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Post Half Marathon Eating

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I basically have not stopped eating since the half marathon ended.  I had been dreaming of the cheese steak the moment I signed up for the race and I was not disappointed.

Truth be told, I don’t totally remember how it tasted, I ate it so quickly!  But the cheez whiz and spicy mustard combo was perfect!

Sunday night, we got Mexican take out from Guapos which is right across the street from our apartment.  While I don’t think this is the best Mexican food around, it doesn’t get more convenient.

cheese enchilada and chicken tamal

On Monday afternoon, I was in downtown D.C. very close to Shake Shack and couldn’t resist the thought of getting a cheeseburger and cheese fries!

Let the eating continue through the rest of the week with Thanksgiving!


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Philly Half Marathon

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My second half marathon is done, it did not come with a PR like I was secretly hoping; however it did come with a lot of enthusiasm, happiness and a tear or two.  We got to Philly with no problem at all, got our packets, ate some lunch at Reading Terminal Market, stocked up on some chocolate as an afternoon snack and caught up with a friend who was in town to watch her boyfriend run the marathon.

My parents and sister also came to town and Justin and I went to dinner with them at Chick’s Social Kitchen + Bar.  I found this restaurant on Open Table the week before and chose it because it was classified as Italian and actually had a reservation available at a decent hour.  The restaurant itself was in an older building and had a lot of old style charm to it, but the menu was contemporary and very tasty.  I didn’t eat much for lunch and neither did Justin and we were both ready to order every appetizer on the menu. We only ended up ordering 3 – a salad, the wings and the zucchini chips. I chose the tagliatelle pasta with goat cheese and asparagus.  Perfect amount of carbs and cheese.  I really liked this place and I’d totally go back if I happen to be in Philly again!

My Mom and Justin at dinner

After dinner we went back to the hotel and I got all my stuff ready by the door. Justin made fun of me for taking a picture of this, but I couldn’t help myself.

I set my alarm for 5:30, but ended up waking up at 5 and pretty much every hour before that. I was mostly nervous that I was going to miss my alarm and the hotel bed wasn’t all that comfortable.

I headed out the door at 6:00 am and walked to the start line. It was only about 20 minutes and I knew there would also be people from my hotel making the same exact walk. I was not alone.  I made it to the start line, took one photo of the Art Museum and my phone died.

Yo, Adriane!

I tried not too panic too much, I had already told Stephanie I was heading to our corral and hoped that I’d run into her and Katie there, thank goodness I did!

We crossed the start line about 15 minutes after the race officially started. I had on throw away sweat pants that I took off just in time. I also had a throw away hat on that I gave up before mile 2.  While it was really crowded throughout most of the race, I didn’t find it too difficult to get around people when needed.  I was running in the middle of the pack after mile 2 and spotted Justin on the right side. I totally cut a few people off to make it over to him. I surprised him so much, he never saw me coming!

I saw my parents and sister before mile 3, they had awesome glitter signs that said Go Addy, loved them!  Was so fun running into them too and I knew to look for everybody again around mile 5.  I did see my parents and sister again there, but not Justin – which I was bummed about because I really wanted to tell him how great I felt!  Seriously, miles 1-6 felt like nothing – easiest 10k of my life.   As I was running down Chestnut Street, easily the best part of the course for fan support, I saw a sign with my name on it in the air, I didn’t immediately dawn on me that the sign was for me, but then I saw my friend Emily attached to it and was so so happy to have seen her!!!

The crowd support definitely thins out after Mile 7 and the hills begin, this is a nasty combination. Around Mile 8, I wasn’t feeling as great anymore, I had a lot of pain in my left knee and my right leg, but I somehow kept up a steady 9:30 pace (according to my garmin).   The last two miles were brutal though and I just wanted to see the end.  As soon as we got back to the world of people cheering, I was happy to know I was finally close.  There were a ton of people lined up on the finish and I know I looked rough.  My parents saw me and called my name, Justin was there too, but I didn’t see him.  I crossed the finish line with my arms in the air, but pretty sure a tear in my eye too.  I think I was just overcome with emotion about being done/hurting so bad.

Justin found me after the finish line and it was relieved that I could just hug him and let out a few more tears on his shoulder.  I finished in 2:06:31, just 2 minutes shy of my first time and while I was hurting by the end of this race, I still felt strong and am ready to tackle another half in the very near future.

And now because this post was already too wordy – some lovely photos!

mustering up a smile


District Delights Half Marathoners!

My race support crew:

Here is to the next one!


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Philly Half Marathon Race Recap

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It happened. I successfully ran my first half marathon. Woo!

Let’s back it up.

On Saturday, Addy, her husband Justin, and our friend Will came to pick me up and we started our road trip to Philly. It was an easy drive and we arrived there in no time and headed straight to the expo.

