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Shopping Itch

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I totally jumped on the shopping train this weekend. Thanks to Stephanie, I had major shopping envy and felt the need to satisfy my shopping itch!

I took care it in one short afternoon after visits to Tabletop, City Sports and the ever reliable Gap.  It was an eclectic shopping trip to be sure, but I got a nice serving dish at Tabletop, a new shirt and shorts to run in- and goggles for Justin (so he can swim again) from City Sports and finished out with a pair of red cropped pants and two tees from the Gap.

Saturday I was back on the running train after a short break.  I have been giving my legs a rest because my hamstring is still feeling extremely tight from the half marathon – which was almost 2 months ago now.  I’ve been stretching as much as I can and doing other forms of exercise, but the hamstring is still so tight.  I’ve been following my own advice that I often give Justin – to just rest, but I was signed up for this 5k with my sister and brother in law and figured I could just take it easy.   The race was the National Police Week 5k and honors officer that have been killed in the line of duty.  I did it last year too and it’s a really fun race – about 2,200 people participate.  We finished with an average 10:11 pace, it was a beautiful morning for a run and always fun to run alongside my nephew in the running stroller!  Stephanie and I are both signed up for a 10k this weekend.  After that, I will go back to resting, I swear.

After the run and watching my nephew play in his soccer game, I went out for my afternoon of shopping.   After my incredibly successful shopping trip, I strolled through my old neighborhood on my way to a friend’s house.  I moved out of the newly hip 14th Street neighborhood right as the restaurants were all opening and now all these apartment buildings are going up along the 14th street, it definitely felt like a whole new place to me.

I walked by my all time favorite building which really isn’t a building anymore, only the facade still exists.

The building itself used to be filled with a lot of junk and had been sitting there for rent for a while.  Finally, someone bought it up and gutted it and a new spot called Bakehouse will be opening there sometime in the near future.  My plans for the ultimate stationery store will have to be taken somewhere else.

Sunday was filled with softball, more shopping (yes, I needed one more thing to complete my weekend), and a lovely Mother’s Day celebration for my sister. We came home with this lovely basil plant that our nephew wanted us to have.  He knows Justin has been filling our terrace with plants and trees and thought he’d be the perfect person to take care of this basil plant.

Justin is currently researching how to harvest it and at the same time keep it growing. I was ready to just start picking off the leaves and using them in salads and pasta!

Happy Monday to all!


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List, List, List, List, List

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This rainy Monday calls for a list.

1. I woke up at 4:45am this morning to catch my train back to D.C. It was a super slow train and I was late to work. Thanks a lot, train!

2. The Yankees won on Saturday and my sister, mom and I really enjoyed the game. We didn’t enjoy getting stuck in the Bronx and getting home at 9:30pm from a 4:00pm game…

Oh hey, Yankee Stadium. I heart you.

3. I played a super-competitive (hee hee) game of whiffle ball on Sunday with my cousins ranging from age 2 to age 15. My team lost two players after 3 innings…the 2 year old and the 4 year old that were sitting on the bases while playing in the field.

4. I met the newest member of my family. She’s adorable. Her name is Christina and I’m obsessed with her.

5. I ate a half pastrami/half corned beef sandwich that was literally the size of my head at the best deli in the Bronx before the game. It was AH-MA-ZING and I am still full from it.

6. I “won” a REI Camelback backpack at an event on Friday night. I feel like I really need to start hiking so I can make good use of it.

7. I didn’t really take any pictures of my weekend travels because I am the worst at remembering to do that.

8. My May Fitness Goals (which were previously my April Fitness Goals) are moving along pretty well but I have still yet to find a week when I am able to do cardio 5x a week and strength training 3x a week. It’s usually the strength training that loses out and that’s the most important work out!

9. I’m still obsessing over Beyonce on Spotify. I. Just. Can’t. Stop.

10. I’ve been writing down my weekly workout plan every Monday on a hot pink post-it and leaving it at my desk as a reminder to myself. I’d say that it does vary but I usually get some sort of it done. This week’s looks like this:

11. Despite my early wake up call I plan on doing the following tonight: work out, move my car, go to the grocery store, unpack and do laundry.

12. Wish me luck on #11, I think it will end up more like this: eat dinner, watch HIMYM and Gossip Girl, go to bed.

This Monday list is now over!


Thursday’s workout: None
Thursday’s meals highlights: Dinner and drinks at Boqueria
Friday’s workout: None
Friday’s meals highlight: Oysters and crab legs from Washington state
Saturday’s workout: None
Saturday’s meals highlight: Lunch at Court’s Deli
Sunday’s workout: Whiffle Ball 🙂
Sunday’s meals highlight: Lunch with the family

A few more Yankees pics from the museum 🙂

My all-time favorite Yankee and baseball player ever.

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Here, There, Everywhere

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How is it only Thursday? I feel like this week is never going to end and I am exhausted. I can’t tell if I’m fighting allergies, a sinus infection or am just pooped from a long work week but I am feeling off my game. I slept in this morning instead of getting up for either spin or Vida Body. And this was after going to bed at 9:30pm last night! I guess my body really needed some rest.

