Power Boxing + Pitch Perfect

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I got back on the workout horse last night and oh man was it a workout. My evening plans changed and I knew I was going to make it to the gym so I ran home to get stuff for spin but when I got to the gym, I realized I had made it in time for Power Boxing, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I barely made it through the warm up! After we hung up a bunch of punching bags we started running laps around the gym, every once in awhile changing our run to high knees, grapevine, backwards running or a side shuffle. We also kept taking “breaks” to go to the center of the room for pushups and sit ups. We did 100 pushups. 100 PUSHUPS IN THE WARM UP. We did countless sit ups that felt like they were never going to end. I was bright red and dripping with sweat and again, we were only warming up.

The class was small with three people who were regulars and five of us who had come 1 time or were there for our first time. Before class started the instructor asked what kind of experience we had and one girl said she had actual boxing experience (and guess who I had to partner with later when we were doing punches?) but the rest of us were pretty clueless. I actually felt like the instructor had written me off since I was dressed in head to toe Lululemon (and yes, my top was my pink one, I had to celebrate National Mean Girls Day somehow!).

We continued the warm up with partner work where we squatted back to back against our partner and fought to move our way across the gym floor. While one person was pushing, the other person was resisting. My thighs were ON FIRE. We then grabbed a big exercise ball and put that in between us (while facing one another) and did the same push/resistance drill across the gym floor. I felt bad because I was sweating and grunting into my partner…but then I realized she was doing the same thing! We were really pushing ourselves.

Finally, after we finished the warm up, it was time to throw some punches. We went over the basics of a jab and a cross and then we got on gloves and mitts and worked with a partner. I was teamed up with the other tall girl in class, the one with the actual boxing experience. Lucky, me. She was super nice and I think I did a good job of holding my own while we went back and forth.

After our punching practice, the instructor set up a circuit for us to run through which had 8 stations. I was pretty wiped by this point but kept punching away. The only two stations that were with someone else was the abs station and the one where we had to try to tap the knees of the instructor. He tapped my knees 5 times, I didn’t get him once. Ha. After we wrapped up a full round of the circuit we had one more thing to do before we stretched… arm circles! The instructor turned up the volume on the music and we arm circled our way through Eminem’s “Till I Collapse.”  My arms were exhausted at this point and the fact that I could move around the room and sing to the song helped me push through.

What. A. Workout. Did I mention the class was an hour and 15 minutes?

It was nice to try something new and challenge myself. The instructor was super nice at the end of class and I think I proved my worth (even in a pink workout shirt).

On a completely different note, I saw the movie Pitch Perfect the other night. I have to say, I did not have high expectations for it but it was really awesome! Anna Kendrick is such a great female lead and all the music in the movie really put a pep in my step. I walked home from the theater and was totally rocking out to some songs on my phone like a crazy person. I couldn’t help myself! Rebel Wilson was also absolutely hilarious. She was the female roommate in Bridesmaids and has been in a bunch of other films lately. She’s so good at deadpan humor. I want more Rebel in my life!

At JMU there were a bunch of acapella groups. A friend from my freshman dorm joined one of the most popular ones, Madison Project, and we all loved going to his shows. My favorite song they sang was “Africa” by Toto. Amazing, right? Between Newsies last weekend and Pitch Perfect last night, I am on a musical kick. Sometimes I think about how cool it would be to have a beautiful singing voice. While I’m never one to shy away from karaoke, there is no record deal coming my way but sometimes it’s just fun to think about.

The video isn’t the greatest but it’s Madison Project rocking out “Africa” – enjoy!

Happy Almost Friday!


Monday’s workout: Rest
Monday’s meals highlight: Eh
Tuesday’s workout: Rest
Tuesday’s meal highlight: Eh
Wednesday’s workout: Power Boxing
Wednesday’s meal highlight: Chipotle salad for lunch

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