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Triathlon Training

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Yes, I’m doing a sprint triathlon on September 8th. Yes, this is not my first time doing a triathlon. And yes, I’ve started training really early for it. But you know what? I really want to rock out this race. With triathlon season upon us, I’ve been reading race recap after race recap and MAN AM I JEALOUS. I just keep thinking, why on earth didn’t I do a June race? The two recaps that have tugged at my race strings (get it, ha) are from two women who actually did the same race – the Ironman Coeur d’Alene. Check out Page’s amazing race recaps here and Meredith’s inspiring recap here. Grab your tissues, seriously. It is weird that I get all emotional reading race recaps of strangers? Let’s not answer that.

Training Week 1 -bold is what was scheduled and italics is what was completed:

Monday – StrengthBar Method

Tuesday – Run 30Ran 30 minutes on treadmill

Wednesday – Bike 45/StrengthRest

Thursday – Run 25/Swim 30Ran 25 minutes on treadmill, swam 35 minutes

Friday – Rest45 minutes spin

Saturday – Run 30Ran 40 minutes outside

Sunday – Swim 30/Bike 30Rest

I feel like this was the perfect start to training. Even all but one of these workouts was inside, it was a great way for me to ease back in to running (which I haven’t done since April) and swimming (which I haven’t done since last August). I have yet to actually get back on the bike…but the spinning was a good substitute for now.  It felt really good to swim. Sure, I tired pretty quickly but it was nice to be back in the pool. Friday’s spin class was rough. My legs were exhausted from swimming and running the night before. I’m going to need to do some good brick workouts before the race, that’s for sure.

Great start. Let’s see if I can keep it up for the next 10 weeks. I’m heading out of town this week without access to my bike or a pool so those will be a challenge but sometimes you just have to vacation with the family…and run 🙂


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Fashion Friday: Rent the Runway Lately

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I haven’t posted about Rent the Runway in awhile but my love affair with the company still continues. Here are a the last two dresses I’ve rented and loved! They have a Summer Style Pass going on right now and you get 3 dresses for $75 each (but can rent a dress up to $125). You get the usual back up size and the extra bonus is you also get to rent an accessory! Pretty great deal if you ask me. Check it out if you have a few weddings or other events this summer.

My favorite designer in my favorite cut but a new color this time! The Shoshanna Teal Pearl of Wisdom dress

My favorite designer in my favorite cut but a new color this time! The Shoshanna Teal Pearl of Wisdom dress

This dress was insanely comfortable and more dressy than I would have expected. I loved it! It's the Trina Turk No Strings Attached dress.

This dress was insanely comfortable and more dressy than I would have expected. I loved it! It’s the Trina Turk No Strings Attached dress.

Any one else rent anything good lately?



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Let’s get the bad news out of the way. I’m sure you saw that the Supreme Court invalidated a pretty important part of the Voting Rights Act on Tuesday. Boo.

Now on to the good news…

…I’m sure you also saw Senator Wendy Davis filibuster a drastic abortion law from going into effect in Texas – energizing people all over the world to stand up for their rights. The coverage has been incredible (thank you live streaming video and Twitter) so I won’t share anything but this one little tidbit – Craigslist Missed Connection. Even though I am a New Balance loyalist for my running shoes, I love that she rocked out her filibuster in pink Mizuno Wave Riders. #standwithwendy

And as for the Supreme Court striking down DOMA and Prop 8, I am still in awe. I am not going to post some crazy pictures or a funny meme. I’m sure you’ve seen all of those. Instead I’m going to tell you two stories instead.

I’ve been to a lot of wedding. Like, a lot. No really, I think the number is close to 30 and that doesn’t even include family affairs. And while they have all been beautiful and filled with love, the most amazing wedding I attended was for two of my guy friends. Over Labor Day weekend in 2010, with a stunning view of D.C., I saw two men commit themselves to one another in a ceremony that was filled with friends, family and unwavering  love. And now, three years later, so many people all over this country can experience a day like my two friends were lucky enough to have. Love is love and everyone deserves the right to love and marry whoever they want. What a beautiful world we live in.

The other story is from yesterday. After I left work, I decided to walk by the Supreme Court because it was such a historic day. There were still some news cameras out and about, a cute couple wearing pride shirts and walking their dogs, a couple of tourists, etc. But then something caught my eye. It was a family – two mothers and their daughter – posing for a picture on the steps of the Supreme Court, beaming from ear to ear with huge smiles, arms wrapped around each other. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up on the spot; it was a special moment. That little girl gets to say, “my parents are married,” and there is nothing abnormal about it.

