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Nike Women’s Half Re-Cap

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I haven’t exactly figured out what to say about the Nike Women’s Half yesterday, but I figured I should just start writing.   I am still so full of emotion from running the race, PRing like crazy and feeling grateful for all the amazing support from my friends and family on the course yesterday!

A friend of mine from high school came to town to the run the race, it was her first half.  We went to the start together – we were in the same pace group, but as soon as we crossed the start line, I sort of just took off.   I had to weave through a lot of people through the 9th street tunnel and was worried about keeping a good pace the first mile.  I lost satellite reception in the tunnel and didn’t fully trust my garmin was correct at the first mile – it clocked me somewhere in the low 8’s and then I immediately was concerned I was going too fast.

I saw Stephanie right around mile 2 and she made me smile a ton!  As she mentioned, I think I kept that smile on my face the entire rest of the race.

I saw Justin for the first time right before mile 4 and “cried” to him, I think I’m going too fast!

this picture is awful, but captures my concern

this picture is awful, but captures my concern

After I proclaimed my worry, I decided to just get over it.  I saw the 2 hour pace group right ahead of me and stayed with them for a while.  I knew that I started behind them so I should have been running a faster pace at that point,  but I decided to stay steady with them for the middle miles through Hains Point and then move ahead in the last 5k.

I felt really strong all through Hains Point – at about Mile 8, I really felt like I was going to be able to hit under 2 hours.  I started to taste the glory at that point and got a bit teary eyed.  I snapped out of it and reminded myself I still had 5 miles left!!

Right before mile 10, I saw Justin and Stephanie together.  There was amazing crowd support there too and I was feeling really good!!  I shouted out to Justin that my time was 1:27.  That was significant to me because we had done the Cherry Blossom race in 1:30 and I knew that if I could match that, I could easily go under 2 hours.   I found out later he did not hear what I said at all, but he acknowledged it well at least!

We went back through the 9th Street tunnel and Justin ended up along side me on his bike – it was a lovely surprise to see him there.  I saw another friend when I got out of the tunnel and then saw my sister, bro-in-law, nephew and niece!   I was still feeling really great at that point.  When we turned the corner to run towards the Capitol, the sun was in my eyes and I could tell my legs were feeling a bit tired.  This part of the race is super familiar to me, I’ve done several turkey trots, so I was just concentrating on keeping up what I had been doing all race.

Finally the finish line was in my sights. I saw Justin and Stephanie and then my sister and fam again and tried to sprint to the end.  When the clock was finally in view, I saw it said 1:57, I was cruising and finally knew I did what I came here to do!

photo 3

I thought my goal of going under 2 hours (1:59:59) was ambitious, but I ended up crushing it with a 1:55:01!

I crossed the finish line and was on the red carpet on my way to get my necklace I was exhausted, crying and smiling at the same time. I was looking around for Justin hoping to see him right there to just give him a big celebration hug!

My amazing support crew – thank you all!!!

photo 1



I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of the first  Nike Women’s Half in Washington D.C.  I loved this course, the weather was amazing and appreciate all the volunteers along the way who made it all possible.  I hope to do this race again next year!

Oh, and I have this really fun Tiffany necklace to remember it by!


my friend Angelica - her first half marathon!

my friend Angelica – her first half marathon!



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Legend..wait for it..dary!

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Any How I Met Your Mother fans out there? 😉

Before I go any further, I first have to say a BIG, HUGE, GIANT congratulations to Addy on her awesome PR. She is truly such an inspiration and trained so well for this race and totally rocked it. She was smiling every time I saw her and I am so happy for her speedy time. Congrats, Addy!

Here she comes!

Here she comes!

She's here! Beaming and looking speedy :) Loved the color combo!

She’s here! Beaming and looking speedy 🙂 Loved the color combo!

I had the most fun-filled weekend ever! No, seriously, it was packed with back to back to back good times. The weekend started off at Nationals stadium to watch the Nats beat the Reds with all of my female co-workers. I loved every moment. From the huge group of women (there were 27 of us!) to the beautiful weather, it was a truly fantastic night. But the weekend excitement did not stop there, on Saturday morning I was up bright and early to go to a 30th birthday winery tour.



We boarded the Escalade limo and went off into VA for some fabulous wine tasting. The weather was absolute perfection and we enjoyed sitting out in the sunshine at three different vineyards. We started off at 868, then went to Breaux and then over to Notaviva. I didn’t really love the wine at any of the vineyards but enjoyed the tastings, the snacks we brought (it was a crazy delicious spread of foods) and the sunshine. I really enjoyed learning about Notaviva. The tasting room is the owner’s residence. They live there with their three boys! It’s a very interesting house and you can read more about it here (they were on HGTV!).

