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Sticking to the Plan

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Instead of hitting up happy hour last night, I stuck to my plan to go for a run directly after work and I’m so glad I did. I ran exactly 5 miles. I usually never run the exact mileage I’m aiming for, so for once, I hit my goal precisely. And my run felt good. Once I got into a good groove, I really felt like I could have gone much longer but I knew it wasn’t smart. Plus, it was getting late. Stats below…I swear I was moving faster than this but the app don’t lie. I didn’t follow my triathlon training plan for the night which was to bike for 30 minutes. I had planned to do it after my run but I ended up getting home a lot later than I anticipated and just didn’t have it in me to continue my workout. It happens. It’s week 1. Brushing it off…

When I got home, I made a quick dinner of a microwaved sweet potato topped with salsa (sensing a food theme here this week?) with a side of hummus and carrots. I also went back to an old favorite and microwaved some semi-sweet chocolate chips and proceeded to dip banana bites into the melted chocolate. Hello heavenly dessert! I of course took no pictures of any of this because I had to scarf it all down immediately.

I was kind of bummed there was no new TV on last night. I have no books to read right now. I need to download something to my Kindle before I head up to NYC this weekend. Any good book recommendations?


Tuesday’s workout: 5 mile run
Tuesday’s meals highlights: Nothing special!

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Bring Me All the Amenities

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So, first there was some of this last night.

I use my sneakers for sneaking.

And then there was some of this.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

It’s true. Triathlon training has begun!

I belong to a nice gym that is pretty expensive but directly across the street from my apartment. I’m paying for convenience. True story. I pretty much use my gym to attend classes and use the treadmill. Well last night I finally used the pool and realized I’ve been missing out on some pretty nice amenities. Let’s start with the pool experience though.

My gym has two small pools that have a current you swim against. It was really weird to use it for the first time and I had to adjust the current 4 times before getting it to the right strength (not sure that’s the right word there but you get the idea). I had 30 minutes of swimming on my training plan for the night and let me tell you…it was BORING. I had been swimming for what felt like forever and I looked up at the clock and only 10 minutes had gone by! I couldn’t do a workout. I couldn’t count laps. There were no flip turns to spice things up. I ended up counting my strokes which was lame. I counted 300 freestyle strokes and then 100 breast-strokes and then repeated. I made it to 25 minutes before getting a super painful foot cramp. I had to stop. I just couldn’t complete the last 5 minutes of the workout in that pain.

Right after I swam I used the suit dryer in the locker room (awesome!!) and took a shower. Yes, I know, I live not even a block away but it was super easy to take a shower right there, change into what became my PJs (t-shirt and sweatpants) and go home to make some dinner. The shower felt very spa-like with the products I used and it was nice to go home all clean. I also have my eye on the sauna which was very popular last night. Why on earth haven’t I used it yet? I need to get my money’s worth!

Before I swam, I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill at a 10:00 minute mile pace. I took it easy. Treadmill running is always so hard for the first 10 minutes and then once I get warmed up and going, I feel like I could have run forever.

I’ll be honest, I feel proud that I completed the entire workout on day 1 of the triathlon training program. It’s going to be tricky to balance it with the Cherry Blossom training, as I still need to keep my running mileage up. I’m aiming for a run tonight and tomorrow and some biking thrown in there as well. We’ll see how that all shakes out.

My dinner was pretty boring last night but I am trying to introduce Greek yogurt back into my diet. Good thing my co-worker had some granola for me to add on this morning. I am just NOT a yogurt person. I need to admit it and move on with my life. Just saying.


Monday’s workout: 30 minute treadmill run + 25 minute swim
Monday’s meals highlights: The discovery of the microwaved sweet potato with black bean & mango salsa on top.

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I have been a complete slacker and have not posted a lot lately and for that I apologize. Thank you Stephanie for carrying this blog for the two of us!    I’ve had a few things I wanted to post about, but never really got my act together.  My act is not completely together for this post, but there are two photos and a few other things I wanted to share.

I really want to own this bag:


I have hesitated in purchasing it because I could carry a different bag to work for an entire month and not repeat.  But, who I am kidding, it’s always fun to switch out a new bag!

I came across this site today and think it is so lovely.  These two outfits had me immediately researching how I can purchase.

Sadly, there are no stores in the U.S.  And probably lucky for me, it does not appear that you can order items online.

I did the longest run of my life yesterday, 8 miles. I know it’s not really that long, but it felt good – until the very last mile, I’m not even sure I was lifting my legs up at that point.   I might tackle 10 miles this weekend, I’m only supposed to do 9 and then 10 the following week, but I would be attempting the 10 post red eye from Seattle, so maybe just do it this weekend when I’m well rested?!

I watched the Oscars at my sister’s house complete with a heaping bowl of very yummy popcorn and Georgetown Cupcakes.  I didn’t see all the movies I wanted to before the show, but I did finally watch The Artist.  I really wanted to see it since everybody was talking about how it would be the star of the night.  It, in fact, was the star.  I liked it and thought it was entertaining and had a good story.  But I didn’t love, love love it.  I was also bummed that George Clooney did not win best actor for The Descendants.  I did end up watching Undefeated this weekend. I knew it was up for best documentary, but didn’t know if it had a chance to win.  It’s a great story of a football team trying to overcome their obstacles in order to win some games.  I recommend!

I am checking out this place for drinks tonight with a friend. I’m mostly excited to order french fries…




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A Little of This, A Little of That

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Green curry thai shrimp...for lunch last week. Homemade. Baller.

Dinner with the fam.

Sunday breakfast.

Only way to watch the Oscars.

Finished this...

Today's lunch - microwaved sweet potato topped with black bean & mango salsa. Yes, please.

Oh, I’m also officially triathlon training as of today so I swear I’m actually going to start working out again and talking about it. Pinky swear.


