Fashion Friday

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I am not wearing a very fashionable outfit today so I thought I’d post a few things I’ve coveting right now.

GAP Really Skinny pants - Addy has a few pairs and they look awesome on her! I want some too!

I love the idea of a striped sweatshirt blazer. Just seems to comfy and chic.

I would buy the whole LuLuLemon store if I could. I mean, let's be honest.

Love the bright pop of color here. Staying on the neon trend without being crazy.

Those are just a few things I’ve been wanting to buy lately. The list is always evolving.

Last night I left my bag at work and went for quick run before heading home. Just a loop around the mall. It was a really nice night for a run and there were a ton of people out and about which was nice. I thought I was moving at a pretty good pace and then people would just fly by me. I was in fact jogging, while they were actually running. But hey, to each their own 🙂

I definitely started out this run FAST because I was just so happy to be out of the office and moving and I was going downhill. But I got into a good groove, especially once I reached the Washington Monument and started on my way back.

Speaking of the monuments…hello Capitol!

Who is that ghost?

After waiting over 20 minutes for a red line train (WTF metro?) I was feeling super lazy and didn’t want to go home to eat a salad or a veggie burger (basically the only two food items left in my fridge) so I checked out ShopHouse. It was really good but my dish was WAY too spicy. And this is coming from a girl who loves spicy food. Addy had warned me about the spicy broccoli and yet I got it anyway. Oops.

Brown rice, tofu, spicy broccoli, spicy red curry, papaya salad, cilantro and crushed peanuts for $7.50.

It didn’t seem like that much food but it was actually really filling and delicious. I’m definitely going back to try some other combinations there. It satisfied my Asian food craving without having to down some greasy Chinese food.

Oh…and Happy Friday!!!!


Thursday’s workout: 3 mile run
Thursday’s meals highlight: ShopHouse

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How Much is that Salad in the Window?

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I did something really rare yesterday. I ate all of my meals out. And honestly, I’m a little pissed I did that. I actually made some pretty healthy choices but what a waste of money when I great food options in my fridge and pantry. And with it being a busy day I took no pictures. Food blog fail.

I started off with a spinach feta wrap from Starbucks – which is a Theodora classic. For lunch I tried the new Pret in Union Station. I used to eat there a lot when I studied abroad in London and forgot what great choices they have. I had a salad with spinach, garbanzo beans, lentils, tomatoes, avocado and roasted red peppers. I added some of their balsamic dressing and it was a really tasty, filling lunch for around 450 calories.

And finally, I had Chipotle for dinner. I can’t even remember the last time I had Chipotle but man did it hit the spot. I had a bowl with brown rice (so good!), fajitas vegetables, medium salsa, roasted corn, a little bit of cheese, a HUGE glob of guacamole and lettuce. I asked the staff to go easy on the ingredients so I didn’t end up with a huge bowl of food. The only over-indulgence was the guacamole because the girl really put a huge glob on there. But man, I love me some guac and it was SO good. It was also really easy to go meatless at Chipotle and still get a ton of great flavor. And I seriously loved the brown rice. It had all the amazing cilantro-lime flavors of the white rice.

I brought my running stuff in hopes of doing a short run around the Washington Monument after work. Let’s hope this rain holds off. My running sneakers really added to my outfit this morning. I was one of those women in black tights and bright white sneakers. Hottie alert.

Is anyone else looking forward to the weekend? C’mon Friday!


Wednesday’s workout: Bar Method
Wednesday’s meals highlights: Chipotle…craving satisfied!

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MLK Day & Soup

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I wanted to fully disclose that I ate meat on Friday night (bison burger), Saturday morning (turkey sausage), Monday morning (bacon) and Tuesday lunch (brisket sandwich). And you know what, who cares? The whole idea of the Flexitarian Diet is that I can eat meat if I want, when I want and not feel guilty about it. While I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m feeling guilt about the meat-eating, I am feeling a little down because I’ve let my diet slide the past few days after a successful first two weeks. I’m went grocery shopping on Sunday and am ready to make some delicious, healthy meals for the rest of the week. I got back on track yesterday and already feel better.