Picture 016

Picture 015

Picture 014

Picture 013

Picture 012

Picture 010

Picture 011

Picture 009

Picture 008

Picture 006

Our awesome lunch spread.

Our awesome lunch spread.

And our snazzy ride for the day!

And our snazzy ride for the day!

In the evening I attended an engagement party on a rooftop in D.C. It was a bit chilly up there – I think we are all anxious for warmer weather – but it was still a great night. Good food, strong drinks and friends. What more could you ask for? I was up bright and early on Sunday morning to watch Addy PR in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I rode my bike around the course and saw her 4 or 5 times. I ran into Justin which was great and we saw her twice together, including at the finish line. It really seemed like the perfect inaugural Nike Women’s Half and I hope they continue doing the race in D.C. I might have to do it next year…just maybe! It was the perfect day for watching a race and the enthusiasm and energy out on the course was fantastic. Congrats to all of the runner’s (even the men!) today!

And to finally round out my weekend, I was back at Nationals park for a rainy loss against the Reds for another friend’s 30th. It was fun to see two games in one weekend but I have to say, I am exhausted. I spent the rest of the day prepping for the week and am ready for a good week of workouts and healthy eating ahead (lord knows I need it after this crazy weekend!).

Go Nats!

Go Nats!

A new week is ahead so let’s take a look at last week’s SIDI:

Monday – Rest – SUCCESS
Tuesday – Restorative Yoga – SUCCESS
Wednesday – Reboot Yoga – SUCCESS
Thursday – Bar Method – SUCCESS
Friday – Rest – SUCCESS
Saturday – Boot camp – NOT COMPLETED
Sunday – Bike ride – SUCCESS

It was a good week! I loved all the yoga, which is just weird for me to say. I have a BIG fan of Yoga District. I just love the laid-back feel of hte studio and how welcoming they are. Last week’s class was all about the inner female goddess and I just loved all the energy in the room. While I can’t make it this week, I will keep going back.

So, what’s the plan for this week?

Monday – Spin
Tuesday – Spin
Wednesday – Boot Camp
Thursday – Fuse Pilates (new-to-me class/studio)
Friday – Bar Method
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – TBD

It’s actually DC Yoga Week and yet I have no yoga on my schedule for the week. I am going to heavily rely on the YMCA classes, try a new studio/class at Fuse Pilates and then of course, my beloved Bar Method. Should be a good week.

Now I’m off to go download the second season of Game of Thrones. I’m obsessed!


Saturday’s workout: None, boot camp didn’t happen…
Saturday’s meals highlight: All the snacking I did all day!
Sunday’s workout: Biking all over the city
Sunday’s meals highlight: I made my own version of these. Amazing! Jessica knows her stuff.

P.S. One more shot of Addy running. I actually really like this photo because of the sunlight and just how it captured the scene of the race with all of the women and yet she still stood out in the crowd.

Picture 020

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Nike Women’s Half

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The weekend has finally arrived and the Nike Women’s Half is here!!!  I went to the “expotique” last night and it was not what I expected. I knew it would be different, but wasn’t aware that you could get your hair blown out or have a make-over by Bare Minerals!   I did not do either one, but enjoyed walking around and trying to win a pair of new shoes. 

They had this neon lit map of the course and a guy that was dedicated to taking pictures of people in front of it. 


After I made my way through the expo, I walked up to the Nike store in Georgetown to check out the race apparel.  Nothing was for sale at the expo, you had to go to store to buy it all which makes sense.   A bunch of people were in line to purchase the limited edition Nike Free We Run D.C. sneakers.  They are great looking, but I didn’t want them badly enough to get in line early in the evening for them.  I think they sold out within 10 minutes!


I bought a bright orange shirt with purple writing (no picture), it was the best color combination of all the tees. 

I’m literally bursting with excitement at my desk as I think about Sunday.  I’ve seen this on other blogs – 3 time goals that I have in mind.  This is my 3rd half marathon.  My PR is from the first – I went 2 seconds slower on my second and I’d like to think I trained smarter and harder for this one that I really can reach goal #1. 

1. Go under 2 hours – 1:59:59 would be amazing!

2. 2:01

3. My first and best time is 2:04:22 – I would be happy with 2:03

The weather looks like it’s going to cooperate perfectly for the race and I cannot wait to run through the beautiful streets of D.C. once again.


