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Superbowl Bets and Running

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The Superbowl is on Sunday, as if ya’ll didn’t know that already.   We are having our family over for lots of tasty food including, but not limited to crock pot beer carnitas, baked fries with garlic sauce, and some guacamole.  Yes, it’s a random collection of food, I know there will also be some other random goodies thrown in there too – buffalo dip, yes please!

I had a bet going with my nephew on the winner of the game, we made a similar bet last year that I lost and in turn had to buy him a zhu zhu pet.  He decided that he is now routing for the 49ers as am I, so our bet might be on which team scores first.  If I win, he’ll buy me some stationery and if he wins, he’ll be the proud owner of a new hex bug.

Speaking of bets, I sort of joined the Miles of Shame bet today courtesy of Miss Zippy. If the 49ers lose, I will be running the point differential in miles.  I have to run the miles before the following Sunday, which is reasonable and seems like a fun way to commit to running in the  next week!

It’s the end of the month and the one goal/resolution that I wanted to accomplish did not happen – volunteering.  I’ve been looking online a little bit this week, but have not committed to anything yet – February is my month to make it happen.

We moved to a new floor at my office and this week is my first official week in my new space.  I realized today that the thing I miss the most is having a window to look out.  I miss the natural light…A LOT!

I have not officially started training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler or the Nike Women’s Half, but I have been keeping up a good base with Justin during his training for the Rock and Roll Marathon.  I’m not into running 18 or 20 miles with him, but it’s been fun to join him on the back half of his runs and cover 6-8 miles!

I woke up thinking it was Friday – one more day!



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That time I accomplished a fitness goal

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Big news – I’ve actually already completed one of my fitness goals for 2013! I know, right. It was actually super easy. All I had to do was attend a yoga class and I did this morning at the Y. It was called A.M. Yoga and was from 7:00 – 8:00 a.m.

When I arrived there were only two other people in the big room. I saw they had mats, blocks and straps so I grabbed all of those things as I walked in. The lights were off and remained off for the rest of the class. As soon as I set up my mat, we (yes, just the three of us) dove right in. My second yoga class ever had begun!

I’m not exactly sure what type of yoga we practiced this morning but we started off with some simple stretching and breathing. For about 40 minutes we really worked – moving through downward dog, plank, lunges, warrior/warrior 2, mountain pose, child’s pose, and dolphin (I may be forgetting a few!). She let a lot of things be “yogi’s choice” and I was very conservative with my movements. Instead of working through a vinyasa from plank to downward dog, I just went straight to downward dog, focusing on my form there. As I worked my butt off (I was sweating insanely!), I kept reminding myself to breath and that it’s OK that I couldn’t do everything. In fact, I actually took a few breaks in child’s pose when I found my arms and legs to be shaking.

The instructor asked us at the beginning of class if we had any injuries and if we did not want hands on adjustments. When she first came over to me to adjust my downward dog, I told her it was my second time taking yoga. She gave me good attention throughout the class but it didn’t feel overbearing. She helped me transition between warrior and warrior 2 and was very supportive. I also appreciated that she gave modifications for some moves and told us when to use the blocks. While I was working hard and learning the entire time, I didn’t feel lost.

The only pose I definitely couldn’t manage was dolphin. From a forearm plank, she wanted us to walk our feet is so our bodies were making an inverted V. There was so no way I could get into that pose! Hello, child’s pose 🙂

After the 40 minutes of constant movement, we slowed down and did some concentrated stretching which I really enjoyed. And finally, we went into savasana which was extremely relaxing.

Overall, I really enjoyed the class. I don’t think I’m going to run off to become a yogi, but I do like the idea of working more yoga into my life and concentrating on stretching more and increasing my flexibility. I am so focused on cardio and strength and it might be helpful to have a little more variety.

