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New Routine

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Today completed day 3 of my new routine and so far so good!

My new commute is a lot longer that it was before but I’m actually enjoying the change of pace. I leave my Mom’s house at 7:45pm, walk 10 minutes to the train station, take a 40 minute train to Hoboken, NJ and then take a 15 minute ferry ride to the Pier 11/Wall Street slip on NYC. I know, I know, it sounds like a lot but it’s actually quite pleasant – especially the ferry ride. I have been totally spoiled by this gorgeous summer weather (we’ll see how I feel about the ferry on a rainy day!).  You really can’t beat a short ride on the water every morning and night all while passing the Statue of Liberty and having a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline. And not only can I sneak a nap in here and there but I also have plenty of time for reading, listening to music and even catching up on some TV shows (pre-downloaded, of course). It’s nice to have the commute time to myself instead of being stuck behind a car wheel for the same amount of time.

I am also adjusting to working at a new organization, in a newly-created position, in a new city. So far I am loving it! While I still have a ways to go before I truly feel settled into my new job, I absolutely love the organization I am working for and my colleagues are all extremely nice and welcoming. The new more relaxed hours aren’t too shabby either 🙂 I can’t wait to learn more and be part of some really exciting work.

My Mom and I went to the grocery store Sunday morning and bought lots of healthy goods. My meals have been consisting of mostly cereal/fruit/coffee for breakfast, salad/vegetables/protein for lunch, string cheese/apples/Fiber One 90 calorie bars for snacks. We also grabbed some hummus to go with some carrots/celery and have been eating vegetables and fish for dinner. Plus, I found a great recipe on Pinterest for a little chocolate post-dinner. I sliced up some bananas, dolloped on some almond butter, made mini banana sandwiches and then dripped semi-sweet chocolate over them and popped them in the freezer. The perfect summer treat! Check out the recipe here.

So far I haven’t seen any friends, haven’t gone to a happy hour and have only quickly walked around my work ‘hood. But, this is just the beginning. And so far, I am loving this adventure.


P.S. I promise to start taking some pictures!

Monday’s workout: Push-ups, planks
Monday’s meals highlight: Dinner with family for my Mom’s birthday!
Tuesday’s workout: 30 minute run outside
Tuesday’s meals highlight: My favorite Armenian meal made by mom Mom
Wednesday’s workout: 30 minute indoor biking + 20 minute swim
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Salad with salmon patty and vegetables for lunch

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Triathlon Training: Week 5

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Monday – Strength1000 Rep Circuit
Tuesday – Run 30 minutes 40 minute run + 20 minute walk (outside)
Wednesday – Bike 30 minutes 45 Spin class
Thursday – Swim 30 minutes/Run 30 minutesNothing
Friday – RestRest
Saturday – Run 30 minutesNothing
Sunday – Swim 30 minutes/Bike 30 minutes30 minute bike indoors + 40 minutes swim

Again, it wasn’t a perfect week but it wasn’t a bad one either. And this was my moving week! One of the first things I did when I arrived home was buy a monthly trial pass to the local gym for $50. It expires one week before the triathlon, which will be perfect for the taper week. I plan on using this membership to its fullest, that’s for sure 🙂

On to the next!


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Greetings from New Jersey!

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Hello! Greetings from my childhood home in glorious Summit, NJ!

My move started on Thursday when I went to go pick up my UHaul and they had the wrong size truck reserved. Not the best start to my trip, that’s for sure. Luckily, the General Manager was super nice and helped me out and I eventually drove off in my big old truck. It felt HUGE to me. So different then the smart cars I’ve been zipping around D.C. in lately! My next battle was having to deal with drivers parking in the spots I had reserved for my moving truck, movers and cleaners. I followed all of the D.C. Police Rules – paid $54 for my permits, printed them out and hung them up 72 hours ahead of time – and yet people were parked in the spots. When I returned with the truck there was actually no where to put it. Well the D.C. police showed up in a big way and helped me make room for the truck. They also helped me tow a vehicle when it was STILL in the way the next day during my move. I had a couple of really nice officers help me. Thank goodness!