Those two stories are what the Supreme Court rulings on Wednesday meant to me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I absolutely 100% believe in equality for all.

Ok, fine. One fun picture from Wed 🙂

Ha! Love it.

Ha! Love it.


Monday’s workout: Bar Method
Monday’s meals highlight: Buffalo bowl (Quinoa, shredded chicken, celery, scallions, feta, buffalo sauce)
Tuesday’s workout: 30 minute treadmill run
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Buffalo bowl again
Wednesday’s workout: Rest
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Dinner out at Matchbox
Thursday’s workout: 25 minute treadmill run + 35 minute swim
Thursday’s meals highlight: Very Berry Bar from Whole Foods post-dinner

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Farmer’s Market Lunch

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One of the items on my Summer Bucket List was to have a farmer’s market dinner party, using only fresh ingredients bought that day to make the meal. Well, I had my farmer’s market meal but it was a little different than my original plan. While in Cincinnati for a wedding over the weekend, I went to Findlay’s Market with friends. It was awesome! It’s an indoor/outdoor market with mostly food items but some other stands here and there. We decided to buy a bunch of fresh vegetables and make a huge salad plus a little Caprese side salad.  The website has a full list of merchants but we definitely took our time browsing and enjoying samples of cheese, hummus, bread, olive oil, etc. After browsing we ended up purchasing some mixed baby greens, kale, Roma tomatoes, a carrot, a yellow pepper, a red pepper, some Olive Garden salad dressing, a cucumber, some fresh mozzarella and basil. Yum! I chopped up the veggies and mixed them with the salad dressing while Ally assembled the Caprese salad. It all came out delicious was so fresh.  A perfect lunch before a night of indulging at a wedding.

iPhone photos 5.28.13 001

iPhone photos 5.28.13 002

iPhone photos 5.28.13 007

iPhone photos 5.28.13 004

iPhone photos 5.28.13 005

iPhone photos 5.28.13 006

iPhone photos 5.28.13 008

iPhone photos 5.28.13 010

iPhone photos 5.28.13 011

iPhone photos 5.28.13 012

iPhone photos 5.28.13 013

iPhone photos 5.28.13 014

iPhone photos 5.28.13 015

The Summer Bucket List is coming along well and July is just around the corner (beach trip #2!). The outstanding items can easily be completed one plans-free weekend in D.C. Anyone have any of those? 🙂

  • See an outdoor movie (scheduled to go on June 5th)
  • Check out Union Market
  • Visit either DC Brau or Port City Brewery (I have two free tickets to Port City…)
  • Go to the Hill Country outdoor BBQ at the National Building Museum
  • Go to Pilates on the Patio at Poste
  • Bike out to Gravelly Point and have a picnic
  • Eat at Little Serow (this is seriously my white whale) – scheduled for Tuesday, July 2
  • Go to the beach at least 3x (this will be a challenge…how sad) – Trip #2 coming up over the 4th
  • See fireworks – Should be accomplished over the 4th
  • Go on a hike
  • Have a farmer’s market dinner party (dishes made with ingredients bought that day!)


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What the what

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You know what’s not working for me this week? Working out. So let’s talk about something else.

I am extremely sad to hear about James Gandolfini’s passing. My Dad and I used to watch The Sopranos together every Sunday (sure it was slightly inappropriate at times but I’m a Jersey girl…) and when we weren’t together we would call each other right after to discuss the episode. James was an amazing actor. If you have time, you should watch his “Inside the Actors Studio” interview that I tweeted out earlier tonight. It’s really inspiring to hear him talk about his acting career. 51 is too young, he will be missed.

I’m kind of strangely excited for Jay-Z’s new album Magna Carta Holy Grail. Is that weird? I keep watching that Samsung commercial and it just sounds freakin’ awesome. Those crazy beats will be great for a workout playlist! P.S. Who is that guy with the CRAZY beard in the commercial?

Speaking of workouts (totally failing talking about something else), I am pushing up the start of my training schedule for my sprint triathlon in September and starting next week. I think part of the reason I’ve been easy to miss my workouts this week is because I’m bored. I think my post-race a month burnout is done and I am ready to be back on a training plan. I just tacked on two more weeks to my plan that was going to start in July and will be kicking things off on Monday. I am definitely out of shape when it comes to swimming…and biking…and running, so this should be interesting and I’m happy I am giving myself some more time.

