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Fashion Friday and Yearly Goal Check-in

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Guess what I’m doing this weekend? Attending a wedding 🙂 I am continuing to be Rent the Runway’s best customer and have rented yet another Shoshanna for this weekend. Shoshanna, I love you, wherever you are.

Shoshanna Ikat Swirl One Shoulder Dress

After a long week at work I missed three workouts in two days. I had planned to swim and run last night but I had too many things to do around the apartment before heading out of town today so I bagged my workouts. And then I woke up this morning feeling under the weather and didn’t go for my bike ride. I think I’ve caught whatever has been traveling around our office this past week and I’m hoping I can squash it with excessive hydration today so I can be a fabulous wedding guest tomorrow.

I’m also seriously considering buying clip in shoes and pedals before the race. I FINALLY made it to Haines Point (thanks, Addy!) for a ride this week and kept seeing all the other bikers whiz past me and I figured getting proper footwear would be a good start into becoming a better biker. We’ll see, just a thought I’ve been mulling this week.

I also wanted to check in with my goals for this year because it’s almost the end of June. Let’s see how it’s going!

By the end of January I will be meatless at least 5 days a week. Success! I will admit that I do not follow this every single week but I have been able to eat A LOT less meat since January. I tend to eat meat on the weekends when I’m out and about and indulging a bit more than during the week and I think it’s something I definitely want to continue.

By the end of March I will have paid off my Ann Taylor Loft and JCrew credit cards and canceled them. Success! Again, I will admit, my J.Crew credit card is still open (I have bought three bridesmaid dresses on them!) but the balance is currently $0. The Ann Taylor Loft card is dunzo!

By the end of June I will have completed the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and an Olympic triathlon and will be halfway to my goal weight. Success – er, kind of. Well I did complete the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (the longest race I’ve ever run) but because the triathlon was canceled, I won’t be completing my Olympic triathlon until August.

By the end of September I will have reached my goal weight. TBD

By the end of December I will have paid off at least half of my credit card debt. TBD

How are you all doing with your yearly goals? Have you already forgotten them? A couple of bloggers have posted about their 30th birthday goals. I think I’ll have to start thinking about what else I want to accomplish before I turn 30 in March and was great goals I’ll have for my 30th year. Let the brainstorming begin!

One goal that has been added to my list this year is to complete one race every month and so far, so good. My “year” will be the end of next February since I started this goal half way through 2012. Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far and what I have lined up:

March – St. Patty’s Day 8k – completed!
April – Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – completed!
May – Warrior Dash + Capitol Hill Classic 10k – completed!
June – Purplestride 5k – completed!
July – 1 Mile, 1 Meal 8k
August – Northeast Olympic Triathlon
September – need a race
October – need a race
November – Philadelphia Half Marathon
December – Jingle Bell 10k
January – need a race
February – need a race

So I have four months where I still need to find a race, it can be any length and could be a running race or a triathlon. Any suggestions?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wednesday’s workout: 1200 meter swim + 8 mile bike ride
Wednesday’s meals highlight: None
Thursday’s workout: None
Thursday’s meals highlight: None
Friday’s workout: None
Friday’s meals highlight: I think it’s about to be the veggie sandwich I ordered for a work lunch today from Five Guys – yum!

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A few things

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I want someone to make me this cake…because I don’t think I have the patience to make it for myself.

SO beautiful and SO patriotic!  In love.


I’ve been faithfully watching the Olympic Trials each night and here are a few of my fave moments so far:

Brendan Hansen and Eric Shanteau are going to London in the 100 Breaststroke!

Michael Phelps beats Ryan Lochte in the 200 free final – both going to London again.  While I am a little tired of the media hyping up their rivalry, I do look forward to London and watching Phelps continue to kick ass!

Missy Franklin qualifies for the Olympics in the 100 Backstroke.  Everybody assumed she would make the team, but after two days of the trials and a lot of talk about Missy, she finally qualified in the top position in the backstroke.  She beat out  Natalie Coughlin (she got 3rd and did not make it), but Natalie is such a class act and came over gave Missy a hug and kiss on the cheek.  It made me very teary!  More Missy tonight – in the 200 freestyle finals.