 As for the rest of my 2013 fitness goals – let’s see how’s they’re going so far:

  • Complete races in January and February to finish my year of one race a month – January race completed, February race on the 17th
  • Run a faster Cherry Blossom 10 miler (last year’s time was 1:39:11) – started training
  • Complete two sprint triathlons – picked my spring race (haven’t signed up just yet), need a second race in either the spring or fall
  • Do a 5 minute plank – up to 1:08
  • Try yoga – COMPLETED

How are YOUR 2013 fitness goals going after one month?

I’m disappointed with myself that I didn’t take advantage of the beautiful weather earlier today by getting my short run in before yoga and now it’s raining like crazy. Another late night at work and the closest treadmill a 10 minute walk in the pouring rain? Sorry, run, you are just NOT happening. Adjusting my SIDI, I am now planning to run tomorrow morning and instead of attending BodyPump at the Y, I will do my own strength-training/ab work at home. I am determined to make my first week of training a success!


Wednesday’s workout: 60 minutes yoga
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Um…

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And go.

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Well, folks, training season has begun and it’s off to a good start. I woke up 5:30am Monday morning to rain, ice and cold but I knew my running buddy Katie would be waiting for me on the corner so I got dressed and headed out the door. Do you guys remember the epic fail that was the Hot Chocolate 15k? I finally decided that on Monday morning I needed to bust out the cheap rain jacket that was given out for that race. Well, it was a disaster. Right after I left the house, the zipper broke and I ended up looking like this for the rest of the run…

Do you like my headband over hat look?

Do you like my headband over hat look?

Let’s just say it wasn’t too comfortable and that jacket immediately went into the trash when I got home. Thankfully, Katie didn’t ditch me even though I looked ridiculous. That race just keeps on giving…

Our run was pretty good but nothing stellar. We powered through the crappy weather and parted ways at 3.83 and then I ran home to be sure to hit 4 miles, which was on the training plan for Monday. I played in a flag football game on Sunday and between that, my first long-ish run on Saturday (over 5 miles when it was all totaled up), and those 4 miles on Monday, I am SORE. I’m looking forward to hitting my groove again after a few weeks of training.

Even though I really wanted to go to my favorite Monday night Zumba class, I held back and rested up so I would be able to do some strength-training on Tuesday. Unfortunately, getting home at 8:45pm from work tonight doesn’t leave me with much motivation for a workout, even one at home. It happens and vegging out on the couch in my #1 priority for the rest of the evening (after I finish this post, of course).

The weather is supposed to be insanely gorgeous tomorrow and I’m looking forward to some more sunshine! Happy almost hump day 🙂


Monday’s workout: 4.45 mile run
Monday’s meals highlight: Red lentil lemon soup
Tuesday’s workout: Nada
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Red lentil lemon soup again – I have a picture but it looks SUPER gross so I am not posting it but it IS delicious, I promise!

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Race Recap: 1st Annual District Delights 5k

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We successfully executed the 1st Annual District Delights 5k!  Yes, we only had 3 participants, but in our eyes, that is better than 0!   A huge thank you to Katie, Maya and Jeff for coming out to support us.  Also, thank you to Justin for coming out to help be part of the race support team.


A amazing helper!

An amazing helper!

We didn’t have powerade or any water on the course, but we had a great turnaround sign that we ran out to the halfway point before everybody arrived.  We definitely got some strange looks while carrying a rubber mallet, wooden stake and bright orange sign!

We arrived back to the “start” in time for our participants.  We actually only thought 2 people were coming for sure, so once they arrived, we set them off on their way and told them we’d meet them on the course.


and they’re off!

And they're back - Addy and Jeff running into the "finish line!"

And they’re back – Addy and Jeff running into the “finish line!”

Maya and Katie sprint to the end!

Maya and Katie sprint to the end!

We thought we might not run the race with everybody and would just record the times at the end, but then realized we didn’t want to make anybody grab the turnaround sign for us.    Our third participant arrived right as we were about to head out, so the 3 of us went out together!

After we all finished – approximately 30 minutes later – although I’m not sure there is any official race time…we took the obligatory post race photo and sped off to Paul for some chocolate croissants, blueberry tarts and french onion soup!

The Participants and Us!

The Participants and Us!

Justin shared this with the group.