We easily picked up our bibs and did a quick tour of the expo. It was SUPER crowded. We ducked our way out of there and headed across the street to the Reading Terminal Market to explore.

We’re ready!

For  those of you from D.C., the Reading Terminal Market is a jacked up Eastern Market and was filled with tons and tons of goodies – bakeries, sandwich shops, candy, etc. Again, it was very crowded in there but we made it to some seats in a diner and had a quick lunch. After lunch we decided we needed a sweet treat.  Salted milk chocolate caramel anyone?

Yes, please!

I may have also purchased a peanut butter, chocolate covered pretzel. Yes, yes I did and it was so good! We proceeded to wander around Philly a bit and just enjoyed the afternoon.


Addy and Justin chilling outside Starbucks.

Will and I then headed to NJ for the night to stay with our friend Katie and her family. Her mom cooked up the most amazing pre-race meal of mushroom pasta, chicken and shrimp, green beans, salad and garlic bread. It was all SO good. We loaded up on our carbs, chowed down on some mini cupcakes and watched Wet Hot American Summer. And then suddenly it was 5:15am and time to get ready for the race.

After getting dressed, having a quick granola bar and cup of coffee my nerves really started to kick in. Katie’s Dad zipped us back to Philly to the start line and we said good-bye to Will (he was headed to a faster corral) and went to find Addy. My some miracle we immediately found Addy when we got into our corral (especially since her cell phone had died). We huddled together and waited for the 7:00am start.

Don’t you just love my mock turtleneck?

Soon enough we were moving forward and could see the start line. And then, we were off! There were a ton of people and lots of spectators so it was a slow start but we were running. We tried to all stay together but Addy moved on after the first half mile and eventually Katie and I were separated around mile 4 or 5 (yes, I love my running buddy!). I felt like I was super excited the first 5 miles because I knew I was going to see my sister at mile 6. Sure enough around 6.2 I saw her on the left with her friends. I was so happy to have her in the crowd.

The first 7 miles of the race really flew by, even though my pace was all over the place. Around mile 7, the hills started to appear. Miles 7 – 10 were all hills but they were rolling and weren’t too bad except for the big hill at mile 9. During the hills I was definitely missing Katie by my side. Around mile 8, a woman took out her earphones and was asking me how many hills were left. I told her I thought we just did the last one. As we rounded the bend to see the biggest hill of all mile 9, we both started laughing and wished each other luck. I love the camaraderie of runners!

Once I pasted the 10 miles mark I thought to myself, “this is the longest you’ve ever run!” I also knew that I hadn’t trained past 10 miles so these last few miles were going to be a challenge. And oh boy they were. After coming down the big hill, the rest of the course was pretty flat with a few up and downs here and there. I felt like my legs were giving up on me. I was winded but my legs were just moving so slowly. I also felt really cold in my capris and short sleeve shirt. After sweating a ton during the first half of the race, I had cooled down so much. My thighs were frozen!

I kept thinking, I wish I was moving faster. And I really wanted to be moving faster but I just couldn’t. Everyone seemed to be speeding up and flying by and I felt like I was just getting slower and slower. The last 2.1 miles of the race were the hardest miles I’ve ever run in my life (yes, even including the triathlon). I kept trying to speed up, follow someone who passed me and envision the end but I just could not move faster. So then I just decided, slow and steady, take your time and get there when you can. I saw people walking or taking a break but I knew I would regret it if I stopped so I just kept going.

Just before mile 13 I heard my name and turned to see my sister again! I was so happy to see her and she totally gave me that extra edge I needed to finish strong. I think she could tell I was totally dying and it was great to have her support at that moment. Right as I saw the finish line, we split from the marathoners. I have no idea how those runners are able to mentally keep going after seeing so many people peel off toward the finish line. It’s really impressive.  When I saw the finish line in sight, I finally was able to pick up my speed and power through. As I was speeding up I could hear the announcer talking about marathon runners who had finished and looked over to my left to see then speeding their way in. Truly amazing.

I was totally beaming after crossing the finish line and really wanted to just high five someone but was surrounded by strangers. I was also COLD. I grabbed a foil blanket, my medal, some Gatorade and some water and went to find the rest of the group. We all found each other in no time and were chatting about the race. Everyone did well!

Sisters are the finish!

I parted ways with Addy, Justin, Will and Katie and my sister and I headed back to the car before swinging by Katie’s parents house for my massive suitcase. We drove home to NJ and surprised my mom who was expecting me on Thursday morning. Seeing your mom scream with happiness in her PJs is pretty awesome. I spent the rest of the day relaxing after eating the second half of my peanut butter, chocolate covered pretzel, some sour gummies and a massive turkey sandwich from my hometown deli. My mom made me a huge pot of lemon soup for dinner and it totally hit the spot. I also tried to chug as much water as possible, threw my compression sleeves on and iced my knees.

