train (WTF metro?) I was feeling super lazy and didn’t want to go home to eat a salad or a veggie burger (basically the only two food items left in my fridge) so I checked out ShopHouse. It was really good but my dish was WAY too spicy. And this is coming from a girl who loves spicy food. Addy had warned me about the spicy broccoli and yet I got it anyway. Oops.

Brown rice, tofu, spicy broccoli, spicy red curry, papaya salad, cilantro and crushed peanuts for $7.50.

It didn’t seem like that much food but it was actually really filling and delicious. I’m definitely going back to try some other combinations there. It satisfied my Asian food craving without having to down some greasy Chinese food.

Oh…and Happy Friday!!!!


Thursday’s workout: 3 mile run
Thursday’s meals highlight: ShopHouse

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The Last Three Days

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I went for a run Tuesday after work. I did a short run on Wednesday and was supposed to go to my ab class, but my instructor didn’t show.  She was supposed to have a subsitute, but they didn’t show up either, ahh, so annoying!  And then I ran again this morning.

I finally had a consistent run (and kind of fast) on Tuesday.  My legs felt rested (I had one rest day in between) and I was able to power through the 4 miles and feel really good!

Garmin still might be lying, but I'll take it!

I was trying to decide this morning if I was able to run consistently fast because I just had a rest day and/or if I run better in the evening after my body had been fueled and awake all day.

Yesterday morning I was craving a blueberry muffin from Panera, I had one the other day after a run and it was the best tasting thing ever.  The one yesterday was fine, nothing special, maybe I’ll just stick to the muffin after a run formula.

Last night after my would be ab class, I went to my sister’s house for a little American Idol in Aspen action.  We munched on popcorn with gobs of butter – YUM and some dark chocolate with almonds.  Best way to watch AI.  It’s so good again this year. I can’t wait for Hollywood week to see more of my faves.

This morning I did my run since I have to go out of town for work tonight.  I did the exact same route as Tuesday night, but immediately my legs felt tired.  It’s hard not to think that running first thing in the morning is hard for the body to adjust to being awake for only 10 minutes prior to the run.  I also believe that since I ran yesterday, my legs still were a bit fatigued from that short run.

This is more like it.

I felt good, but not near as good as Tuesday night, when I think I literally lifted up my hands in victory as I finished my 4 miles in front of the McDonald’s on Wisconsin – people might have been staring at me, but I was so psyched!

Justin got some not great news yesterday about the status of his shin splints. Turns out they are not shin splints, more like a stress fracture in his tibia.  He is out for the marathon and likely won’t be able to run the half marathon with me.  Even though the Rock n Roll series doesn’t allow bib transfers, I tried to convince my brother in law to take his bib and run the half with me!  We’ll see!

One more day of the week…Happy Thursday!




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How Much is that Salad in the Window?

Posted on January 26, 2012. Filed under: Food |

I did something really rare yesterday. I ate all of my meals out. And honestly, I’m a little pissed I did that. I actually made some pretty healthy choices but what a waste of money when I great food options in my fridge and pantry. And with it being a busy day I took no pictures. Food blog fail.

I started off with a spinach feta wrap from Starbucks – which is a Theodora classic. For lunch I tried the new Pret in Union Station. I used to eat there a lot when I studied abroad in London and forgot what great choices they have. I had a salad with spinach, garbanzo beans, lentils, tomatoes, avocado and roasted red peppers. I added some of their balsamic dressing and it was a really tasty, filling lunch for around 450 calories.

And finally, I had Chipotle for dinner. I can’t even remember the last time I had Chipotle but man did it hit the spot. I had a bowl with brown rice (so good!), fajitas vegetables, medium salsa, roasted corn, a little bit of cheese, a HUGE glob of guacamole and lettuce. I asked the staff to go easy on the ingredients so I didn’t end up with a huge bowl of food. The only over-indulgence was the guacamole because the girl really put a huge glob on there. But man, I love me some guac and it was SO good. It was also really easy to go meatless at Chipotle and still get a ton of great flavor. And I seriously loved the brown rice. It had all the amazing cilantro-lime flavors of the white rice.

I brought my running stuff in hopes of doing a short run around the Washington Monument after work. Let’s hope this rain holds off. My running sneakers really added to my outfit this morning. I was one of those women in black tights and bright white sneakers. Hottie alert.

Is anyone else looking forward to the weekend? C’mon Friday!


Wednesday’s workout: Bar Method
Wednesday’s meals highlights: Chipotle…craving satisfied!

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Just Do It

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I got home from work at 8:30pm last night. It was one of those long days and I unfortunately have another long one ahead. But I walked in the door of my apartment, dropped my bags and put on my neon and hit the pavement by 8:45pm for a 3 mile run. In the past I would have bummed around and made excuses not to go for the run. It was too late. I was tired. I worked out already in the morning. I had a long day at work. I am hungry. But I’m glad I didn’t let my excuses take over. This first week of training is really important to me to re-commit myself to running and a training plan. I really want to complete the entire first week and so far, so good.

Again, I think my App is off but if it’s not, I’ll take this time and pace for sure! It was definitely a tougher run than the 2 miles I did yesterday but I pushed myself and felt good afterwards. And I have to remind myself that I am just working back into running shape and that it will take time.

Tonight I’m having one of my closest friends over for dinner tonight. It’s been too long and I’m looking forward to a low-key night on the couch with a Whole Foods pizza.

Right now I’m gulping down a Grande skim latte with an extra shot – hello Wednesday!


Tuesday’s workout: Bar Method + 3 mile run
Tuesday’s meals highlights: The roasted red pepper, hummus, feta sandwich I had for dinner. Totally hit the spot and was made in less than 5 minutes post-run.

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Blog Crazy

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I have added no less than 5 new blogs to my Google reader in the past week. I can’t even keep track of who they anymore!  I’m clearly addicted.  I am also intrigued by all the tasty recipes that come along with these blogs.  Check out this buffalo chicken soup from Jessica.  My mouth is watering and I’m taking her advice and making that for our would be Super Bowl party.  Truth is, I’m not sure we’re even having a Super Bowl party, Justin’s team is the 49ers and he suffered a terrible loss to Stephanie’s Giants on Sunday, so he might not feel much like celebrating that evening, but I need an excuse to make the soup!

A co-worker made these over the weekend and brought in her leftovers.  I will attempt to make these sometime soon too.

When I find recipes online that look good and easy to make, I copy the link and send them to myself.  I have an ongoing email chain to myself of these recipes. I started thinking today about how I’m going to organize them one day.  I don’t necessarily want a recipe box, but maybe a recipe book instead – my only little internet recipe cookbook, possibly.  I have to figure something out, I currently have two starred emails in my Gmail which each contain about 15 recipes.

With all these new recipes, you’d think I’d try something new for dinner tonight.  Not the case, I like to try most new recipes over the weekend when I have enough time to buy all the things and take the extra time to make it tasty. I think I’ll stick to my old stand by tonight.

My sister introduced this flavor of sausage to me and I can’t thank her enough 🙂  These really are amazing – the gouda in the middle gets all melted when you cook them.  Plus, these are so easy to make after coming home from work and a run (I have 4 miles on tap this evening).

What are you having for dinner tonight?






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