I spent Monday making a tasty, healthy soup recipe from the blog Oh She Glows. I actually just added her to my Google Reader last week and while I’m obviously not vegan, I love her recipes. I made her Roasted Tomato, Garlic, Onion and Coconut Soup and it was AMAZING. The mix of flavors was so luxurious – and this is coming from a girl who LOVES Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup. The only downside, is that it did take me a long time to make the soup, but I had Monday off from work and some time on my hands.

The soup ingredients.

I roasted Roma tomatoes, sweet onion and garlic for what felt like forever in my oven (probably around 2 hours). While everything roasted I did some stuff around the apartment and prepped the other ingredients. In a pot, I put in the tomatoes, onion and garlic, along with tomato paste, salt & pepper, garam masala, chicken broth and light coconut milk. After bringing the mixture to a boil, I let it simmer for 10 minutes before giving it a buzz with my immersion blender. I think I blended a little too much – it would have been nice to have some chunks of tomato – but it was delicious!

Roasted garlic - so easy to do!

Roasted onions...I ate a bunch of these before putting them in the soup.


I ate three bowls Monday and had enough left over for dinner on Tuesday and Wednesday. Along with a salad of mixed greens, it’s a simple, healthy dinner for my post-workout dinner time.

I wish I had more time for cooking like this and need to work on making the time during the weekends to try new recipes.

I also wish I had taken the time to do some volunteer work on Monday in honor of Dr. King. Next year, that is on my to-do list and I plan on making it happen.


Wednesday’s workout: Bar Method
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Nothing special unfortunately

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Tuesday Treat

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On Tuesday, I went out to lunch with some co-workers for a belated holiday celebration. We went to Art & Soul and splurged on their prolonged Restaurant Week menu. While lunch was definitely a treat, it was a lot of food to eat midday during the week. Addy was there too 🙂

I started out with their Salmon Jar appetizer. Not only was it a great presentation but it was quite tasty. Chunks of salmon, mixed with pickled onion and some sort of cream based dressing and served with toasted pieces of bread. Delicious!

Salmon Jar with toast

For my entree, I had the brisket sandwich and holy moly was it delicious. Warm brisket with cheese served on an onion roll. Heaven! And the fries on the side weren’t too shabby either 🙂 I can’t tell you the last time I had a big sandwich with fries for lunch during the week. If I did it all the time, I’d be asleep for the rest of the afternoon! I actually ended up eating the second half of the sandwich around 5pm and it fueled me through my workout.

We shared three different desserts and I didn’t take any photos but it was an assortment of ice cream, a panna cotta and a HUGE amazingly delicious cookie. I definitely had my fair share of cookie and loved it. It was a lovely Tuesday treat for sure.


Tuesday’s workout: Bar Method
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Brisket sandwich at Art & Soul

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Five Things

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Instead of five bites Friday, I decided to make this post just five things Friday!


The Golden Globes are on this weekend, and I somehow keep forgetting about it and then am pleasantly reminded. I like to try to watch the movies that are up for best picture or see the movies that have the best actor/actress nominees for both the Golden Globes and the Oscars.  I am not up to date right now, but usually in the time between one awards show and the other, I get in a good amount.  Here is to a lot of movie watching coming up!


I’ve been mulling over a purchase of this color blue pant/corduroy for a while. I just need to go ahead and pull the trigger.  Courtesy of J.Crew.


I have to admit, I have several Snow & Graham calendars in my life.  I have this desk calendar above and a hanging wall calendar in my office and then two more at home.  I love being surrounded by the beautiful designs.  And sometimes I like to not peek at the next month because I want to be surprised by the design on the first of the month!


Justin and I have been inhaling these fruit ropes.  Yes, they are for kids, but they are so darn tasty.  We buy about 4 boxes a week and by the end of the week, we have 0 left.  It’s becoming a nasty habit.


I miss the sunsets in Costa Rica. Wait, I just miss Costa Rica in general, can I go back?


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Sweet Lunch

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So I just had the most amazing salad at Sweetgreen and had to share immediately. Usually when I go there I order their Santorini or Curry Gold. However, they really stepped it up with their January Seasonal salad and it was so good. I need to re-create at home so I can eat it all the time without blowing the bank. Plus, I love to bring lunch 4 days a week and this would make a great addition to the lunch rotation because it is certainly Flexitarian-friendly.