After packing up the last of the items the night before, I stayed up waaaay too late on my last night in my apartment and was up first thing in the morning making sure everything was ready to go. My friend Quinn came over to keep me company and we chatted it up while the two movers I had hired got everything out of my apartment and into my UHaul in an hour and a half. Hiring movers was the best money I’ve ever spent in my life. After the movers departed, the cleaners came through and suddenly it was time to get in the truck and hit the road. All of my planning came together and I left my apartment earlier than I had anticipated and anxious to get on the road.


It took me 7 hours to get to NJ.

Holy traffic nightmare.

I stopped only twice in my never-ending journey – once for food and once for gas. There were two accidents that caused major traffic delays and I had to reroute a few times. I survived off scanning the radio stations (man, I wish UHaul’s had cords for iPhones…) and caffeine. Stop and go traffic in a truck is pretty miserable. I was so grateful to pull up to my mom’s house and see a bunch of my family members standing there waiting for me. I was even more grateful when my uncle backed the truck up the driveway and we unloaded the truck in 30 minutes. Thank you family!! After some beer and pizza it was time to hit the hay after what was an extremely long day.

The rest of the weekend has included a yard sale, helping my mom with some stuff around the house, grocery shopping, a nice dinner out, dog sitting and a good workout. Oh and also tons and tons of unpacking and organizing. I am almost done organizing my room and have been doing some food prep for the week as well. The last fun item on this weekend’s agenda is dinner out with my sister, my brother-in-law and my mom to celebrate her birthday.  I am so happy to be here to celebrate my mom’s birthday – it’s something I haven’t been able to do in a long time.

My first day of work is tomorrow…and man am I excited and nervous. I am still working on my different commuting options which I’ll try out this week but I think I’m already sold on the train to Penn Station and then then subway because it’s the most economical. We’ll see though.

So many changes, so many new things and yet, so good to be home. Let the new adventure begin!


P.S. I am totally in love with Addy’s post and miss her already!!

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See ya soon, Stephanie

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Today is Stephanie’s moving day!  As you know, we are continuing on with the blog and Stephanie will chronicle all her delights from NYC – and I’ll hold down the fort here in D.C.

We had our goodbye dinner date on Tuesday evening where we went to Rasika and had Shake Shack milkshakes for dessert as we walked back to her apartment.  It really was a lovely evening.  We talked about her move and the logistics of everything with her movers, cleaners and unpackers on the other end.  It was easy to talk about, because I wasn’t thinking about saying goodbye.  When it was finally time for me to get into a cab and head home, I thought, shoot this is really it – she’s leaving!  We couldn’t linger too long on the street because we would have both been crying messes, I might have even scared the cab driver a little bit as I tried to get out where I was going!

I obviously am very sad to not have Stephanie in the same city anymore, but she will never be that far away and I know we will continue to talk each and every day.  I’m so excited for her new adventures in a new city and with a new job.  I know she’ll have a lot of fun stories to tell about new classes she takes and new restaurants she tries!!   It’s not easy to pick up your life after 8 years and move to a new city – even a familiar city.  I admire Stephanie for making this decision and sticking to what she really wants.  She had an amazing run in D.C., but is ready for the next step and I know she will do great things!  Best of luck to you, Stephanie and have so much fun in NYC!   Can’t wait to visit!

We didn’t take any pictures on Tuesday night, but here are a few I just gathered up.





Miss you, girl!!  But see you soon!


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Boxes Galore

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Boxes, boxes, everywhere! That’s the story of my life right now. Boxes in the bedroom, boxes in the kitchen, boxes in the living room, boxes in the bathroom. Literally. Everywhere.