Here is what a typical training week will look like for me:

Monday – Strength train
Tuesday – Run
Wednesday – Bike/Strength
Thursday – Swim/Run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Run
Sunday – Swim/Bike

Who else is training for an upcoming race??

I have a Rent the Runway arriving tomorrow. It’s been awhile and I’m excited to see that big box!

Happy Hump Day!


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Wordless Weekend

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iPhone photos 5.28.13 014    iPhone photos 5.28.13 011  iPhone photos 5.28.13 013

iPhone photos 5.28.13 012

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!

Also, a quick SIDI…

Monday – Zumba – completed
Tuesday – Circuit – 1000 rep circuit completed
Wednesday – Reboot Yoga – completed
Thursday – Body Pump – spin completed
Friday – Spin – rest
Saturday – Cardio + BodyPump – Fuse Pilates completed
Sunday – Rest – completed

Monday – Zumba
Tuesday – Circuit
Wednesday – Reboot Yoga
Thursday – Spin
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rest (or maybe a workout at the hotel gym?)Sunday – Something…walk? Circuit?

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Happiness is only a thought away.

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Is tomorrow finally Friday? Did anyone else feel like this week was super long? I am definitely looking forward to the weekend. Among this weekend’s activities include a baby shower for a college friend, a visit from some good friends, and a visit from my Dad. Let’s hope this cool breeze hangs around for the weekend and doesn’t turn into crazy humidity or an insane storm – because that’s the only weather D.C. has been getting lately!

I was super tight at yoga this week but it felt great to get back to my favorite class. The instructor made a comment that stuck with me and I kept thinking about it all through class. She said that happiness is only a thought away. How freeing is that statement? During reiki at the end of class, she asked us to picture a beautiful place we’ve been before. I pictured the gorgeous lake I spent a weekend visiting last July for a wedding in Washington. I could see the mountains, the trees, and the crystal clear water. I can’t wait to go back to Washington this August for another adventure!

Some random things to share…

Latest favorite salad - spinach, hard-boiled egg, bacon, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, carmelized red onions and homemade vinagarette

Latest favorite salad – spinach, hard-boiled egg, bacon, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, carmelized red onions and homemade vinagarette

Best cookie ever homemade by a co-worker - brown butter salted chocolate chip

Best cookie ever homemade by a co-worker – brown butter salted chocolate chip

A shot from my walk on Sunday night - hello Jefferson!

A shot from my walk on Sunday night – hello Jefferson!

A random postcard sent from a friend from home who lives in SF.

A random postcard sent from a friend from home who lives in SF.

A new workout shirt from Old Navy - reminder me of a certain blogger :)

A new workout shirt from Old Navy – reminder me of a certain blogger 🙂


Wednesday’s workout: Reboot Yoga
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Tacos
Thursday’s workout: 60 minutes spin
Thursday’s meals highlight: Spinach salad

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Food Pic Phone Dump + SIDI

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I’ve clearly being only putting healthy foods into my body lately…

Happy National Donut Day!

Happy National Donut Day!

Shake Shack for dinner - yes those are cheese fries.

Shake Shack for dinner – yes those are cheese fries.

SUNdeVICH capri sandwich - pesto, basil, tomato, mozarella and balsamic

SUNdeVICH capri sandwich – pesto, basil, tomato, mozarella and balsamic

It's a food truck.

It’s a food truck.

A couple of handfuls of these one night...

A couple of handfuls of these one night…

You can also add to this list tacos, pizza, frosting and Skittles. Ok, I’m off to eat some lettuce.

Last week’s SIDI:

Monday – Rest – completed
Tuesday – Zumba or a circuit on my own – 75 minutes yoga completed
Wednesday – Spin (long ride) – Circuit completed
Thursday – Bar Method – nothing
Friday – Spin or circuit on my own – nothing
Saturday – Spin or Zumba + Body Pump – 1000 rep circuit completed
Sunday – Either a class, circuit, maybe a swim? – 90 minute power walk completed

On tap for this week:

Monday – Zumba – completed
Tuesday – Circuit – 1000 rep circuit completed
Wednesday – Reboot Yoga
Thursday – Body Pump
Friday – Spin
Saturday – Cardio + BodyPump
Sunday – Rest


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Justin and I took a cooking class on Saturday night with friends of ours at CulinAerie.  The theme of the night was flavors of Mexico.  The class started at 7 pm and went until 10 pm.  After we were checked in and were seated, our resident chef for the night introduced herself and got down to explaining the various dishes we were going to make.