Justin shared this with the group.

Best chocolate croissants ever!

Best chocolate croissants ever!

Katie's ham & cheese baguette = heaven

Katie’s ham & cheese baguette = heaven

This soup was so creamy and delicious!

This soup was so creamy and delicious!

We had the official raffle for the City Sports gift card and Maya was our lucky winner! The raffle involved us putting everyone’s Paul’s receipts into Addy’s hat. We are VERY official. Maya was pretty pumped about winning the gift card. I think a new foam roller is in her future 🙂

Drumroll please

Drumroll please

Big winner!

Big winner!

We look forward to the 2nd Annual 5k, but maybe next time, it’ll be in the spring!


Race Directors Extraordinaire

Stephanie & Addy

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Sunday Night Prep

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Another Sunday night, another week ahead and another chance to complete workouts and eat delicious, healthy meals.

My “Say It, Do It” hasn’t really been working lately but luckily I am starting a training program tomorrow which will get me back in gear. Hello, Cherry Blossom 10 Miler! I know I’ve touched on my plan before but I will be running 3x a week, strength training and getting in some good rest days. I don’t want to over cross-train, which is something I’ve done in the past, and I will be starting up triathlon training the last 3 weeks before the race (the triathlon is on June 16).

To start the training off right, my trusty running buddy and I are getting up early to get in 4 miles tomorrow morning. Nothing like a cold, quick run to start off the week.

In order to save my waistline and my wallet, I am back to packing lunch and breakfast this week and am in the kitchen doing some prep work. I currently have some red lentil and lemon soup cooking in the Crockpot, some chicken tortilla soup warming up on the stove and a slew of veggies on the chopping block. Veggies burgers, English muffins, cheddar cheese, granola bars, pears, carrots – these will all be combined into some delicious lunches this week.

Getting in good workouts and having healthy eats are possible, even during busy work weeks, they just require some planning.

Let’s look at the workout plan for the week:

Monday – 4 mile run
Tuesday – strength training + abs
Wednesday – 2 mile run + yoga (maybe, let’s be real)
Thursday – strength training + abs
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 6 miles
Sunday – Cross train (probably a class of some sort – Zumba, spin, etc.)

I’m off to get back in the kitchen and do some cleaning before my Sunday night favorites start. Here’s to a great week ahead!


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Back up to speed

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A list.

1. Work has been…busy. I honestly haven’t had the energy to blog after work but I am going to work on setting up more posts to publish throughout the week and re-focus my scheduling time for District Delights because, let’s be real, I love this blog 🙂

2. I bought a pair of J.Crew toothpick jeans a few weeks ago and they were great. They were a little too low on my waist for me, but a great wash and very comfortable. Well, after only a few weeks of moderate wear and one wash, a HUGE hole ripped in the crotch. Not cool, jeans, not cool. I went into J.Crew today and ended up talking with a saleswoman who convinced me to try on the mid-rise toothpick jeans and let me tell you, I AM IN LOVE. They are super soft, an even better wash then the original toothpicks and they sit a little higher on my waist so I don’t fee like my crack is hanging out. Yes, I just said crack and hanging out in the same sentence. It feels good to invest in a nice pair of jeans that fit really well. Let’s hope they don’t develop some insane hole anytime soon…

The first pair of jeans I bought - the classic rinse toothpick jeans

The first pair of jeans I bought – the classic rinse toothpick jeans

The new pair of jeans I purchased - the midrise toothpick in carbon

The new pair of jeans I purchased – the midrise toothpick in carbon


3. I received an iPad for Christmas and I have to say, I love it. Like a lot. I just bought a green smart case for it today at the Apple store. Even though I own an iPhone and iPad, I am not very technological and spent a good 10 minutes wandering around the store trying to figure out how to buy the damn case. I finally asked a “genius” and she showed me to how to check out on my iPhone. Um, whoa. It was super easy, super fast and kind of wild. Go Apple, you guys really are super cool.