Good luck to all the runners running this race and all races this weekend!





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Fashion Friday: Spring

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It’s that time of year. When I want to hide all of my boots and sweaters and buy a whole new spring wardrobe filled with pastels and sandals. If only I could 🙂 There are a couple of spring staples I have been eying…

Wedge Sandals

Factory Maryanne straw wedges

I’ve been stalking these J.Crew factory ones and might just pull the trigger when they have their next sale. I love the versatile color and chunkiness.

These are also pretty fab – though sometimes I have mixed feelings about cork.

A chambray shirt

25240_DM0013This one from Madwell just looks perfect.



This tee is an easy way to add a punch of neon into your wardrobe without going over board. Plus it’s currently $15 at Ann Taylor Loft!

Colorful skirts

imageService 2

Ann Taylor Loft nails it again.

A fresh take on a classic Navy Blazer


This draped navy blazer from Ann Taylor Loft is a great update on a classic and perfect for spring.

I of course, do love the maxi dress, which hasn’t gone away just yet. I bought two new ones a month ago at Marshall’s. So cheap and so versatile! I like pairing mine with a jean jacket and sandals.

What do you have your eye on for spring?


Monday’s workout: Rest
Monday’s meals highlight: Homemade nachos for dinner
Tuesday’s workout: 75 minutes yoga
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Hmmm
Wednesday’s workout: 75 minutes yoga
Wednesday’s meal highlight: Flatout pizza
Thursday’s workout: Bar Method
Thursday’s meals highlight: Veggie burger from Commissary
Friday’s workout: RestFriday’s meals highlight: Whatever I tonight at the ballpark!

P.S. GOOD LUCK to Addy and all the runners participating in the first Nike Women’s Half Marathon in D.C. this weekend. Go, ladies, go! I’ll be out there cheering for all of you 🙂

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Mixing Things Up

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After such a fun weekend (and a not so fun trip home), I needed a rest day on Monday before getting back into my workouts. My mom and I totally passed out on the couch on Sunday afternoon for what turned out to be a pretty lengthy nap. We zoomed off to the train station but I ended up missing my train. I waited an hour to board the next one and then we were delayed over an hour in Delaware. Instead of getting home around 8pm, I was home at 10:45pm. Whoops. Totally worth it for the fun I had over the weekend but not a good way to start the week. To add insult to injury, I realized I never actually hit “ORDER” on my Peapod delivery, so I had no groceries. I spent last night catching up a bit by getting some groceries, unpacking fully and resting up. Ok, and I totally watched two more episodes of Game of Thrones. I am officially obsessed and working my way through season 1 on my iPad.

I’m mixing this week’s SIDI up a bit with two yoga classes at Yoga District, Bar Method and then a new boot camp class at my gym. I’m also planning on riding my bike to see Addy rock the Nike Women’s Half Marathon this weekend and over to the baseball stadium for a game. So things are a little different but should be fun. I also have two early morning doctor appointments this week so I’m sticking mostly to evening workouts this week.

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Restorative Yoga
Wednesday – Reboot Yoga
Thursday – Bar Method
Friday – RestSaturday – Boot camp
Sunday – Bike ride

I have a busy, but fun-filled weekend ahead to look forward to. Come on week – let’s move it! I mean how is it only Tuesday?


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Congratulations, Megan & Dave!

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This past weekend my sister married the most wonderful man. The entire weekend was filled with family, friends and just so much joy and happiness. My sister was absolutely stunning and she is now off to Aruba with her new husband for some sunshine and relaxation. I’ll leave you with this beautiful photo of them…547540_10101052502473479_363533949_nStephanie

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More Good

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I am going to piggy back on Stephanie’s latest post “Some Good” with this video of a silly spinning Hawaiian monk seal.  When I saw this video yesterday it instantly made me smile and it was a lovely way to start my day again today.

I’ve been reading, watching and listening to all the coverage on Boston and my heart aches with everyone else.  Some of the pictures that struck a chord with me were photos from runners race re-caps – prior to the race starting.   Such an innocent time, where nobody ever expected  the race would end with explosions at the finish line.   Unimaginable then, our reality now.

I read this article last night – by a guy that was good friends with my sister in high school.  He does the Boston Marathon every year.  While every story is emotional and has a different details to share,  reading ones of people I know personally brings it all closer to home in obvious ways.

