That time I went to acupuncture

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As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been trying to find a way to solve the issue I’ve been having with some pretty bad tension headaches. While I’ve been working with a doctor and trying some more traditional remedies, a couple of people mentioned that I should try acupuncture. Some co-workers mentioned a great place by work and an added bonus was that they were having a 2 for 1 GroupOn. Score!

So off to City Acupuncture I went and man, was I nervous. Someone sticking needles into me?! I really didn’t know what to expect besides that. City Acupuncture normally charges $40 per session and the way they get away with such a low price is that it is not private. There are around 15 beds in one big open room, with partitions separately each bed. I personally had no qualms with this but I guess most people have private room acupuncture, like getting a massage at a spa.

I was greeted by a receptionist in a very tranquil space and told to remove my shoes. I was then led to the back by my acupuncturist. She was very nice and had a great bedside manner. We discussed what was going on and I felt comfortable sharing personal details with her. She then explained what was going to happen and how I should feel during the treatment.

For my entire treatment I was lying face down. I was wearing loose workout pants that I rolled up past my knees and a tank top. She started by putting needles in my feet and hands. The ones in my hands hurt a bit at first but the pain disappeared very quickly. She then started to put needles in my neck, shoulders and back. Sometimes I would really feel the needle and other times I felt absolutely nothing. It was very interesting!

She then covered me with a thin foil blanket (like the ones you get post-race) and I laid there for about 30-40 minutes. I could feel an all-over radiating throughout my body but was in no pain. She then returned and took out all of the needles and moved on to cupping. Remember when Gwenyth Paltrow showed up at some red carpet with weird marks on her back?


Well, that’s what I had done and honestly, it wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t have the cupping where they use heat and fire under the cups (crazy sounding, I know), but instead had dry cupping which is more therapeutic. The acupuncturist used about 6 cups on my shoulders and back. She twisted them so there was some suction and left me there for another 10 minutes. It was a really weird feeling but I still felt relaxed and the 10 minutes flew by. Once the cups were removed, there was some massage with lemongrass oil and then the treatment was done. It was over and hour and went by in a flash and I felt relaxed the entire time.

Today I went back for my second treatment and plan to continue going to work through these tension issues. The day after my first appointment, I felt the best I had in a long time and it continued for the next few days. I’m hoping continual treatment will help me find freedom from my pain.

Read more about the benefits of both acupuncture and cupping.

This is just about my experience so please don’t take any of it as medical advice!




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