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Five Things Friday

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1. Pop Tarts and Donuts from Ted’s Bulletin for breakfast.


2. I really want to make my own homemade popsicles. I see recipes everywhere and they all look so good. This one I saw today from Smitten Kitchen and just looks so divine.  She has a butterscotch pudding popsicle post too!

3. I’m fully on the Breaking Bad train.  I didn’t really want to start watching it, but Justin started episode one the other day and ever since then I’ve been hooked.  We are almost through Season 2 and all day at work I think about watching another episode.


4. My sister gave me a new water bottle the other day.  A bkr bottle.   I love it, it’s super cute and I’m a sucker for a good new color for a water bottle.  My only problem with it is, I have to fill it up so much more than my trusty A Loft Camelbak bottle.  It does look so lovely on my desk. I have to resist re-building up my collection and ordering all the lovely colors they have.

water bottle

5. In less than 1 week we will know the gender of the baby!!  We aren’t doing a gender reveal – except, I might do something for a co-worker of mine.  I know we will just want to tell everybody right away and don’t want to wait to share the news!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


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Fashion Friday AND Some News

Posted on August 23, 2013. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I’m excited to finally bring the news out on District Delights that Justin and I are expecting a baby in January 2014!!

We are extremely excited and slightly terrified at the same time.  I think you can prepare all you want, but you never really know what hits you until it does – all in a good way!

I’ve been following along with And Her Little Dog Too who is the same number of weeks along as me and it’s been wonderful to compare her updates to how I am feeling.  I, on the other hand, have not taken the time to write down how I have been feeling week by week.

Overall, I’m feeling really great and didn’t suffer too much through the first trimester.  I never experienced morning sickness – only evening sickness actually.  I haven’t been running much at all and in fact, I didn’t run that trail half marathon back in June because I knew I was about 8 weeks pregnant and didn’t think I could even make a 5k at that point.   I did a 3 mile run/walk the other day and it felt great, but haven’t been able to replicate it since.  I am signed up for a 5k in September and plan to run/walk that one too.  I’ve stuck with TRX and the Barre Assets classes and general lifting on my own when I’m feeling up to it.   I want to continue to stay active throughout my pregnancy and hope that my body allows me to do it!

Now for the fashion!  This is last night in my first official maternity purchase. Truth be told, it’s a little big, but it’s so comfortable and I am struggling to squeeze into my pants now. I haven’t gotten one of those pregnancy band things, which I could benefit from, I think!

photo 2(1)

Dress from ASOS.  I have been browsing their site every day to see what else I might want to buy.  There are a lot of cute, affordable dresses and some cute shirts too!

photo 1(2)

Shoes: Cole Haan Wedges

Belt: J. Crew…I think.

Have a Happy Weekend!



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West Coast Fun, Part 3

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After the adventures on the mountain, we stopped by the groom’s BBQ. He had cooked up a ton of awesome food and we chilled on the porch with some beers and enjoyed. It was a the perfect lunch we needed post-hike. The rest of the afternoon was spent by the pool and then it was time to get ready for the wedding.

The ceremony took place outside with the most stunning backdrop I’ve seen. The weather was PERFECT. Seriously, it could not have been any better. In front of a blue sky and shimmering water background, my two friends said their vows in a sweet ceremony.



Following the ceremony, we walked over to the reception area and enjoyed cocktails and appetizers outside before moving inside for dinner, drinks and dancing. The food was delicious, the decorations were beautiful and the DJ was awesome. It was such a fun wedding! I really had a blast and loved every moment.

Rocking my Rent the Runway with the gorgeous bride!

Rocking my Rent the Runway with the gorgeous bride!

The lovely tall centerpieces!

The lovely tall centerpieces!

Congrats again to Rory and Ally!

After a very late evening, I was up early on Sunday to catch the ferry with some friends. We waited 2.5 hours for the ferry and headed straight to the Eagles Salmon BBQ for a quick lunch after we disembarked. From the BBQ we drove to Woodinville for some wine, vodka and whiskey tasting. There are 31 wineries in a little industrial area of Woodinville, making it super easy to walk around and enjoy a bunch of tastings. We did one wine tasting at Eye of the Needle.

439We then headed off to Project V Distillery for some vodka tasting. It is family run and a really cool, eclectic place. We tasted a chai vodka that was very unique.





And our final stop was at Woodinville Whiskey. I already knew I liked their whiskey because I enjoyed a great glass of it on Friday night at the wedding!