4. I’ve been riding the bus a lot lately. Mostly just the Circulator but I’ve really been enjoying it and I am still considering selling my car in the new future so my new-found love for the bus is a good one. I really love the different public transportation options in D.C.

5. Inauguration was a blast! While I was definitely more low-key that four years ago, I enjoyed the weekend. I feel like four years ago I really had the full experience of an Inauguration, while this year I only attended two parties and skipped out on the balls. However, the most exciting part of the entire weekend was the volunteer assignment I was given for the swearing-in. I won’t go into too much detail and I know there has been some controversy…so I’ll just leave you all with this one picture.

Yes, this really happened.

Yes, this really happened.

6. It snowed!

7. My sister’s wedding is SO close and I am getting SUPER excited. Her Bachelorette party is only two weeks away. Woo!! I just want all the festivities to begin.

8. My DVR is getting pretty full these days and lately I’ve been enjoying the new season of some of my favorites: Downton Abbey, Shameless, House of Lies and Suits. If you’re not watching these shows you should be!

9. The two dresses are rented for Inauguration were 50/50. The Badgley Mischka one was absolutely fabulous. It was comfortable, fit perfectly and I loved it. The Sachin Babi one didn’t end up working out. Eh, you win some, you lose some.

10. The 5k this morning was a big success in my book. Full post to come soon!




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Five Pictures Friday

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We are gearing up for the District Delights First Annual 5k tomorrow. It’s going to be chilly and maybe even a little snowy, but that just makes it all the more fun!

Come join us if you are around – 9:00 am – C&O Canal entrance by Jack’s Boat House in Georgetown!   Brunch to follow at Paul.


I am finally getting a chance tonight to not do anything at all, for the past week I’ve been living it up Inauguration style, but I’m ready for a little downtime tonight!



There have been some pretty amazing sunsets happening and our apartment might have one of the best views for said sunsets.  Here is one from Monday night.


And one last photo from the week of festivities, me and Justin with the Capitol building in the background.  We were freezing and should have had someone take this pic for us, but the arm out technique tends to work just as well for us.


Happy Friday and Happy Running this weekend!


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Fashion Friday: The Golden Globes

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For today’s Fashion Friday, here are my favorite looks from the Golden Globes:

Emily Blount

kate hudson

Tina Fey Amy Poehler AP 660

keri washington


I thought there were a bunch of other great looks but these were absolutely my favorites of the night.

Happy Friday!


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2013 is certainly off to a busy start! I feel like there is a lot going on and that it’s time for a little housekeeping, in general. First of all, District Delights is hosting its very first race! Woo! Addy and I are putting together a very simple 5k on Saturday, January 26th at 9:00am. For those in the DC-area, come out and join us, all the details are below. For those not in the area, you should still join us remotely! Tell us about the 5k you run that morning, we’d love to hear about it. Hopefully this race is the start of many more races and events sponsored by District Delights in the future 🙂


What: District Delights 1st Annual 5k

Where: C&O Canal entrance by Jack’s Boat House in Georgetown

When: Saturday, January 26th, 9:00am

What else: Brunch somewhere in Georgetown post-race AND we’re having a giveaway – a $50 gift card to CitySports! Let us know if you plan on joining us!

I spent a quick weekend in NYC/NJ to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. It ended up being more than just a 30th birthday celebration because she got engaged the day before! There was certainly plenty to celebrate and celebrate we did. The party was held at Teak in Hoboken, NJ and I had my fill of Asian appetizers, champagne, and cake pops (what a combination, ha). It was also a wonderful opportunity to see a lot of my friends from high school who I hadn’t seen in awhile.

randi cake pops

I rode the PATH a few times and it was great to see it up and running again post-Sandy. I traveled to/from NYC on the Bolt Bus and had a really good experience this go-around. I feel like the bus is very hit or miss. I watched some movies on my iPad, read and just relaxed on two-traffic free trips. It was a miracle.