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Fashion Friday: The Best Oscar Dresses of All Time

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Well…according to me. Enjoy! Hope you plan on sipping champagne and eating some delicious finger foods on Sunday evening.

Simple, elegant, carefree. I wish more current actresses wore similar looks on the red carpet.



Perfect fit. Love that she's wearing kitten heels.

A great twist on classic black and white.

Red is her color.

This might be my all time favorite red carpet look of all time.


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Meet Me in St. Louis

Posted on February 23, 2012. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I spent my weekend in St. Louis to visit my best friend Kim, her husband, Brandon and their son, Everett.

The last time I visited St. Louis  in 2008, we went up to the top of the Arch, we didn’t do that again this time, but we drove right by and I couldn’t resist snapping a quick pic, I think it is so beautiful!

However, the highlight of the weekend was for sure this guy!

Everett just turned 7 months old today. Happy 7 months to you!  It was a SO awesome to be able to spend the weekend with him and his parents.  Kim and Brandon have settled into parenthood perfectly and Everett is so lucky to have them.

I was able to sneak in a 10k “race” while in St. Louis. I actually switched up my mileage for the weekend. I was scheduled to do 8 miles and the 10k race this coming weekend, but I opted for the rest day on Saturday and the “race” on Sunday.  I’ll tackle the 8 miles this weekend while I am not traveling.

My knee hurt, of course – I’m getting used to the pain now for every run.  Lucky for me, I had some pals to keep my company while I iced my knee.

Have you ever heard of “in bread cats?”  Well, I had seen a picture once, but didn’t realize it had a name. We decided it might be fun to try with Lucy (the sweet cat above).  No animals were hurt during the making of this photo, but I have to admit (and you can probably tell from the photo) she didn’t really enjoy it.

In Bread Cat

Yes, we are all 12 years old!

I had such a wonderful time in St. Louis and I look forward to seeing Kim, Brandon and Everett again very soon. It’s such a treat to be able to get to know their sweet little boy!  Thank you guys for a fantastic weekend!



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Adulthood + The 3.97 Mile Run

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My week was interrupted by a small family emergency on Tuesday night that led me to miss work on Wednesday. It was one of those moments when I found myself saying, “When did I become a real adult?” Those moments are popping up more frequently now and I need to remind myself that I’m almost 30 and officially an adult. Oh my.

In other less depressing and intense news, the colored jeans I ordered from GAP arrived and the tall size is perfect. I love them. And in typical me fashion, I already want more even though I haven’t worn the one pair I own out of the house yet. I just love a good purchase, I can’t help it.

I also got back on the running wagon on Tuesday night (though immediately fell off of it last night) and went for a run with my co-worker. We were both grumbling about running but decided to do 4 miles. Check out our stats below.

3.97 miles! We got back to the office and decided that we were close enough to 4 miles to call it a night.

No running last night or tonight but I’m determined to get in a good long run this weekend.


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Weekend Warrior

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Lunch from one day last week.

Whole Food Real Garlicky Raw Kale. SO good. SO garlicky.

Sunrise Sandwich at Whole Foods...sensing a grocery store theme here?

Wild and crazy weekend visitors!

New favorite place?

I did not eat any of these.

400 pages into this 600 page book. It's SO good.

Coffee at home in the morning, in pjs, is so much better than Starbucks.

And then I built this. Do you have it?


After not working out on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, I finally got back into the swing of things with RX and some treadmill time on Saturday…and then promptly took off Sunday and Monday. An outdoor, post-work run is on the docket for tonight!

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Chai Spice

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It is no secret that I love a good chai latte treat from Starbucks every now and again.  Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of other chai flavored treats around, including the chai spiced whoopie pie that I had from au bon pain today.  I also noticed some chai spiced oatmeal at Whole Foods, but I was hesitant to spend the money on an entire box in case it wasn’t to my taste.  I also just came across this recipe today and need to attempt to make my own chai spice muffins!

I’m gearing up for a fantastic weekend in St. Louis with my dear friend, Kim and her beautiful son, Everett.  As I write this, I just reminded myself I need to take my camera to capture all his cuteness!  I’m ending the week with a whole lotta chocolate and some lovely red wine. I may or may not have had half the bottle.

I’ve already eaten an entire box of Zoe’s that we got at Whole Foods.  Zoe’s is a little chocolate shop in Frederick, MD (and Waynesboro, PA). Justin and I actually tried them for the first time over a year ago, when we made a trip to Frederick to find our wedding florist.  When I discovered they were selling their chocolate at our local WF, I was psyched.

We are currently catching up on all the week’s shows – including some American Idol in Las Vegas.   I am putting off packing until the very last minute.  In true Addy fashion, I have a few “ideas” set out on what to pack, but nothing has made it into the suitcase yet.

In case anybody has been wondering, I have not watched Dolphin Tale yet. It was a toss-up tonight on whether to catch up on shows or watch the movie. My nephew has assured me though that it’s a fantastic movie. I look forward to watching it sometime next week or weekend!

Happy President’s Day weekend to all!




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Fashion Friday: Odds and Ends

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I bought these pants and love them. Good call, Addy.

I ordered these pants and am super excited about them. I had to order the tall because the regular fit just cut at my calves at a strange length. Fingers crossed they work out! (Who knew I loved GAP so much?)

I saw this on Capitol Hill Style and immediately wanted it. Are the 80s back? Again? I am going to look for it this weekend in a store.

Did you guys know it was Fashion Week in NYC? I feel like I totally missed it this year! I need to spend some time catching up with the blogs to see what trending and hot this season.

Have you guys made any good purchases lately?


P.S. I made this cake for my Aunt’s birthday today. I want to eat it right now.

Betty Crocker, is that you?

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