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It’s been a week. With the emotional that Monday’s events brought combined with the numerous threats at work today (anyone who works in DC knows what I’m talking about), it’s time for some positive thoughts. Some serious positive thoughts. There is a lot of bad out there in the world, that is unfortunately proven time and time again. But I also believe that there is definitely more good and that the overwhelmingly good in people will shine through, even in the worst of circumstances. I thought I’d share some good tonight. Sure, some of it is silly, but sometimes it’s the little things in life that really lift us up.

1. Did you have some good news today? I hope you did and I hope you can share it! Mary started her day off with good news and I loved reading her post this morning to start my day.

2. Babies Wearing Capes

3. Yankee Stadium + the Red Sox + 3rd inning + Sweet Caroline = goodness

4. I had a really great connection with a newish co-worker today.

5. I am LOVING this recipe by Tina. GET. IN. MY. BELLY. I may be eating it right now and already have plans to have it for dinner at least two nights next week.

6. I bought a new pair of shoes. On sale. Boom.

7. Restorative yoga rocked my world tonight. I left work later than I had hoped (surprise, surprise) and went to Yoga District. I bought two classes for $10 (new student special) and took their ReBoot class tonight. It consisted of 30 minutes of vinyasa then some deep held stretching and ended with 20 minutes of savasana with props. The class was totally packed (I touched a few of my neighbors) but I loved every minute of that 75 minute class. I loved all of the different sections of class, the music, the poses, the stretching, the talking the instructor did, and even the scent she put on my forehead. It was a real breakthrough in the yoga universe for me and I am so glad I went to that class tonight. I walked home with a pep in my step and felt a light, looseness all over.

8. I go home to NJ tomorrow because MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED! Have I mentioned that? 🙂

9. A high school classmate wrote a beautiful piece that I shared on Facebook and I’ll share again here. Read it. She’s a beautiful writer.

10. Today my goddaughter turned 1. I can’t to give her a HUGE hug tomorrow.

I hope you all had some good news today, some positive thoughts, some silly things that made you smile. Please share them in the comments – I’d love to hear from all of you!


Monday’s workout: 60 minutes Zumba
Monday’s meals highlight: Tina’s recipeTuesday’s workout: Dance party with a friend
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Homemade taco salad + white wine spritzers (hence the dance party…)
Wednesday’s workout: 75 yoga
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Tina’s recipe again!

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