I am a proud member of the running community and will race my heart out for Boston in my upcoming half and I look forward to spectating my next marathon and cheering like crazy for all the runners.



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Some good.

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It’s been a week. With the emotional that Monday’s events brought combined with the numerous threats at work today (anyone who works in DC knows what I’m talking about), it’s time for some positive thoughts. Some serious positive thoughts. There is a lot of bad out there in the world, that is unfortunately proven time and time again. But I also believe that there is definitely more good and that the overwhelmingly good in people will shine through, even in the worst of circumstances. I thought I’d share some good tonight. Sure, some of it is silly, but sometimes it’s the little things in life that really lift us up.

1. Did you have some good news today? I hope you did and I hope you can share it! Mary started her day off with good news and I loved reading her post this morning to start my day.

2. Babies Wearing Capes

3. Yankee Stadium + the Red Sox + 3rd inning + Sweet Caroline = goodness

4. I had a really great connection with a newish co-worker today.

5. I am LOVING this recipe by Tina. GET. IN. MY. BELLY. I may be eating it right now and already have plans to have it for dinner at least two nights next week.

6. I bought a new pair of shoes. On sale. Boom.

7. Restorative yoga rocked my world tonight. I left work later than I had hoped (surprise, surprise) and went to Yoga District. I bought two classes for $10 (new student special) and took their ReBoot class tonight. It consisted of 30 minutes of vinyasa then some deep held stretching and ended with 20 minutes of savasana with props. The class was totally packed (I touched a few of my neighbors) but I loved every minute of that 75 minute class. I loved all of the different sections of class, the music, the poses, the stretching, the talking the instructor did, and even the scent she put on my forehead. It was a real breakthrough in the yoga universe for me and I am so glad I went to that class tonight. I walked home with a pep in my step and felt a light, looseness all over.

8. I go home to NJ tomorrow because MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED! Have I mentioned that? 🙂

9. A high school classmate wrote a beautiful piece that I shared on Facebook and I’ll share again here. Read it. She’s a beautiful writer.

10. Today my goddaughter turned 1. I can’t to give her a HUGE hug tomorrow.

I hope you all had some good news today, some positive thoughts, some silly things that made you smile. Please share them in the comments – I’d love to hear from all of you!


Monday’s workout: 60 minutes Zumba
Monday’s meals highlight: Tina’s recipeTuesday’s workout: Dance party with a friend
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Homemade taco salad + white wine spritzers (hence the dance party…)
Wednesday’s workout: 75 yoga
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Tina’s recipe again!

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“Training for a marathon started out as a life-list thing, and it turned into a lifestyle thing.” -Mike Post, Runner’s World Challenger of the Week

“Running a marathon gave me an inner strength that changed my life…just finishing can have a profound effect on your confidence and self-esteem.”

– Henley Gibbe

“I’ve learned finishing a marathon isn’t just an athletic achievement. It’s a state of mind; a state of mind that says anything is possible.”

-John Hanc

“Experience has taught me how important it is to keep going, focusing on running fast and relaxed. Eventually pain passes and the flow returns.”

– Frank Shorter, 1972 Olympic Marathon gold medalist

*All quotes are from my daily Runner’s World quote of the day emails. *

Read this too.


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Nationals, Pretzels and Doughnuts

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My weekend was filled with Nationals games, food and some running.   This was the first weekend series for the Nationals and everybody was out to watch.  The series was against the Braves, a very worth opponent for the Nats this season.  Unfortunately, the Nationals were swept by the Braves.  The game on Sunday was rough – Gio Gonzalez had a rough go in the first inning and couldn’t bring their own bats to the plate and ended up losing 9-0.  They play each other again many times and I think each series will exciting to watch!

The view from the game on Saturday.  I dressed for the chilly weather and sweat it out because we were in the sun the entire time – I even got a little sun burnt on my neck.


The curly W shaped pretzel. It was gluten free and did not taste good.  The best part was the salt and mustard.



The view on Sunday.  I dressed for warmer weather and the sun never once hit our seats.


This morning I went to Astro Doughnuts.  I bought a dozen for the office and sampled several of them.


The verdict – amazing!  I tried pieces of the blueberry lemon, the regular glaze, the twink – nut  and the chocolate glaze.   Everybody else raved about all the others which included pistachio, maple bacon glaze and hazelnut.   I guess the lines have been long each morning, but when I got there today, there was nobody around.  It took about less than 5 minutes to order be on my way.

And I will leave you with a link to the Catching Fire Trailer!  #awesome, #cannotwait



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