I’ve been taking packing breaks to get some good workouts in and enjoy some delicious meals with friends. It’s been a great week so far! I pick up the UHaul tomorrow and Friday is the big move. It’s happening!!!

I’d be lying if I said I was missing being at work. I’ve really enjoyed some leisurely mornings with a cup of coffee and The Hills. Team LC 4 ever! I also just came back from a lunchtime spin class which was awesome. A quick, but intense, 45 minute workout. Boom!

I’m not having crazy Royal baby fever like everyone else but it is really exciting that a prince was born. Welcome to the world George Alexander Louis! Plus, William and Kate look like adorable new parents. I love that she wore polka dots for her first post-birth appearance and hello, that blowout. Can I please have a personal hair dresser to come fix my hair anytime? Like, right now maybe…


Monday’s workout: 1000 Rep Circuit Workout
Monday’s meals highlight: Dinner at Le Diplomate
Tuesday’s workout: 40 minute run outside + 20 minute walk
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Dinner at Rasika
Wednesday’s workout: 45 minute spin class
Wednesday’s meals highlight: …

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Triathlon Training: Week 4

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Monday – Strength60 minutes Xtend Barre

Tuesday – 30 minute run20 minute run

Wednesday – 45 minute bike/strength55 minute spin + 25 minute swim

Thursday – 30 minute runRest

Friday – RestRest

Saturday – 30 minute run60 minutes Zumba

Sunday – 30 minute swim/30 minute bike – 30 minute bike indoor

This may be the first triathlon where the majority of my training happens inside because it’s just TOO FREAKIN’ HOT OUTSIDE. 4 weeks down, 7 weeks to go. It seems like I have a lot more time to train but I’m about to enter a period of complete craziness – moving, starting a new job, traveling to WA and traveling to Richmond. All of this is happening in the next 4 weeks. And anyone who has ever moved or started a new job knows that there is always stress involved with both of those events. I have been packing and organizing a lot but there is still much to do. I am also trying to mentally prepare to leave D.C. after living here for 8 years and head back to NJ and then to start a new job in NYC. Hello big changes!

What’s helping me through all of this change is seeing friends. I kicked off my good-bye to D.C. last week with a happy hour and now I’m starting a 4 night streak of good-bye dinners with friends. I’ve been worried that saying good-bye to friends would be extremely emotional but I’ve just been having so much fun and am so excited about this next adventure that so far, so good. (I probably just cursed myself there!)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and managed to keep cool a little bit!


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Is anyone else over this heat? Man, oh man. My run on Tuesday night was rough. I only made it for 20 minutes before having to walk for a bit. Hot, hot, hot. There is a lot rumbling around in my head so I thought I’d share it all with you 🙂

…Does it annoy anyone else when people enter the wrong door at a store. For example, the Whole Foods by my place has a an entrance and an exit. People enter through the exit ALL THE TIME and then act like I’m in their way. That’s my pet peeve of the day.

…Last night’s spin class was the hottest class ever. Everyone was red in the face and just dripping. It was like there was no air in the room. We actually ended one song early because the instructor was worried about people.

….The state of my apartment is giving me anxiety. I’m a neat freak, I can’t deny it! I started my packing off with a flurry last week when my boxes arrived and since then, not much has happened. With my move deadline looming closer and closer, I need to get back on the packing wagon. I feel like there is a fine balance with packing – you can’t pack it all up early but can’t leave too much to the last minute. I’m so glad I ordered a ton of boxes, have newspapers galore and bubble wrap.

…Speaking of packing. I already packed my foam roller and The Stick and my sore legs hate me. Good thinking, Stephanie!

…I saw Emily’s twin in CVS last night. Freaky.

…I have two fun trips coming up in August – to Orcas Island, WA and Richmond, VA. Can’t wait!

….This might be the first time I get to go to the U.S. Open with my family in August because I’ll be up in NJ. I’m so excited!

