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Five Bites Friday

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I said I was going to try this each Friday and I’ve failed miserably.  No promises on when this will happen again.
Five Bites Friday, ready set go:

1. Chocolate Ganache Cupcake – Georgetown Cupcake. I’ve been a fan of their cupcakes from the time they opened and we had their cupcakes at our wedding.

2. Buffalo Chicken Pizza – Papa Johns. Truth be told, I’ve never even had this pizza, but I saw a commercial for it the other day and thought it looked really good!

3. Movie Popcorn – any movie theater that offers butter!

4. Soft Pretzels – Public Tenley. They are served with the tastiest beer cheese fondue and spicy mustard.

5. Locust Street – Taylor Gourmet. I haven’t been to Taylor in a little while, but this reminded me that I need to go back.

Happy Birthday weekend to my sister, Tracy!

Happy Cherry Blossom 10 miler to Stephanie – kick ass on Sunday!



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Fashion Friday: Race Day Outfit

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Today’s Fashion Friday post is a preview of my race day outfit for this weekend. Enjoy!

Pink Sweaty Band....or maybe my black SparklySoul.

I just bought a similar version to this top at the expo.

My blue sparkle skirt - duh!

Either black capris or black short shorts to wear underneath it and…

My huge New Balance running shoes that I love.

Good luck to all those who are running the Cherry Blossom race this weekend (or any other race for that matter)!


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Some Things

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1. The Cherry Blossom race is two days away. Woo! I will be going to the expo today to pick up my packet and maybe do some fun shopping for more running/workout things I probably don’t need.

2. I bought 10 mega millions tickets last night. I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life but I just felt like I had to get on the bandwagon this go around. I’ve already mentally spent all of it so here’s hoping!

3. I made my first batch of Oats in a Jar yesterday and they came out pretty mediocre but I still ate all of them anyway. I need to check out some of the online tutorials for the next go around.

No, I did not have a jar of peanut butter for breakfast...there are oats in there, I swear!

4. These are the Honey Stingers I bought for this weekend. Don’t they look yummy?

5. I opened the second jar of White Chocolate Wonderful that I have after polishing off the first jar on Thursday. Addy gave it to me as a gift and I love her for it.

Doesn't that just look like heaven in a jar?

6. I need to write a Fashion Friday post.

7. My Mom and sister arrive in town tomorrow night and I am SO EXCITED. I need to clean my apartment tonight and grocery shop so they don’t think I live in squalor. I don’t live in squalor, but you know.

8. I ran way too fast last night for my last run before the race. My training program called for 3-5 miles at a slow jog. I ran just over 3 miles at 9:30 average pace. Whoops. That damn Garmin watch got me all worked up! I even forgot to reset it but still managed to figure out my mileage and pace and when I finished it looked like I had just run 9 miles! Ha. Anyway, I’m looking forward to these two days of rest. Hello, foam roller. Hello, tennis ball. Let’s party!


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Saltines and Chicken Soup

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First, let’s welcome Stephanie to the Garmin club!  I had a feeling she’d love it the first time she used it and now she is going to have her very own.  I bet she learns how to use it way faster than me and has the ability to upload her data immediately. Good, then she can teach me!

I was a little under the weather yesterday and even went home from work early.  The one way I can tell that I really am feeling sick is complete lack of appetite!  I finally ate some chicken noodle soup and saltine crackers by 5 pm yesterday, but only because I wanted to take more advil for my achy body.  I was just asking Justin and a co worker what happens if I exceed the limit of advil they recommend you take in a 24 hour period – the answers ranged from kidney problems, to a hole in your stomach and a heart attack (my addition).  I’m not really sure what will happen to you, I’m not trying to find out, but I do feel like it’s helped relieve the pain my achy joints (what am I, 80?!).