We then headed into Seattle to the Ballard neighborhood to get some oysters at the Walrus & the Carpenter. It was one of the best meals I’ve had in a really long time. We started with two dozens oysters and also enjoyed the salmon tartare and the smokee trout. Holy crap was everything delicious! The oysters were so fresh and just out of this world. The salmon tartare was creamy and decadent and the smoked trout was a combination of many different flavors that brought the dish alive. Man, oh man, it was good. We ended up getting an addition dozen oysters of our two favorites kinds after we fished the other dishes. They were just too good not to get more!


Smoked trout with capers, creme fraiche, onion and walnuts.

Smoked trout with capers, creme fraiche, onion and walnuts.

Salmon tartare with celery root, caraway and walnuts.

Salmon tartare with celery root, caraway and walnuts.

It was seriously the perfect ending to my trip. Full of delicious seafood, I headed to the airport for my red-eye flight. Once I landed in Dulles, I hopped a cab to Union Station where I had some breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien and had a nice visit with Addy. Woo! It was great to see her and catch up for a bit. I miss her!

Smoked salmon breakfast - so good!

Smoked salmon breakfast – so good!

The final leg of my trip was a train back to NJ. I arrived pretty tired and spent the rest of the day unpacking, doing laundry and resting up. I head off to Richmond this weekend for a quick trip with friends. I have been doing a lot of travel but I’ve been enjoying ever minute of it. Check out this post from Buzzfeed for a little travel inspirtation 🙂


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West Coast Fun, Part 2

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After two great days in Bellingham, I parted ways with my friends and drove an hour to Anacortes to catch the ferry to Orcas Island, where the wedding was being held. I waited about an hour and a half for the ferry and then the trip on the ferry took a little over an hour. We stopped at Lopez Island and then went on to Orcas Island.


Once off the ferry, I drove a quick 20 minutes – including through the super cute downtown – and ended up at the wedding location, Rosario Resort & Spa. The resort had a very “Dirty Dancing” type of feel to it with a main mansion, bungalows, and other little buildings. It was right on the water and had a marina filled with boats and the most amazing views.

The view from my room!

The view from my room!

Hello, beautiful!

Hello, beautiful!

Once I settled in a bit, I headed to the Casacade Grill for some lunch. I enjoyed some fish tacos, potato salad and a cold beer. It was all delicious and totally hit the spot.


After lunch, two of my friends called me and said they were headed to Mountain Lake for a swim and asked if I wanted to join them. The rest of our friends were out on a whale watching tour (no, they didn’t see any Orcas – sad!) and I was ready to enjoy some of the island so I went along for the fun. The lake was absolutely stunning and the water was refreshing and so clean and clear. We swam for over an hour! We joked about swimming across the lake and then suddenly we were almost there so we just went for it.  Once on the other side, we found a giant log and spent a good portion of time just messing around with it, which I know sounds crazy, but it was really fun. My friend’s husband even managed to do a few flips off of it! It was a great way to start the trip on Orcas.

Following the swim, we got all cleaned up for a welcome event that night in the mansion. The reception had heavy hors d’ouves and drinks and was a great way to kick off the wedding. Everyone from out of town mingled and then headed outside for a bonfire. Great way to end a night!


We were all up early on Saturday morning and headed out for a drive up Mt. Constitution to take in the views. First stop was the local farmer’s market and some breakfast at Brown Bear Bakery. I enjoyed a coffee, some quiche (with goat cheese and smoked salmon) and part of a butterscotch cookie.






We then headed down to the falls and then did a walk around the lake, which worked up a good sweat.









I have a lot more to share so I am going to make this a 3 part series…


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West Coast Fun, Part 1

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Just over a year ago I had the opportunity to travel out to Washington state for the first time to attend a wedding and I had a blast. This past weekend, I went back to Washington for another wedding and a whole new adventure. My trip started out with a train ride from NYC to D.C. I had booked my flight back in May and it was just too pricey to change it to a local airport so I used a train voucher I had and said hello to my old digs for a few hours. When I arrived in D.C. I was immediately welcomed by a very humid evening – something I do not miss – and headed straight to a friend’s house for the night. It was weird not to be headed back to my apartment, I have to admit it!

The next morning I was up bright and early and took an UberX out to Dulles for my flight to Seattle. After landing in Seattle I headed straight to the rental car terminal and picked up my Chevy Impala for the next 5 days. I got on I-5 and headed to Bellingham where I was going to spent two nights with my friends who were married last year. A little over two hours later (and a few wrong turns), I arrived in Bellingham, WA. Bellingham is a really quaint city north of Seattle and pretty close to the Canadian border.  After a short nap, we headed out for some drinks at Archer’s and some dinner at Bayou on Bay. I had a delicious Bloody Mary (with a beer back!) and some shrimp etouffe.

Get. In. My. Belly.

Get. In. My. Belly.

The next morning we hit the road for Mt. Baker to go on a hike. The weather wasn’t ideal but the top of the mountain still has some beautiful views.