Make it Grain Salad - Photo Courtesy of Sweetgreen

The only thing that’s bugging me is the lack of nutritional content available for this salad (and for any seasonal salad at Sweetgreen). Sure, I don’t need to know the exact calorie count of everything I eat, but it sure is nice to have it just in case. From what I approximated on MyFitnessPal.Com it was around 450 calories. So not too shabby for a filling, delicious lunch.

Ok, enough with the calories. It it time for me to board my train to Philly yet?


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RW + Lost Society + Friends

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It’s Restaurant Week here in D.C. and while I used to participate a lot, I haven’t the past few years until last night. When I first moved here I did RW the right way by going to a super fancy restaurant I would not be able to afford normally. That way I was really getting my money’s worth. However, as time went by and groups of people changed, it never seemed to work out to be a good deal and just felt like another expensive night. However, last night I went to Lost Society, participated in RW with a bunch of old friends and we had a really great time.

Addy was there too so get ready for a double-dinner recap 🙂

Before dinner, Addy and I went to Blackbyrd for a quick drink. It’s a really cool place and people all around us were slurping up oysters and I was greedily eying them. I will have to go back for the raw bar for sure! I had a Bell’s Lager and it totally hit the spot and then we headed to dinner.

Happy Hour

Lost Society was a trendy place that we decided had an urban hipster scene. The decor was funky and it was two levels. We were seated in an area that had a bar so it was definitely noisy but it was a fun, lively scene. The best part of the meal was the truffled chips they give you to snack. I probably ate way too many of those and filled up on them. But they were so amazing. Why does truffle oil make everything taste so much better? I need to get some for my kitchen. They just kept bringing the chips out to us, I swear.

Five out of six of us decided to do RW. I started with the roasted beet and goat cheese salad and it was DELICIOUS. It was the perfect amount of food with both red and golden beets. Plus the goat cheese was whipped. If only I had remembered to take a picture.

For my entree I had a pasta dish. Lost Society is known for their steak but I honestly just wasn’t in the mood. Maybe it’s the new Flexitarian in me? 🙂 My pasta dish was delicious but very rich. It had hedgehog mushrooms, jicama and pesto. I usually never order pasta when I go out but it totally hit the spot.


And finally for dessert, I had the butterscotch chocolate chip cookie sandwich and honestly it was a huge disappointment. I ended up eating one of them but they were so hard to handle and the cookies were just blah. There wasn’t a big butterscotch taste and there was a TON of cinnamon on them. I was definitely disappointed by dessert. Again, I usually don’t order dessert when I got out so I guess this is what I deserve…


Overall, it was a great night. I love catching up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. I walked home because it was a beautiful night and because I was SO full of food. I actually felt uncomfortable full because I normally just don’t eat that much food! The Flextarian Diet has me eating smaller meals and I’m enjoying it but that meal last night was a lot. It’s nice to go out and splurge every once in awhile though.

I went to Bar this morning with my co-worker because I’m heading to Philly after work for the night. So excited to see my best friend and spend some QT with her. I will definitely need a meat day to enjoy a ooey, gooey, Philly Cheesesteak.


Thursday’s workout: Day of rest
Thursday’s meals highlight: Restaurant Week at Lost Society

Friday’s workout: Bar Method
Friday’s meals highlight: TBD

Thurday's lunch: Tortillas, black beans, no-salt added corn, salsa and 1/4 avacado

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Food, food and more food

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Crock Pot Success!  My dinner last night in the crock pot turned out well, so well that I ate it again for lunch today.  I definitely did leave it in the crock pot a few more hours than necessary.  It was evident when I got home that the liquid was lower than it should be.  I added the left over chicken broth that I had to make it more soupy, less chili-i.   I think overall it was good. Justin said he had two bowls.  After my run and walk with my sister, I had two bowls! Everyone’s happy!

The light is not great on this photo, I’ll continue to perfect my food picture taking skillz.

The week before I left on our honeymoon I posted my Five Bite Friday.  I am going to continue that tradition today.  Here goes!

Blazin Barn Burger – Good Stuff Eatery  (yes, I may always include some type of burger)

White Tuna Sushi – Mura Saki

Chorizo Tacos – Taqueria Nacional

Serrano Ham Pizza – Matchbox (I’m looking at you, Tracy!)

Hanger Steak – Ray’s the Steaks

Look forward to a Murder Mystery Recap, from Ms. Amy Arizona next week.


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