Happy Trials Watching!!


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Tween Stephanie

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1. I’ve been listening to a lot of Justin Beiber lately. I got hooked after watching him on the NBC special last week. Apparently, I’m a tween. #BELIEBER

2. My checking account was charged $535 instead of $5.35 for a can of hairspray I bought for the bride over the weekend at the hair salon. Naturally, my checking account is thrilled with this mistake. Customer service at a bank might be the worst experience ever, especially first thing in the morning.

3. I had a great swim this morning! I really did feel like I could have kept going for awhile and had planned to do 1500 meters but ended up doing only 1200. I was resting in between my second 100 (out of 5 to finish the set) and realized that there were 5 people in the lane! It had been challenging enough with 3 people in the lane throughout the entire workout…but 2 more people is just way too much for me. I hopped out at 1200 meters and called it a morning.

4. Writer/director Nora Ephron died yesterday. I have to say I loved all of her movies and especially loved her frank attitude about aging. Here’s the iconic scene from her movie When Harry Met Sally for your morning enjoyment.

5. I’ve had at least a dozen female friends have asked me to go to see Magic Mike.

6. This week I’m having a love affair with coconut curry.

7. I’m already mentally preparing to drive out to the Eastern Shore of Maryland on Friday night for a wedding this weekend. What should be a 2 hour trip will probably be twice as long due to beach traffic. Fingers crossed it’s a quick trip!

8. The heat is coming back to D.C. (and I think almost everywhere else) and I wish it would stay away a little longer. Logging a ton of workouts in this cool fall/spring weather is MUCH better than suffering through the humidity.

9. I think I should be named the new host of the Today Show. I mean, just a thought.

10. I really want to make these after How Sweet It Is posted them. I mean, I want to make all of the food she posts in general but just don’t have the patience or any of the ingredients.

11. I didn’t want to write an 11 but I have one more thing to say. Addy has TOTALLY given me Olympic trials fever and after attending an event last night I went home and watched the swimming trials that I have DVRed. I’m already getting emotional and it’s not even the Olympics yet! Needless to say, I am now officially beyond pumped up for the summer Olympics in London. Go USA!


Monday’s workout: 3.5 mile run
Monday’s meals highlights: Shrimp in coconut curry
Tuesday’s workout: Rest
Tuesday’s meals highlights: None

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Is it Monday already?! Oh man, what a weekend! Where do I even begin?

My drive up to NJ on Thursday was smooth sailing. There really is a huge difference between traveling on a Thursday versus a Friday in the summer time. So much less traffic!

Oh hello, gorgeous.

After settling in and walking on the beach for a bit, I suited up for my run and ended up doing a very slow 3 miles on the boardwalk. It was toasty out there and while there was a small breeze from the ocean coming through it was still a very hot run.

I look a little pained here…

But I finished the run and felt great afterwards! Plus, I figure with all the heat it was great training for the August tri.

Red faced but happy!

I managed to squeeze in some good beach time on Friday morning before heading off to being wedding festivities. It was so nice to relax on the beach and was hot enough for me to plunge into the ocean for a quick dip. Love it!

The rehearsal dinner was right on the beach and the perfect way to kick-off the weekend.

Me and the bride 🙂

The rest of the weekend was literally a whirlwind of drinks, food, nail appointments, hair appointments, make up, dresses and pictures. The weather was beautiful and luckily it cooled down a bit on Saturday after raining on Friday night.

Haute couture pose – so SJP.

My sister was also at her best friend’s wedding this past weekend so we sent each other picture’s of ourselves all dolled up. Yes, we do things like that!

Enjoying some “Call Me Maybe” and champagne on the trolley.

Loved the neckline of my dress!

Some of the highlights of the night for me were the appetizers at the cocktail hour – fried artichokes, raw bar, mini sliders, etc. – it was all so delicious – and the couple’s first dance which honestly made me more emotional than the actual wedding ceremony. Their interaction during the dance was just so sweet and it was a great moment. We spent out evening getting down with the band and sending the couple off (well down the beach and back) with sparklers. It was really just the perfect night and I was so happy to see my friend so beautiful and so excited.