I’m really looking forward to this weekend, it’s kind of action packed, not like a normal weekend for me.  It’s my sister’s birthday on Saturday. We are celebrating with the kite festival on the mall and a trip to peking duck for dinner.   Sunday morning I will be cheering Stephanie on during the Cherry Blossom 10 miler!!!   And then Justin and I just bought tickets to go to the Clinton Foundation Millennium Network event here in D.C.   We thought about buying these tickets for a while and then finally pulled the trigger yesterday.  Our friend is on the host committee, so we wanted to support her. Amos Lee is performing, who is one of Justin’s favorites.  And I noticed yesterday that our wedding DJ – She Van Horn was on the bottom of the invite, not sure if that means he’ll be DJing, but love that he is part of the event too!

I’m also currently trying to plan the rest of the year race schedule.  Since the D.C. tri was canceled, I don’t think I’m going to sign up for another one.  But I think I’d like to try to do another half marathon this year.  I’m currently considering the Hershey Half, that is my hometown and the date is good. I also just saw an ad for the Baltimore Half which is the week before Hershey, is closer and might even be a better date for my second half.  So many decisions to make!

In any event, the next race I am doing is likely a 5k in April and then the Capitol Hill Classic 10k with Stephanie!  We haven’t really done a race together for a while, it’ll be really fun to be “re-united” at the race start!


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I’m In Love

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Guys, I think I’ve found “the one.” Can you believe it?

No, I’m not talking about a guy…I’m talking about the Garmin Forerunner 405. I borrowed Addy’s last night for a run (she is lending it to me this week to use for the race) and I totally get why every blogger, runner, athlete has one of these things. I love it so much that I plan on purchasing one today with some birthday money. The fact that I’m going to spend some serious cash on a watch for running instead of some clothes at J.Crew really blows my mind. I’ve come a long way in the past year in terms of my dedication to running and fitness and I hope it only continues.

My training program called for 4-6 easy miles last night and I wanted to hit right in the middle with 5. I wasn’t feeling too motivated after work (after I did not get up in the morning to run, go me) and then discovered that I had forgotten a sports bra. Old Stephanie would have just thrown in the towel right then and there and gone home to slack off. However, my co-worker was also going for a run and I knew I could run in my regular old bra so I went for it. Yay, New Stephanie!

We ended up doing 5.2 miles and they felt great. At first I couldn’t stop looking at the Garmin and then I realized I just needed to run and be patient and wait for the beep to get an updated on our pace. We started out fast down a hill so our first mile was 8:50! The next mile was 9:10 and my co-worker suggested we slow down a bit and honestly, I’m glad she did, I was supposed to be taking it easy and I was getting all wrapped up in the excitement of the Garmin and my speed. A taper week is NOT the time to get excited about speed. I mean, really. Our third miles was 11:03 and picked it up to 10:00 flat for the last two miles (including the big hill on Constitution). Our average was 10:43. And yes, I forgot to take a picture of the final stats on the watch. Whoops.

All in all it was a good run. I’m resting tonight and then doing one more run tomorrow before resting on Friday and Saturday before the race Sunday. I’m really pumped to use the Garmin for tomorrow night’s run and for the race. Woo!!

On Monday, I went to pick up some Honey Stingers to use on Sunday. They were hard to find in stores! I bought four packs – two pink lemonade and two limeade. I’ll probably only use one pack on Sunday but I’m glad to have some good energy chews stocked up.

On a totally random note, I received a Title Nine catalogue in the mail last night. Not only do I love the title of the company but they have a ton of great athletic wear. I’m most excited about their Skirts with Benefits (SWB) because they look like so much fun to wear. I think I know where some of my other birthday money will be spent…


Monday’s workout: Day of rest
Monday’s meals highlights: Blah
Tuesday’s workout: 5.2 mile run
Tuesday’s meals highlights: Blah again

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April Fitness Goals

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I’ve been giving some thought to what will happen once I’m off of a training plan post-Cherry Blossom race this weekend. I’ve really enjoyed the Cherry Blossom Virtual Training Guide program but I will be honest – I’m ready for a break from running and from a strict training program. I’m ready for some fitness freedom!

Now that my triathlon is in August (instead of June and yes I’m still a little bitter about that), I won’t start training until the beginning of May so I have all of April to let loose and do whatever work I want to do. Wild!