The dishes included, queso topped with chiles, zucchini and onions, lamb barbacoa with chile salsa and pumpkin brittle.  We started with the lamb so that it could roast for 2 hours and we could make everything else in between.   Banana leaves played a prominent role in the evening – both the appetizer and main dish were wrapped in the leaves while baking in the oven.

not cooked lamb

Marinated Lamb, pre cooking

teresita and lamb

After we assembled our lamb with butter, oregano and some salt and pepper, we stuck it in the oven and moved on to the queso dish.  We took a poblano pepper and charred it over an open flame on our cooktop.  This helped get rid of the skin on the outside.  Once that was peeled away, we cut it open, got ride of the seeds on the inside and chopped it up.  In a pan, we sauteed the poblano pepper, onion and zucchini and then put it on top of the queso fresco – again, we wrapped that in a banana leaf and placed it in the oven for maybe 25 minutes.


Ready to eat

Once we ate the queso, it was time to make the salsa to accompany the lamb.   We peeled and seeded to ancho chiles, cut them up with some onion and garlic and tomatillos.  Justin and I at first opted to make more pico de gallo vs. salsa, but then decided last second to blend it all together with some cilantro.  Our salsa was bitter I think because we mixed it with the water from the ancho chiles – I tried it and then tried our friend’s version and their salsa was 100% better.  I didn’t really eat ours at all and we certainly didn’t package it up and take it home with us.

the groupThe last thing we made was the dessert.   We essentially made peanut, pumpkin brittle – it was pretty simple to make, you just had to make sure not to burn your sugar while it was melting.  Once it was in liquid form, you add butter and then add your pumpkin seeds and peanuts.

Pav rolling his brittle

Pav rolling his brittle

Finally the buzzer went off for our lamb!  Justin was gnawing off his arm at this point – the appetizer didn’t do much to satiate his hunger.  The lamb was served with rice that the chef made for the whole group.

finished product

The Finished Product

Notice the big pile of salsa.  I added another helping of our friend’s salsa and dipped my lamb in that.  The lamb was a tad overcooked, but the flavor was still tasty.  Overall this class was a great experience and I would recommend to anybody looking for something different to do with friends/significant others instead of just a regular dinner out.  I had fun making the dishes and may even make our own peanut brittle at home again soon!



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This weekend is Capital Pride here in D.C. and I live in the best neighborhood for it. (LGBT Pride Month is all of June, just FYI). Yes, there are rainbow flags everywhere. And yes, there are many gay men and women running around drunk, some dressed in very unique costumes (yes, the theme was superheros), but that isn’t what this month is about. I think it is about equality and recognizing that love does not discriminate.

Check out this article from the Washington Blade, with 8 perspectives on the LGBT rights movement, including one from my friend Gautam (who I ran into later at the parade!).

My friend and I came back from the brewery and decided to just take in the scene on my corner. We filled up a cooler with beer, grabbed a blanket and sat under a tree, watching the performances at Tortilla Coast. The parade eventually made its way down P street so we took in all of it and then took a break for dinner before walking through the parade some more. I love seeing all the different organizations showing their pride. Amazing.  I love you, D.C.

iPhone photos 5.28.13 022

iPhone photos 5.28.13 021

iPhone photos 5.28.13 019

iPhone photos 5.28.13 020

Before getting my party on, I went to the gym did a strength training circuit courtesy of Julie. It was a tough one but went by really quickly and was the perfect add-on to a quick 20 minute elliptical warm up. The entire workout took me 45 minutes.

1000 Rep Workout

I also did a thorough cleaning out of my closet and donated three bags of clothes. I’ve been trying to clean out my closet more often and really be honest about items I don’t wear anymore. I owe a lot of clothes. A lot. (Though I’m sure I’m not the only guilty one…) And not only is it nice to be a little more simplified about things but also great to donate to those who can really use them. Spring/summer is a great time to take a look and clean things out. Plus, it feels great. DIY therapy 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. I just went to a lovely bridal shower and am now off to a Hawaiian reception. Not your typical Sunday, that’s for sure.


Thursday’s workout: None
Thursday’s meals highlight: Shake Shack
Friday’s workout: None
Friday’s meals highlight: Homemade tacos
Saturday’s workout: 20 minute elliptical + 45 minute strength training circuit
Saturday’s meals highlight: Thai for dinner

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