Post-wedding hair…when I finally took out the bobby pins my hair was still crazy. I think there was hairspray, gel, powder and just about anything else you can think of in it to give it volume and make it stay all day.

Even though I spent the majority of the weekend bridesmaiding, I also fit in two bike workouts (Friday and Sunday). I did miss my long run on Saturday but I did get in 7/8 workouts for the week and feel good about them. I’m looking forward to kicking off week 5 tonight. I am shifting some workouts around this week but plan to get all of them in. 7 weeks to go!


Friday’s workout: 10 mile bike ride
Friday’s meals highlights: Meg’s homemade pasta salad
Saturday’s workout: Dancing at the wedding 🙂
Saturday’s meals highlight: Raw bar and appetizers at the cocktail hour
Sunday’s workout: 12 mile bike ride
Sunday’s meals highlights: Mixed green salad with cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic and blue cheese

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Olympic Fever!

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Happy Start of the Swimming Olympic Trials!!!   The Trials begin today in Omaha, NE and run through July 2.  The finals are on live at 8 pm every night!  Tonight we will get to watch both the men’s and women’s 400 IM and the men’s 400 free finals.   I have been stalking the USA Swimming website all morning to see who has qualified for the finals.  Ryan Lochte is ahead of Michael Phelps by 4 seconds – cannot wait to watch them race tonight!!!

I am definitely in full on Olympic spirit.  I didn’t watch any of the track trials this weekend, but I did read this article today and can’t believe these two ladies will likely have a run off at the end of the trials!

All weekend I was patiently awaiting Monday to get here so I could silently or not so silently obsess over the swimming events today and then watch tonight!

I still did enjoy the weekend.  Justin and I went to dinner at Ris on Saturday night. I’ve been wanting to try it out since it opened and glad Justin suggested we check it out.  Justin started with a grilled octopus salad. I tried a few of the greens and it was perfectly light and lemony.  I ordered two kinds of cheese to start, but they were nothing special – they were just like my selection of Whole Foods cheeses, I should have just gotten a salad or tried one of the small plates for something more interesting.

For dinner, I had the veal with risotto and broccoli rabe, a special for the evening.  It was tasty, had good flavor.  Was a tiny bit fatty, but that’s probably the nature of the meat, I had no trouble eating it all.

We finished the night with a fave of Justin’s, the butterscotch pudding.  I probably would not have chosen it, but it turned out to be fantastic because of the little cocoa crisps that were sticking out of it – not to mention the whipped cream was divine!

In a previous Five Things Friday post, I mentioned this dress, well I did end up buying it and I LOVE it!

It is the perfect weekend dress and so comfortable.  Online it looks much more yellowy than it does in person, but it’s still a great color.  I actually kind of want to buy another…red/gray, maybe?  Or blue and white with some red for the Olympics – that would be my dream dress right now.

Happy Swimming Trials Viewing/Stalking!!!



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Steady As She Goes

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So far week 4 of training has gone well…well except for the crazy heat but there’s nothing I can do about that. I had a really strong swim on Tuesday. And this morning, while I only did 600 meters (I woke up late!), I felt even better than I did on Tuesday. Getting back into swimming shape is just like getting into running shape – once you’ve consistently done it for two weeks, you’re back in it again. I’m also loving how close a full-size swimming pool is to me and the laid-back attitude of the YMCA. Even though I woke up 45 minutes late this morning I was able to get in a quick swim workout. 8 more weeks to go – slow and steady.

My bags are packed and my bike is in my car as I am headed up to NJ today for my best friend’s wedding. When I arrive tonight, I hope to get in a quick run to knock off the rest of my workout for the day. I also plan to complete the rest of my workouts for the week – a 10 mile bike ride, a 5 mile run and a 12 mile bike ride while up there. It will be done! I’m glad to be driving because man do I have a lot of stuff. It’s totally normal to bring a rolling suitcase, a purse and an extra bag filled with workout gear for a 3 day trip, right? 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Tuesday’s workout: 1000 meter swim + 3 mile run
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Shrimp and polenta
Wednesday’s workout: 10 mile bike ride
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Shrimp and polenta again!
Thursday’s workout: 600 meter swim

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A Banner Day

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I’ve been visiting the zoo a lot lately and it’s because we’ve been lucky to have so many friends visit who have children.  This weekend we experienced a major banner day at the zoo.  We saw the orangutans on the O Line.