This morning I am feeling sore. Pretty much all over. I might need to go to yoga tomorrow with my mom 🙂

Overall, I’m so glad I did the half marathon. I enjoyed the race, and even though the last 2.1 miles were really tough, it was a great race. My time was 2:23:57. I”ll take it for my first half!

Maybe there is another one in my future? We’ll see!


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Fashion Friday: Sweater Weather

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time to bust out the sweaters. On Veteran’s Day I went to pick up a pair of shoes I had ordered at Payless and ended up doing a little shopping and found some really great sales – especially at H&M where they were having a buy 1, get 1 free on SWEATERS. What?! Who could resist?

I picked up my new black flats at Payless and a pair of over-sized pear earrings. A funky blouse at J.Crew (on sale!) and then some basic black leggings, a long cream open cardigan and a green & black striped sweater dress, all from H&M. It was a successful shopping trip and now I feel like I can cozy up in these two new sweater items as the weather becomes even chillier.


P.S. Race Day Outfit = Black Lululemon Run Free Capris, “I Love Sweat” shirt, sparkle skirt

Thursday’s workout: 3 mile run (the running tights are BACK)
Thursday’s meals highlight: Eh

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Half Marathons

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Stephanie just clued me into the fact that there is going to be an inaugural Nike Women’s Half Marathon in D.C. in April.   There is a lottery to enter and it hasn’t even opened yet, but I want to enter and want in!   Several years ago I had heard about the Nike women’s race in San Francisco and I wasn’t much of a runner then, but was intrigued by all the great swag…hello Tiffany running jewelry!  I knew that it wasn’t likely that I’d really travel to SF or many far places for a half marathon, so I’m super psyched that I’ll have the chance to enter here!

I experimented last evening with dinner and made some chicken with a honey mustard dipping sauce I bought from my nephew’s school fundraiser.  I think it made the house smell a little funky, but actually tasted pretty good. I topped it too with this smoky chardonnay salt, it was definitely way too salty- I am not sure what that salt would be used on, maybe a bigger piece of meat.  I also made roasted broccoli and put red pepper flakes and cayenne pepper on it – so spicy and good!

I am pretty pumped for the Philly Half this weekend.  I still am not sure about a PR for me, but I’m mostly just excited to run through a city that I have visited many times before as a kid, but haven’t been to in so long.  Not to mention, I’ve been craving a Philly cheese steak since the moment I signed up for the race, I’ve got my eye on Jim’s for post half cheese steaks!

I’ve done my last run before Sunday, now I just have to carbo and candy load – oh wait, just carbs, I mean!






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Sweet Potatoes & The Icky Run

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I’m currently eating sweet potatoes at my desk for breakfast and they sure are good. I microwaved one this morning, added some Earth Balance and some S&P. Delicious and a nice change up from eggs. But yes, I guess it is kind of weird that I’m eating sweet potatoes at my desk at 9:25am.

I broke my super long taper (ha, ha) by going on a 3 mile run on Tuesday. My Garmin wasn’t working (panic!) so I just did the 3 mile loop I know well and tried to take my time. I also didn’t wear appropriate cold-weather running gear and was a bit chilly during the entire run. It’s like I went two weeks without running and forgot everything I know about running. I went out way too fast on my super-fresh legs, then got winded, and slowed down a lot and pretty much felt crappy. I’m going to run tonight on the treadmill and do at least 4 miles and just take my time and then have two days of rest before the race.

Would I have liked to run the past couple of weeks and keep up with my training plan? Yes. Would I have liked to run more than 10 miles for my long runs (the longest I’ve ever run)? Yes. But you know what, I followed my training program extremely well and I know 100% that I can finish this race. Will it be my fastest race? Probably not. But after I cross the finish line on Sunday (with my sister cheering me on!!), I will have run the longest distance I’ve ever run in my life and that’s one hell of an accomplishment if you ask me.

Now back to food…I’m on day 3 of my spaghetti squash/turkey bolognese and I’ll be honest, I’m getting super sick of it. This is the problem when I cook large amounts of food and it’s just me. Who wants to eat the exact same thing for a week? Ugh. I’m going to make another batch of my Tuesday night dinner tonight – Alfresco sausage with sauteed apples and onions. I think I’m going to attempt to whip up some cauliflower mash tonight to go with it. We’ll see how that goes!

Thanksgiving is a week from today – what is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Mine is the gravy my uncle makes and (not shocking) sweet potatoes.


Tuesday’s workout: 3 mile run
Tuesday’s meals highlight: Sausage, apple & onion saute for dinner
Wednesday’s workout: Rest
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Spaghetti squash with turkey bolognese

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A Long Catching Up List

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1. I went to Ohio for the first time the other week and had a great trip. While I was there to work, it was still so much fun!