I'm totally talking in this picture because we were being attacked by flies.

I’m totally talking in this picture because we were being attacked by flies.

While it wasn’t the nicest day, it was great to get out for a short hike and enjoy the sites of Mt. Baker. We wrapped up my trip with a few drinks at Elizabeth Station, which is a really cute beer/convenience store, dinner at Kuru Kuru and then some more drinks at Boundary Bay Brewery. Overall, it was a really great visit with my two friends. I loved staying at their house, which was so freakin’ adorable, and checking out their city. I can’t wait to go back for another visit!

Part 2 of my trip to follow tomorrow…


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Triathlon Training: Week 7

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Um….this 7th week did not happen. Like, not one workout. Though I am kind of going to count and hour-long swim in a lake and two hikes while away in WA last week as some damn good workouts (trip highlights to come in another post!). Even though there are only three more weeks until the race, I am spending the next two weekends out of town soaking up the rest of the summer and that’s just the way it is. I think wanting to spend time with my family at the beach and with friends I haven’t seen in awhile is OK to prioritize ahead of other things in life 🙂

To this week ahead and the next two! I’m excited that race day is around the corner and know that it will be a fun race.


Tuesday’s workout: 30 minute run
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Homemade pizza for dinner

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Barre Assets

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I attended my third barre assets class at Crunch the other night and while I’m no bar aficionado like Stephanie, I feel like I live vicariously through her and her experiences!  I actually only went to Bar Method one time with her, but I really enjoyed it and could completely understand and appreciate her addiction to it.

Once Crunch started offering bar classes, it took me a while to jump on the train, but I had a Monday off and made it to one of those morning classes.  It was a challenge and very similar to the class I took at Bar Method.

The last two classes I went to were taught by a different person and were also a challenge, but in a different way.  There was a lot more dancing involved in these classes and a bigger focus on specific ballet moves.  I am not graceful by any stretch and have never really taken a dance class in my life, but I just went with it.  I feel like I held my own throughout class.  I spied some serious dancers in the class and admired their gracefulness.  At the end of the first class she had us full out frolic and get down to the music.   And afterwards she said how proud we made her!  I took that to heart and instantly fell in love with her.  I went back for the second week and it was only slightly different (not near as much dancing) and still great.  I sort of hope to make this a routine each week and look forward to becoming even the slightest bit more graceful!



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Gabriel Allon

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Who is Gabriel Allon?

He is a fictional Israeli spy who I am obsessed with in the book I am currently reading.

I already mentioned that my long commute is the perfect opportunity to catch up on reading among other things and I have been reading like a maniac. I should also note that I am a speedy reader. I don’t read every word, I’m a skimmer. If I ever feel like I missed something and need to go back and read every single word, then I’ll do it. But, that doesn’t happen often. I browsed the NYT bestseller list and The English Girl caught my attention – it sounded similar to the James Patterson Alex Cross novels I’ve loved so much (though I still haven’t read every single one of them!) – so I purchased it. Well. Let me tell you. I flew through that book and immediately looked up the author to see if he had written more book and jackpot! I had just read book #13 in a series of novels all about my new favorite spy. I promptly downloaded the first two books. Quickly read book one and am now working my way through book two. Only 10 more to go….

So, thank you Daniel Silva for making my commute very enjoyable as I devourthe adventures of Gabriel Allon.


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Five Things Friday

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1. My co worker made this cake for another co worker’s birthday yesterday, so pretty!


2. Hard to not love this photo – I asked her to smile, this is her smile!


3. Tomorrow is Justin’s birthday and we are treating ourselves to massages.  Yes, that’s right, I get a massage on HIS birthday.  Happy Birthday to us!

4. My co worker left this for me yesterday morning.   The Braves swept the Nationals here in D.C. this week and needless to say he is a Braves fan.  The Nats didn’t go down without a fight in each game though!


5. I saw this post today – 15 Signs You’re a Recovering Swimmer – and thought it was pretty funny.  This one made me laugh the most :

7. Nothing will ever have the power to humiliate you like a DQ. 
So embarrassing! Like you didn’t even swim! You’re so grateful there are no disqualifications in Tree pose.
I especially feel that way about the Tree pose, if anybody would DQ at that, it would be me!
Happy Friday!


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Fashion Friday: My Next Rent the Runway

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I’m heading to Washington next week for a wedding which I am super excited to attend. I am ready to hit the road for another adventure to the Pacific Northwest. And you know I’m not traveling to WA to attend a wedding without a Rent the Runway 🙂 My dress will hopefully be waiting for me when I arrive at the wedding hotel on Friday (fingers crossed!).


I’m thinking yellow necklace, gold pumps and a hot pink pashmina 🙂



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