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Catching Up

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Well, hello! What a week and a half it’s been since my last post. I’ve been running around like a crazy person. So what’s been happening?

The 4th of July!

My night may have ended with fireworks and started out with excitement but it also included a very rough bike ride. I slept in on the 4th, because honestly, when do I ever get to do that? Plus, I had enjoyed a very lively evening out with friends on Tuesday night.

Shortly after waking up, my sister called to tell me that she was engaged! I actually knew it was happening but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. I spent a good portion of my day texting with her and checking her Facebook page ūüôā

I then decided to venture out for a bike ride with my new pedals. I had been warned that I would most likely fall my first time using them…and oh boy did I fall. THREE TIMES. And like, BIG FALLS. The first one was the first time I got clipped in right in front of my apartment. Splat! I have to say this was the scariest fall because I didn’t know what it felt like to fall off a bike while still attached to it. It’s not a good feeling, my friends. I managed to make it to Haines Point but the stop and go was pretty tricky. I had a good loop around and decided to head back because it was so hot out. I was stopped by a police officer at the last minute to go through security and I had a really bad fall in front of him. He threw his hand up to flag me last minute and I just crashed. It was a pretty hard fall and a family ran over to me to help out while the officer did nothing. I ended up with a HUGE bruise on my hip and a bruise on my hand (when I did make it home, I iced both of those areas because I was in so much pain).

After making it through security I was hot, sweaty, a little teary-eyed and hurting and was determined to just make it home. I of course fell one more time at a light and was so angry! I actually got up and kicked my bike. Sorry, Fuji! A nice woman with a cane came over and asked if I needed any help. At least there are some good people out there! I finally made it home and while I knew the bruises would heal, my ego was pretty busted and it took me almost a full week to get back on my bike for another ride.

Yay, clip in pedals?

Anyway, I ended my 4th enjoying some fireworks on a rooftop. Perfection.

I then made the trip down to Williamsburg with some friends for a wedding. Our trip included a nice walking tour of Williamsburg, a delicious sandwich at the famed Cheese Shop, a sweaty ceremony and dancing ALL NIGHT LONG.

Delicious sandwich from The Cheese Shop

It looks like we’re not sweating but we are. A lot.

Gorgeous Kathleen


Summer of the huge bun has commenced.

I have been trying to catch up on laundry and workouts this week before heading to Seattle tomorrow. I actually moved up my training schedule for the week and didn’t have my usual rest day on Monday (I mean I did have 4 rest days in a row…whoops). So far I’ve done every one of my workouts this week and I am feeling really good. I’ll miss one run and one bike ride over the weekend so that means I’ll miss 2 out of 8 workouts for the week. That works for me for being out of town for 4 days. I’m ready to get into a good schedule that includes weekend workouts when I’m back in town next week. No more travel until late-August! Hello, D.C., I’m here and ready to enjoy a sweaty summer with you at last.


Workout summary only, I can’t remember all these meals!

Tuesday’s workout: 4 mile run + 1500 meter swim
Wednesday’s workout: 10 mile bike ride with 3 falls
Thursday’s workout: None
Friday’s workout: None
Saturday’s workout: None
Sunday’s workout: None
Monday’s workout: 5 mile run
Tuesday’s workout: 10 mile bike ride in the crazy downpour
Wednesday’s workout: 4 mile run + 1000 meter swim

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This Definitely Calls for a List

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1. I broke a bowl this morning trying to empty my sink and fill the dishwasher. Naturally, I will now swear off cleaning because sweeping up ceramic is not a good way to start off your morning.

2. I stopped at the outlets on the way home from the wedding on Sunday and only went to J.Crew. A miracle occurred because I only bought two items. I can’t find a picture of the dress but it’s white and light blue striped with yellow accents on the cap sleeves (I know you know what I’m talking about). I had really wanted it for awhile and it was sold out online and there were only two sizes left in the store and luckily one fit me!

I also bought this Thandie sweater but in leopard print. Yowza!