From the Smithsonian National Zoo website:

The Orangutan Transport System, or O Line, consists of eight 50-foot-high (16.6 m) towers connected by plastic-coated, steel cables. At the lowest point, the cables are about 40 feet (13.3 m) off the ground. The entire distance of the O Line is about 490 feet (149.5 m). Tower 1 is in the outdoor orangutan yard at the Great Ape House. Tower 8 is in the outdoor orangutan yard at Think Tank. The towers in between are outside the confines of the animal yards, and the O Line crosses Olmsted Walk twice.

I’ve always heard about people seeing the orangutans crossing the O Line, but had never seen it for myself. I highly recommend checking it out!

In addition to seeing this, we heard the male lion roar…a  lot (which I had seen before), but still an awesome thing to catch. And we saw the one tiger pacing in the water – back and forth for a long time.  He looked hungry – and looked like he had his eye on some zoo visitors.  I was hoping we’d see a zookeeper throw him some food!  The last really awesome thing we saw or partially saw was a python wrapped around a white rabbit.  I didn’t see him eating it, but it was clear that he had a rabbit in his grip.  Truly a banner day.

In addition to visiting the zoo with our friends, we went down to the National Mall and visited the Air and Space Museum – it was a mad house and we lasted all of 20 minutes there – 10 of which were in the gift shop.  We checked out the National Museum of the American Indian and snapped this photo of the Capitol.   The American Indian museum had a fantastic kids activity center.  I didn’t even know about it before going, but it turned out to be perfect for the 3 and 9 year old we were entertaining.

After we had our fill of museums, the kids got some ice cream.   Thanks for a great visit Turner family!

In other news, Justin and I booked a trip to Burlington, VT today for my dear friend Sarah’s wedding.  I’m so so excited to 1. celebrate Sarah and Chris on their wedding day  2. take Justin to Burlington and show him my college digs. 3. eat New World Tortilla, my mouth is literally watering right now just thinking about it and  4. be in Vermont during peak foliage season – I haven’t been there during that time since college and it really is freaking beautiful!




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T is for Tuesday

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It’s time for some Tuesday Things:

1. I watched 23 innings of baseball live this past weekend and it was awesome.

2. I discovered the Bike Valet at Nationals Park and holy crap it’s awesome. You just ride on it, park it in the designated area, fill out a tag and go on your way to the game. It’s free of charge and you don’t have to lock up your bike. Seriously, awesome! I got home from the game in record time on Friday night.

3. I need some simple, rubber flip flops for the pool. I’m thinking Old Navy.

4. I joined the YMCA last week and left my fancy gym that was 1 block from my apartment. I left for the big pool, I admit it 🙂 And I went swimming this morning for the first time there and it was great! The place is HUGE with 7 floors filled with a basketball court, squash courts, a climbing wall, etc. And it’s $20 cheaper a month than my old gym and there is no contract to sign (month to month right from the start). Needless to say I’m feeling pretty good about my change in facilities and am excited to continue exploring the Y.

5. I will cheer for the Nationals when they aren’t playing the Yankees but oh man, it sure was nice to see superstar Bryce Harper strike out 5 times on Saturday against Andy Petite. Bryce grew up a Yankees fan and wears #34 in honor of Mickey Mantle (3+4=7). Sorry, Bryce.

6. I am headed back to NJ this coming weekend for another wedding. It’s for my best friend and I am so excited to celebrate her marriage.

7. So like I said, I swam this morning and my training program called for 500 yards but I ended up doing 1000 meters and it felt really good. While I like following a training program sometimes I just need to do more or less than was it scheduled. I worked off a workout Meghann has posted a few days ago and made it my own.

8. I baked a chocolate cake last night with peanut butter frosting for a co-worker’s birthday. It took a lot of willpower not to eat all of the peanut butter frosting. So good!