Though I won’t be following a training plan I do have a few goals for the month. I want to get back into strength training more regularly. Not only does weight-lifting help weight come off quicker but it leads to becoming a faster runner and allowing me to do things like open a stubborn pickle jar when I’m alone in my apartment. I plan to increase me strength training by attending VIDA RX classes at my gym and bringing back some circuit training. I also plan to use the one free class I have at Bar Method (who am I kidding, I am totally using that on like Tuesday after the race – so excited!). And I also want to finally try out TRX with Addy. It’s her favorite class and I need to see what all the excitement is about. Addy, I’m ready to go!

Goal #1: Strength train 3x a week

While my muscles will be burning from all that crazy lifting, I don’t want to ignore cardio. I plan to do cardio for 45-60 minutes 5x a week. Now here is where it gets fun because I have a great variety of options that aren’t running. I will take full advantage of the class schedule at my gym with Zumba, spin, kickboxing and other cardio-heavy classes. I also plan on getting out to play tennis, taking a random dance class here and there and trying out some new treadmill/elliptical interval workouts. It’s a free for all – anything I want!

Goal #2: 45-60 minutes of cardio 5x a week

And yes. I will also be running whenever I feel like it. Some days you just NEED to go out for a run and I don’t plan on ignoring those desires when I have them.

My plan is to have 1 day of rest per week (probably Friday) but of course will take more as I feel I need them. I’m sure you noticed I’ve said nothing about yoga in my plan and that’s because I just really don’t like it. I know, I know, everyone raves about yoga constantly and how amazing it is but it’s just not for me. I’m going to concentrate on thoroughly stretching post-workouts and being sure to take care of my hip with foam rolling, tennis ball lovin’ and icing.

Yes, I still enjoy running, a lot in fact, but I’m ready to take a break and use my pricey gym and work, work work it out this April.


Look, I didn’t work out Friday, Saturday or Sunday. There, I said it. I did coach field hockey for 4 hours on Sunday which included some running and some squatting so I’ll take that as a great workout for my birthday weekend. Oh right, I also heinously danced for hours on Saturday night. Burn, baby, burn!

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Fashion Friday: Fashion Blogs I Read

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For this edition of Fashion Friday I thought I’d share the fashion blogs in my Google Reader. Get excited, people. I’m also currently fighting against my drooping eyelids after getting into bed at 3:30am last night. To see the Hunger Games at midnight was totally worth it though. I love when movies live up to their hype. It did not disappoint and that’s all I’ll say. All you fans out there should go see it immediately!

Now, on to the blogs.

Atlantic Pacific

This sunglasses-loving blonde always looks chic. She’s not afraid to mix patterns and is always decked out in accessories.


This West Coast lady always looks elegant even when she’s dressed down in casual clothes.

The Man Repeller

She specializing in fashion that turns men OFF. She’s wacky and hilarious and I love it.

Capitol Hill Style

Local girl with DC-office world advice. Plus she’s REALLY into skin care.

The Sartorialist

Real people. Real fashion.

I will get in a 5 mile run tonight. I will get in a 5 mile run tonight. I will get in a 5 mile run tonight. I figure if I just keep saying/writing it then it will stick and I’ll have to do it. We shall see.


Thursday’s workout: Day of rest
Thursday’s meals highlights: Where to begin! Bagels and cream cheese at breakfast, lemon bars in the afternoon, steak fajitas for dinner, movie popcorn, candy…it was an epic day of birthday food!

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Post Race Eats

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Everybody comments on how you can just eat your face off after you run any type of race.  I 100% agree with that and practiced it on Saturday post half marathon.

Stephanie helped me figure out how to save these race photos, we may have a blog but I don’t claim to be at all tech savvy, unfortunately!  While I’ve been good at taking photos of things, I was lamenting the fact that a lot of my photos are total crap – dark and blurry.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the purchase of an iPhone – my contract is up in June and I’d be eligible for an upgrade, I’m just saying.  Anyway, back to the subject at hand…food!

I was not hungry immediately after the race, I downed some chocolate milk that totally hit the spot.  After we made our trek back home on the metro and showered, we set off for Shake Shack. Our requirements for the restaurant of choice were fast, easy and serves beer.