3. I also bought clip in pedals and road bike shoes over the weekend. What?! I haven’t gone on a ride with them yet and plan to do so tomorrow but boy am I nervous. Addy has given me some good tips but I couldn’t even unclip without her help while I was just practicing in my apartment yesterday. Let’s hope I don’t end up with scrapped knees after my ride tomorrow. The 5th grader recess look is so outdated.

4. I bought this super fun purse at Target on a whim on Saturday and LOVE it. Happy summer to me! wow, it certainly sounds like I went shopping all weekend long.

5. While in Easton, MD I went for a 3 mile run on Saturday before the wedding and holy crap was it hot outside. I felt like I had been running for hours and was dripping with sweat.

Post-run Comfort Inn glow

6. Shortly after my run I had my first Sonic breakfast burrito. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum. Yum.

7. Two of my good friends got married this past weekend and partied like rockstars even though it was 100 degrees.

8. I had my first jury duty experience and it was nothing like Law & Order SVU.

9. I read an entire book while at jury duty – Apron Anxiety – and now kind of have a weird crush on Alyssa Shelasky. I attempted to make one of her recipes last night and broke my rolling pin (the first time I used it). Is that a sign?

10. I cheated on Shoshanna this weekend and ended up wearing a Tibi dress (also from Rent the Runway). I feel bad turning my back on my girl like that but the weather called for a lighter fabric and I had to let me thighs breathe. Yup, my thighs. Shoshanna, don’t leave me, I still love you.

11. When I got back from the wedding on Sunday the lower half of my bay window was sitting in my apartment because the storm had knocked it in. Nothing was broken, including the window, but the rug had a bit of a mildew smell going on and I had to do some major cleaning. I mean, really. Can a girl catch a break? Luckily, my management company was on top of it and my window was fixed yesterday.

Happy 4th of July to you all!


Saturday’s workout: 3 mile run
Saturday’s meals highlight: Sonic breakfast burrito
Sunday’s workout: None
Sunday’s meals highlight: None
Monday’s workout: Rest
Monday’s meals highlight: My first attempt at Alyssa’s pizza

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A New Car and other things

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We bought a new (to us) car last week.¬†¬† The night we looked at it, we made the decision that we were going to get it.¬† In my head, I kept hearing the words “A NEW CAR” in the voice of the announcer for The Price is Right. As I write this post, that voice is so fresh in my mind!

Here is our new lovely car.

That is the only picture I have right now – this is the parking lot of dealership where we got it.¬† We’ve been enjoying the car for the last week and both excited for our first road trip!

We did have to say goodbye to Justin’s old car and we were definitely both sad, this is the last photo I snapped of her before we transferred the plates.

Her name is Delilah

The swimming Olympic Trials are over and it was a whirlwind of excitement for me.¬† I’m so excited for the U.S. Swimming Olympic Team, in fact in true stalker fashion, I wish I could just follow their stories/training for the next three weeks before London!¬†¬† I am incredibly bummed for Dara Torres.¬† She was fourth in the 50 free and unable to qualify for the Olympic team – she did her post race interview holding her 6 year old daughter who also looked incredibly bummed.¬† A truly remarkable effort by Dara Torres and all the swimmers for the past week.¬† Bring on London!

I think I’ve mentioned before, Justin has a bit of a green thumb and has been gardening up a storm on our lovely terrace.¬† We’ve got carrots, brussel sprouts, peppers, lettuce, onions, cucumbers and squash.¬† Here is Justin modeling his mustard greens and regular leafy greens.

And the leafy greens on their own.

Every July 4 I have the desire to make gazpacho and this year is no different.¬† We are heading to my sister’s house for dinner tomorrow (she has power again, woot!).¬† I think I will make it tomorrow (after we go to the Nationals game) and while you usually can’t go wrong mixing all the ingredients together, I somehow always manage to add too much garlic or too much of something else. I hope to please my toughest and sweetest critic, my 6 year old nephew.

Happy 4th!!



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