I love GOTV!

2. I enjoyed a delicious rabbit pappardelle dish on election night (and of course didn’t take a picture) but my favorite meal in Ohio was at the Hubbard Grille in Short North.  Creamy tomato soup,  a refreshing salad and a great glass of red wine totally hit the spot after a day of canvassing.

Roasted beets, fennel, goat cheese and a light dressing = perfection

3. I’m 6-4 in one of my fantasy football leagues and 4-6 in the other one. Just saying.

4. My mom was the last person in my family to get power back on her house. She finally got it back on Sunday – 13 days after it originally went out. Good lord. If you’re interested in donating to those still in need after Sandy, click here.

5. I made the most enormous amount of spaghetti squash last night. It was just HUGE. I feel like I have enough spaghetti squash to feed an army of people. It was my first time cooking up this type of squash and man, was it easy.

6. I also made a ton of turkey bolognese sauce from Practical Paleo to put on top of all this squash. I will be eating this all week.

Chunky and delicious.

7. I also whipped up another egg casserole for breakfast this week. I just threw some eggs into a dish with salt and pepper, let them cook up a bit in the oven and then topped them with some smoked salmon and cooked it all another few minutes. I’m thinking this salty dish will be the perfect start to the my mornings this week.

8. So the half marathon is this coming Sunday. Whoa. And I haven’t run in two weeks. Yup, two weeks. My five days in Ohio were run-free and I am still coming back from a tough sinus infection/cold (hooray antibiotics). My plan is to get two easy runs in this week and then have super-fresh legs for Sunday. I’ll be honest, I’m a little worried that I haven’t run in two weeks but at the same time, I know I can finish this race. I might not be able to stick to under 10:00 minute miles the entire time but I’m hoping when I reconnect with my running buddy Katie, we’ll get into a groove and breeze right through.

9. I need to figure out my race day outfit.

10.  My friends and I have an annual Thanksgiving party and this past Saturday we whooped it up this year. It was Caribbean themed and delicious.

Red Stripe, turkey slider, stuffing, mixed veggies

Emma was also at the party, looking adorable per usual and straight up chillin’ after her dinner.

11. Seeing Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z and the President at a rally was probably one of the most perfect days of my life.

12. 3-day weekends are life-changing.

13.  I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week. I am so excited to go home and see my family and am happy I booked my train tickets already. My Kindle is already full of movies and books for the trip.

14. Just this weekend I started brainstorming Christmas presents and now I’m full on obsessed with finding the perfect presents for people.

15. I need to take my car back to the shop but I’m avoiding it. I will do it this week. I will do it this week. I will do it this week.

I think that’s all for now!


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Pasta, Pizza, Pasta

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I’ve had the urge recently to make more new things in the kitchen, inspired by various blogs.  As I sat down to write this post, I realized these most recent recipes are dominated by pizza and pasta!  Both tasty in their own right.

The pizza I made isn’t your average pizza, I attempted the cauliflower crust pizza that I first read about here.  Overall it wasn’t hard to make, but I don’t think mine was thick enough.  When I baked it – there were some holes in the middle and then when we ate it, it was easier to eat with a fork and knife – it sort of just fell apart when you picked it up.  I think I might have overdone it with cheese too – not surprising.

Post oven, before sauce and cheese

Post oven, soaked in cheese

The end result

Last weekend I made the mushroom and kale lasagna rolls a la Gina from Skinnytaste.  This was a fun recipe to make because I liked losing lasagna noodles as something different and I think it looks so pretty.

Pre oven…again

I had to use the food processor to chop up the kale and that was time consuming since I had to do several loads of kale processing.  The kale, mushroom ricotta mixture needed more flavor…more salt perhaps or also something else. I’ll make this again to see if I can improve.

On Sunday night I made pasta with tomato cream sauce. I googled several recipes but ended on this one. It’s simple enough, but just wanted to make sure I did equal parts of everything.   I served it with a whole baguette from Paul which I rubbed tomato on – pan con tomate with manchego. We managed to eat the entire baguette before I photographed it.  But here is the pasta:

pasta with wine

I’m not sure what’s up next for me, but maybe I’ll branch out of the pasta world!



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Happy Birthday to my nephew Max!!

He is turning 7 on the 7th – his magic birthday!!

We celebrated on Sunday with a soccer party with his friends complete with a soccer ball cake.

Happy Birthday sweet Max!  Have a fabulous day and magic year ahead.


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Election Day!

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While Stephanie is out with her boots on the ground fighting the good fight, I’m holding down the fort here and want to remind you all to VOTE TODAY!

Exercise your right to vote – and don’t let anything get in your way!

I voted!

Happy Election Day!



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