That time I accomplished a fitness goal

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Big news – I’ve actually already completed one of my fitness goals for 2013! I know, right. It was actually super easy. All I had to do was attend a yoga class and I did this morning at the Y. It was called A.M. Yoga and was from 7:00 – 8:00 a.m.

When I arrived there were only two other people in the big room. I saw they had mats, blocks and straps so I grabbed all of those things as I walked in. The lights were off and remained off for the rest of the class. As soon as I set up my mat, we (yes, just the three of us) dove right in. My second yoga class ever had begun!

I’m not exactly sure what type of yoga we practiced this morning but we started off with some simple stretching and breathing. For about 40 minutes we really worked – moving through downward dog, plank, lunges, warrior/warrior 2, mountain pose, child’s pose, and dolphin (I may be forgetting a few!). She let a lot of things be “yogi’s choice” and I was very conservative with my movements. Instead of working through a vinyasa from plank to downward dog, I just went straight to downward dog, focusing on my form there. As I worked my butt off (I was sweating insanely!), I kept reminding myself to breath and that it’s OK that I couldn’t do everything. In fact, I actually took a few breaks in child’s pose when I found my arms and legs to be shaking.

The instructor asked us at the beginning of class if we had any injuries and if we did not want hands on adjustments. When she first came over to me to adjust my downward dog, I told her it was my second time taking yoga. She gave me good attention throughout the class but it didn’t feel overbearing. She helped me transition between warrior and warrior 2 and was very supportive. I also appreciated that she gave modifications for some moves and told us when to use the blocks. While I was working hard and learning the entire time, I didn’t feel lost.

The only pose I definitely couldn’t manage was dolphin. From a forearm plank, she wanted us to walk our feet is so our bodies were making an inverted V. There was so no way I could get into that pose! Hello, child’s pose 🙂

After the 40 minutes of constant movement, we slowed down and did some concentrated stretching which I really enjoyed. And finally, we went into savasana which was extremely relaxing.

Overall, I really enjoyed the class. I don’t think I’m going to run off to become a yogi, but I do like the idea of working more yoga into my life and concentrating on stretching more and increasing my flexibility. I am so focused on cardio and strength and it might be helpful to have a little more variety.

 As for the rest of my 2013 fitness goals – let’s see how’s they’re going so far:

  • Complete races in January and February to finish my year of one race a month – January race completed, February race on the 17th
  • Run a faster Cherry Blossom 10 miler (last year’s time was 1:39:11) – started training
  • Complete two sprint triathlons – picked my spring race (haven’t signed up just yet), need a second race in either the spring or fall
  • Do a 5 minute plank – up to 1:08
  • Try yoga – COMPLETED

How are YOUR 2013 fitness goals going after one month?

I’m disappointed with myself that I didn’t take advantage of the beautiful weather earlier today by getting my short run in before yoga and now it’s raining like crazy. Another late night at work and the closest treadmill a 10 minute walk in the pouring rain? Sorry, run, you are just NOT happening. Adjusting my SIDI, I am now planning to run tomorrow morning and instead of attending BodyPump at the Y, I will do my own strength-training/ab work at home. I am determined to make my first week of training a success!


Wednesday’s workout: 60 minutes yoga
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Um…

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