9. I almost forgot! I ran a 5k on Saturday morning with a good friend who was in town for a wedding. We had so much fun! It was the Purplestride 5k and it benefited Pancreatic cancer research. There was a great showing and while most people were there to walk in teams there were still a good number of runners. It was a warm morning but we breezed through the race with a pace around 9:30. The funniest part was that neither of us brought a bag to check so we ended up just layering our newly acquired race shirts over what we had worn. It made for a hotter run for sure but worked out well. I also ran with my water bottle and think that I’m finally starting to get used to it. As I type this I realize I forgot to bring it for my run that I’m planning to do after work. Nice job, Stephanie.

Post-race. Oh hey, red face.

10. Why is it so hard to clean my apartment at night but in the morning I am energized to do it?

That’s all for now!


Friday’s workout: 8 mile bike ride
Friday’s meals highlight: Hot dog at the stadium
Saturday’s workout: 4 mile run
Saturday’s meals highlight: Sausage at the stadium
Sunday’s workout: None (I missed my bike ride for the day)
Sunday’s meals highlight: Rack of lamb cooked by Grandma
Monday’s workout: Rest
Monday’s meals highlight: Curried tofu salad for dinner

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Five Things Friday

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I had to wait at home yesterday for the HVAC repair man to come check out our A/C unit.  Turns out, he said he couldn’t find a problem with, so I’m not really sure what’s wrong.  Lucky for us – it has not been too hot out, so we’ve kept the windows open for the last couple of days.  This week will be the test of whether it actually does work or not.

This is what working from home looks like for me:

I just saw this dress online at Target and I think I want to buy it…I mean it is pay day after all.

My office mate had an estate sale at her home last week and she sent everybody in the office a preview.  I was coveting a retro bar set and today she brought it in for me.  I’ll be having my very own Mad Men cocktail reception soon.

Last night Justin and I saw the movie Where the Yellowstone Goes at the Arlington Draft House.  My friend, Hunter Weeks, is the producer and director of this movie (among other documentaries).  It was fun seeing him very briefly last night and I really enjoyed the movie.  His documentaries are always compelling because he interviews interesting people that he meets along the way.  In this film he and three other people set out for a 30 day float of the Yellowstone River.  I highly recommend it.  You can buy it online or it could be coming to a city near you – check it out!

Speaking of “Mad Men” I came across the 25 Things You Didn’t Know About “Mad Men” today. And while I think all are really fun to know, this one I keep thinking about as a something I’m glad I learned today.

**The father of Jared Harris (Lane Pryce) is Richard Harris – the man who played the original Dumbledore

Happy Friday!


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Fashion Friday: Bridesmaid Dresses

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For this week’s Fashion Friday post I thought I’d discuss bridesmaids dressing as wedding season is in full swing. I’ve been a bridesmaid 4 times so far and am in 2 weddings this year. There are a lot of positives and negatives to being in a wedding but I think when you are there on the wedding day standing next to your friends as they commit to one another, it’s a truly wonderful experience.

I don’t have a picture of the first bridesmaid dress I wore as I was a teenager in my cousin’s wedding and that was before Facebook 🙂

This was the dress I wore for my friend Katie’s wedding. I was the Maid of Honor and when all of the bridesmaids stood together with our flowers, we just looked so pretty. I had it altered a bunch and it didn’t really fit me perfectly, but I think it worked out well.

I wore this eggplant colored dress for my friend Beth’s wedding. I was the co-Maid of Honor. I felt so elegant in this dress!

I wore this blue J.Crew dress as one of 10 bridesmaids in my friend Kate’s wedding. We all carried different colored roses (mine were yellow) and looked like such a pretty rainbow when we all stood together. I also loved my side-ponytail for this wedding. It was perfect!

Next week I’ll be wearing this gorgeous J.Crew dress for my friend Meg’s wedding. We all had to do silk chiffon in the blue color but could pick our own style. I really love this one and am glad I picked it. Can’t wait to wear it!

And finally, I’ll be wearing this dress in October for my friend Amanda’s wedding. It’s also J.Crew (sensing a theme here…three blue J.Crew dresses!). I love that it’s a pattern – so different – and think we are going to look awesome!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I ended up buying a ticket to tonight’s baseball game as well and it looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous night. All I can say is, LET’S GO YANKEES!!


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