…I feel like I dropped the ball on seeing the Book of Mormon while it’s in town. Yes, I know I can see it in NYC but everyone I know is seeing it this week and raving about it and I’m jealous. Sometimes I watch this clip of Andrew Randalls (recognized him from Girls?) singing at the Tony Awards a few years ago.


…I may or may not have had pickles and a granola bar for dinner last night.

…I have been finding mosquito bites all over me lately. It’s like I don’t even know I’m getting them and then a few days later I’m itching like mad. What’s up with that?

…I’ve totally been missing my Wednesday night yoga class (yes, I just admitted to missing yoga). It’s just not working with my schedule right now. I’ll have to find a new class up north!

…Today is my second to last day of work and I’m having a going away happy hour tonight with co-workers and friends. Holy crap this move is getting real.


Monday’s workout: 60 minute Xtend Barre class
Monday’s meals highlight: Lemon Red Lentil Soup
Tuesday’s workout: 20 minute run + 10 minute walk (it was hot out)
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Sweetgreen Seasonal Salad
Wednesday’s workout: 55 minute spin class + 25 minute swim
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Buffalo chicken salad

P.S. My Fashion Friday post went up today by mistake. Go me!

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Fashion Friday: To the max

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I have a few maxi dresses but I just added this one to my collection. It’s perfect for day or night, the summer heat and for being on trend – hello tribal and neon! Plus, I can wear it with flat sandals or wedges and the length still work. And it was a steal at Target at $29.99! Has anyone else been adding anything fun to their summer wardrobe recently?



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Things that make me smile

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The whole Mid-Atlantic/Eastern seaboard is dealing with this ridiculous heat wave with 100% humidity, so that is not really news, but as I walked onto my metro car this morning and it was blasting with the coolest AC imaginable, I smiled so big and felt like I won the metro car lottery today!  May I have the same luck on my commute home this evening.

I was looking through my phone for pictures of my weekend in Martha’s Vineyard and truthfully this is the one that makes me smile the most:

mint chocolate chip

mint chocolate chip

Nothing beats an ice cream shop filled with candy!

July is a big birthday month for my family and I love buying gifts for all my family members.  Although, I still need something for my mother in law.  Once I check that box, I’ll feel complete!

In addition, we are going to PA this weekend – Justin’s hometown is doing their 4th of July fireworks display this weekend – I’m not entirely sure why it’s delayed, but I’m excited to see a fun fireworks display!

I am starting to do yoga more and more – once or twice a week now – and one thing I realized last night is that I have a hard time being present in my practice.  That doesn’t make me smile necessarily, but gives me something to focus on and improve on and that does make me smile – a new challenge!

And finally one thing that only makes me half smile… I am super psyched for Stephanie’s move to NYC, she’s wanted to be in the city for a while and close to her family, but I’m so sad to lose her in our city!  I will miss knowing she literally is only right across the street during the day, but I know our gchat conversations will continue on!  Congrats Stephanie on the awesome move and new gig!!!







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Big (crazy, scary, but good) News

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I have some big news to share…


I am moving to NYC!

A few weeks ago I had an informal meeting with the President of an international non-profit and two weeks later I was accepting a job and agreeing to move. Whoa, baby! Without going into too many crazy details, this job offer and opportunity to be closer to my family felt like the right move for me at this time and I’m ready for a new adventure.

That being said, I still can’t believe I’m leaving D.C. after living here for 8 years. I  don’t even know where to begin to talk about all the amazing people I have met while living and working in this great city. I’ve had so many wonderful moments in my career – there are too many incredible experiences to count – but I know there is more to come in this next phase of my career.  My last day of work in D.C. is this Friday and I’ll move home to NJ the following week. I plan on doing a pit-stop in NJ for a few months to settle in, save some money and figure out the best neighborhood for me.

I will still be blogging here at District Delights with Addy even though I’ll no longer be in the district.  We love being blog partners too much to make any changes 🙂 So here’s the next adventure ahead! NYC, here I come!!



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