I’m finally getting a haircut tomorrow so the straw on top of my head will soon be hair again. I am so bad about getting haircuts regularly and usually only get 2 or 3 a year. Every time I see my stylist she tells me I should come in more often. I know, I know. I just don’t care about my hair that much!

I really want to make these brownies but I’m scared that I will eat the entire batch in one sitting.

Next week, I’m trying out a new studio that’s opening in D.C. for a barre class. It’s called Biker Barre and they have spin and barre classes. They’re offering some free classes next week before they officially open and I’m always intruigued by a new fitness studio in D.C. and of course love me some barre class (no matter where it is!).

I’m going home this weekend to visit my lovely mother and I am beyond excited. I’m craving some family time and am especially looking forward to visiting one of my favorite places – Yankee Stadium! My sister and I are taking our mom to the game on Saturday and I’m hoping for some beautiful weather and a big win.

Now that this post has sufficiently been all over the place I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.


Tuesday’s workout: Walked home from work
Tuesday’s meals highlights: None
Wednesday’s workout: Vida RX + 30 minute treadmill run (damn you rain!)
Wednesday’s meals highlights: Again, nothing

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A Baby, A Hike & Chick Peas

Posted on May 10, 2012. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I got to meet the cutest little baby this weekend in Missoula, MT.

So cute!!!

Adorable, right!?  This is Josie, she is TK’s baby and I had the best weekend hanging out with her and her parents.  The best part is that I’ll see them here in D.C. again in August!

TK and Josie

We also did a quick hike that is just a short walk from their house.  We walked for maybe 20 minutes, but it was a steep incline.  We saw pretty flowers along the way.


And enjoyed the beautiful view of the mountains surrounding Missoula.

It was such a fun visit – thanks TK, Matt and Josie for having me for the weekend! (I took like two photos with my real camera and all this with the blackberry – hence the crappy quality)

On a completely separate note, I’m a huge fan of chick peas, put them in a salad or just plain, I will eat them up.  I saw this recipe for baked chick pea tacos from Mama Pea and decided to try to make them.  Although, I didn’t make tacos, I just made them for a side dish.  It’s super easy to make and I had all ingredients for the marinade already.  I think I overcooked them by about 10 minutes – they were a little dry, but I think the flavor was still good.  I’ll try them again and bake them for less time!


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Workout 2x

Posted on May 8, 2012. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Did you guys happen to catch this New York Times article yesterday about women in NYC who work out multiple times a day? I thought it was an interesting read. If I had endless amounts of money and a more flexible schedule, I would belong to both my current gym and have an unlimited monthly membership to the Bar Method (shocking, I know). I’d also be more willing to spend money on random classes at other boutique studios like Fuse Pilates, Red Bow, etc. A girl can dream.

I am not against working out twice in one day and will soon be doing that quite often when I start tri training. And maybe I was inspired from this article, or maybe I was just feeling all the margaritas I drank this weekend, but I ended up taking two classes at the gym last night back-to-back. It was the same instructor for both classes and I really like her. One other woman did both classes as well and I felt like we were in it together and at one point during the second class I was feeling pretty tired and looked to her and she was giving me a smile like she understood. I love some random camaraderie at the gym!

It was great to have a good workout on a Monday night after an indulgent weekend but doing two classes in a row is not something I do often.

Speaking of the indulgent weekend, I think this photo just about sums up my Cince de Derby weekend.

After my double-duty last night I went home to make a healthy dinner of whole wheat pasta, spinach, cherry tomatoes, a whipped egg and some part-skim mozzarella cheese. I also squeezed some lemon on there and threw in some crushed red peppers. Delicious!


Friday’s workout: Rest
Friday’s meals highlight: Veggie fajitas
Saturday’s workout: Rest
Saturday’s meals highlight: More Mexican food
Sunday’s workout: Chasing around the girls at field hockey – we did a lot of running last week!
Sunday’s meals highlights: Kraft Man n’ Cheese (it just needed to happen)
Monday’s workout: Advanced Step + Vida Body
Monday’s meals highlight: My weird pasta dish I had for dinner 🙂

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Fashion Friday: My Shopping Lately

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I’ve had a big shopping bug lately and I don’t know if it’s the warmer weather or what but I’ve been going kind of buck wild lately. I have also been cleaning out my closet/dresser for what feels like weeks so I’m making room for new items while getting rid of items I literally never wear anymore. Here are some things I’ve purchased lately.

Work dress, Ann Taylor, 40% off

Work dress, Ann Taylor, 40% and SUPER COMFORTABLE!

Work or special occasion dress, Ann Taylor, 40% – it was a slightly unique neckline that I liked and found to be really flattering.

Flip flops from Old Navy, $14.50

Cotton striped dress from Old Navy, $15

J.Crew Perfect-fit mixed tape cardigan in gray and black, $49.50 each

J.Crew striped tee, factory

J.Crew Factory resin necklace

Barbour Women’s Utility Jacket….won on ebay!

I think that’s everything…I know it’s a lot! But they are all great updates to my wardrobe and like I said earlier, I have gotten rid of a TON of items in my “cleansing” process.