I got the shake shack burger, cheese fries and root beer.

And while this totally hit the spot, I will fully admit that I ordered a hot dog and mint chocolate chip custard after this.   I have always wanted to try the hot dog and figured no better day than today when I can eat whatever I want.  I didn’t love the dog, there was nothing special about it.  I will continue to stick to the cheeseburgers moving forward.

After we ate our faces off in like 5 seconds flat, we headed off for some St. Patty’s day fun with some co-workers.

sorry for the blurriness

After drinking we did more eating.


Green Tortilla Chips!

I also consumed more melted cheese with a soft pretzel.  After I was done eating this and drinking one more beer, I was ready to go to bed!

Maybe I want to sign up for another half marathon so soon because I like the idea of eating the day away again post race!





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As Addy mentioned earlier in her awesome post, today is my birthday and so far it has been amazing. My family and friends have gone over the top to celebrate and I am loving every minute of it. I’m excited for the rest of the day which will include dinner out and the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. Yes. I may be turning 29 but I act like I’m 15 🙂

But enough about me.

Oh wait, actually more about me because this is a blog where I write about my life.

Last night I ran the longest distance I have ever run – 10 miles. It was probably one of the poorest planned runs I’ve ever done but it happened and I’m happy that it did. I started this week off with a really crappy run on Tuesday morning. My hip was SERIOUSLY hating on me and after 2.5 miles that morning, I had to stop and walk back to my apartment. It poured the entire walk home. Of course. But honestly, that run really got me down. With less than two weeks from the Cherry Blossom race my hip was acting up and it really made me nervous. I had to redeem myself this week to boost up my confidence and luckily last night did the trick.

I am not going to lie, I was moving slowly. So slowly in fact that POTUS and/or the VP passed me twice in their super loud motorcade. I mean, I’m pretty sure they were following me, but I live in D.C. NBD. Anyway, I was averaging a 10-minute mile pace and then my overall average was way slower than that because I stopped to walk twice. And you know what, I’m totally OK with that. I’ve never been a fast runner and right now I’m more concerned with the mileage than with burning up the pavement.

So about that poor planning…I should have worn a tank top and shorts instead of capris and a t-shirt because even though it’s March it is really warm here in D.C. The longer days are leading to more sunshine after work and I was sweaty 5 minutes into my run. I wasn’t prepared for that type of heat. I didn’t even carry any water! What on earth was I thinking? I also didn’t really plan on running 10 miles. I did want to get a good 6-7 miles in and then I just kept going and going and I looked at my phone and was like, WHOA, almost to 10, let’s keep this going!

My hips did not hurt during my run which is a miracle. At one point my right knee started acting up and I literally said out loud, “Stop it,” and then it felt fine. I kid you not. I am magical. When I finally made it back to the office, I immediately popped a Nuun into a water bottle and drank that puppy before heading home. Oh wait, I actually snapped this sweaty picture first.

A gray shirt was a very bad idea.

I’m sexy and I know it [insert LMFAO song here]. I also took a cab home. Shameful, I know but it was 8:30pm and I could barely move another foot.

The rest of the night included some foam rolling, stretching, the quickest dinner ever (more on that later) and me collapsing in bed. I woke up super sore and spent a good 30 minutes this morning with my friend the tennis ball. I was 10 minutes late to work because of this. Go me.

I’d say logging the most miles I’ve ever done and re-gaining my running confidence before a race is a pretty good birthday gift. Hello, 29! You better watch yo self!


Tuesday’s workout: Epic fail 2.5 mile run + rain
Tuesday’s meals highlight: None
Wednesday’s workout: 10 mile run
Wednesday’s meals highlight: The following sandwich I created – rye bread, hummus, feta cheese, cucumbers, roasted red peppers and a veggie burger. SO GOOD!

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to Stephanie!   To my blog partner in crime – I wish you the happiest of days!


To your adventurous spirit:

To your sense of style:

To your cool sense of humor:

To your truly kind heart:

I hope you have a delightful day!!!






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