I am now watching the Golden Globe awards while I prep some food for the week. I boiled a bunch of eggs for breakfast and snacks and am now cooking up some pasta. I’m going to add a ton of veggies (lentils, mixed assortment of beans, green onions, diced tomatoes and corn) and top it with a dollop of Greek yogurt for a delicious, filling weekday lunch. It’s another busy week ahead with fun social engagements (catching up with college girlfriends and celebrating a friend’s recent engagement) all leading up to Inauguration and all the parties that come with it. I need to focus on staying on track this week and getting in some god workouts.

Speaking of workouts, my friend sent me this great ab workout. She is also working toward a 5 minute plank and thought this would be a great workout to strengthen the core. It looks tough and I can’t wait to give it a try this week. Thanks, Katie K!


Let’s take a look at how last week’s SIDI turned out and what’s in store for this week:

Monday – Step or Zumba – Success, Zumba!
Tuesday – Free Community Class at ScultpDCdid not happen
Wednesday – Run with a friend (and maybe yoga in the morning – hello fitness goal) – went to spin
Thursday – BodyPump – Ran 3.5 miles with a friend
Friday – Spin – did not happen
Saturday – Out of town – no workout
Sunday – Out of town – no workout

It wasn’t my best week but I enjoyed the workouts I got in. Here’s what I’m thinking for this week:

Monday – Step or Zumba + The Core Challenge
Tuesday – Body Sculpt (a.m.)
Wednesday – Yoga (a.m.) + The Core Challenge
Thursday – Run with a friend (a.m.) and maybe BodyPump (p.m.)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – A class at the gym
Sunday –  A class at the gym

So some of my SIDI is still undecided but the two (possibly three) early wake-up calls will be challenging. Let’s get started on a great week! Off to enjoy some Downton Abbey 🙂


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Fashion Friday: Rent the Runway LivingSocial Pop-up

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Good evening! Clearly Addy and I have both been busy at work (this is what happens when you don’t blog for a living!) but we haven’t forgotten you all 🙂

You all know how much I love Rent the Runway and tonight I showed my love for Rent the Runway by attending a pop up at LivingSocial. I received a glass of champagne, tote bag, consultation with a RTR stylist and a fashion experience. And all for the bargain price of $8.

The deal was a two hour time period which you had to have an appointment for and you could show up anytime. My appointment was from 6-8pm and I arrived at 7:00pm and was told it was going to be a 30 minute wait. I got my glass of champagne and lounged around the Speakeasy bar for a bit. After 40 minutes, I went to check in on my number and heard two girls talking about how they had been waiting for an hour and a half. There was no way I was going to stand there alone for another hour so I told the check-in girl I was going to leave. She asked me to hold on for a second.

A LivingSocial manager came over to me and asked me if I was a RTR customer and of course I said yes and she whisked me right up the stairs to the event telling me that she wanted me to enjoy my experience and leave still loving both RTR and LivingSocial. Talk about customer service!

I went upstairs and was immediately greeted by a stylist and I told her I was looking for two cocktail dresses for two events next weekend. I also gave her my usual sizing and style that I like. There were 10 dressing rooms and a limit of 3 dresses per room. The stylist gave me a few options and I perused the racks. There were two racks of long dresses and four racks of short dresses. And there were women….everywhere! It was fun to see everyone walking around in the dresses and people were giving opinions to strangers. It was a really welcoming environment. While I was dressed casually, I’m glad I brought a pair of heels and a strapless bra (what can I say, I come prepared).



I loved two dresses and ended up renting both of them. Success! It doesn’t seem like I’m going to be attending a formal inauguration ball so these two cocktail dresses will help me feel fabulous at two events I am attending. I can’t wait!

ImageBadgley Mischka Manhattan Socialite Dress


Sachin Babi Color Ignite Dress

If you rented a dress at the event, you received 20% off. However, I had a coupon for $50 off a $125 rental (thanks, new mommy Kate!) AND $52 in credit…so I ended up renting two dresses for a total of $80. Insane! I mean, what a deal! The dresses retail for a combined total of $790. And people wonder why I love Rent the Runway so much 🙂

I left the event glowing and am happy that I was able to experience a Rent the Runway pop-up through LivingSocial.

Happy Renting!



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