What are you all purchasing to get ready for summer?


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All the Chips and Salsa

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Well I went to Zumba again last night with the same instructor as Tuesday night and I have to say I’m not a huge fan of his class. Unfortunately, he’s subbing for my favorite Zumba instructor while she’s out of town and I’m just counting the minutes until she comes back. My biggest pet peeve with him is that he announces in the beginning of class that he teaches “a very intense Zumba class” and then constantly gives us water breaks and down time while he decides what song he wants. A couple of us were chatting about it after class and one girl suggested that we keep the positive and look at it as interval training. I appreciated her positive attitude…I should work on that.

Anyway, here are some eats I’ve been enjoying lately.

Turkey sandwich, cottage cheese, cucumbers and string cheese. Yes, I enjoyed two types of cheese for lunch.

Cottage cheese on a sandwich thin and a veggie filled salad…and an entire bowl of lemons. Just kidding, the lemons are fake and decorative.

Gourmet breakfast at the office – Van’s Lite Waffles, bananas, lite syrup and of course some coffee!

I swear I’m going to do a Fashion Friday post this afternoon because I haven’t done one in awhile. I had planned to run this morning but totally snoozed when my alarm went off. To be honest, I feel like my body could use a nice day of rest today and tomorrow when I’m on the road. I’m hoping to squeeze in a short run on Sunday before coaching. Let’s hope the weather is nice again this weekend!

I’m going out for Mexican tonight with some friends and am really craving some fajitas. My biggest downfall at Mexican restaurants are always the chips and salsa. I just want to be like, “GIVE ME ALL THE CHIPS AND SALSA YOU HAVE!!” But that isn’t really polite and is very Ron Swanson.


Thursday’s workout: Zumba
Thursday’s meals highlight: Eh

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Back to Running

Posted on May 3, 2012. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Well I went running last night and it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be considering it’s the second run I’ve been on since the Cherry Blossom race. My pace was all over the place and I blame having to stop at lights a lot for the variety. I still haven’t figured out how to get the mile splits on my computer…or I guess I still haven’t even tried but I have a good idea of what they were. The first mile was around a 9:20 and then the next two miles were around 8:23 and 8:58 (what?!). Then I had to stop a bunch of times to not get hit by cars and my fourth mile was an 11:09 (yes I remember it exactly because I was pissed). The final mile was around 9:30. Who needs technology when you have my memory?

I actually remembered to take a photo of my Garmin post-run.

Super sweaty and beet red = Stephanie post-run

It was HOT out there last night and humid and I ran in a tank top and my Lululemon skirt and was feeling the heat. It kind of got me thinking about the fact that I signed up to do a triathlon in August. Not only will it be super hot then but I will also be training in June and July…sweaty central. Fun times ahead!

I also biked to work that day so I had to bike back after my run which was I was kind of dreading but honestly, it was awesome. My legs actually felt great on the bike – very warmed up – and it was a much quicker way to get home then public transportation at that point. I felt like I had gotten a great workout in and still had plenty of time for a productive night.

After a quick dinner of egg salad, cottage cheese and a bunch of veggies, I ran some errands, did laundry and managed to stay up through the second OT for the Capitals. Oh hello Wednesday, I just kicked your ass.

In other random thoughts, I ate an entire jar of pickles on Monday night for dinner…before I went to the gym and Bob Marley is rocking my world today.


Tuesday’s workout: Zumba
Tuesday’s meals highlights: Sweet potato, fig and goat cheese salad I had for lunch
Wednesday’s workout: Biked to/from work + 5 mile run
Wednesday’s meals highlights: Yet to be determined

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The Goods

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I swear this will be the last post about our first anniversary.

Justin stuck to the paper theme and got me these note cards and note books.

He totally hit the mark! He knows my obsession with Orla Kiely and as he says is constantly surrounded by it between my bags and plates that we have that were sold at Target years ago.  Now I have these beautiful patterns to add to my collection!

We tried the Georgetown Wedding Cupcake last night too!

We both tried one bite of the cake and did not like it at all, but the icing was quite tasty still!  We finished off the icing and threw the rest of the cupcake out.

Hopefully we got enough of the good luck from the first bite.

On to Year 2!





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Posted on May 1, 2012. Filed under: Uncategorized |

1. I’m feeling pretty non-chatty lately which is extremely unlike me.

2. I planted what felt like 100 plants on Saturday with my Grandma. Sure she spoiled me with a delicious lunch before putting me to work but man, gardening is hard work.

3. I made Gina’s Skinnytaste Buffalo Chicken Dip for a friend’s birthday this weekend and it was delicious and super easy. The birthday girl actually made regular buffalo chicken dip as well so we compared the two and we all thought they were both great. I brought cucumber, carrots and celery to enjoy with mine. Yum!

4. I am still on a crazy shopping spree and I think I’ve finally cut it off. I managed to buy 3 dresses from Ann Taylor, a dress and flip flops from Old Navy, underwear from Gap and two cardigans and yet ANOTHER striped top from J.Crew. Seriously, who do I think I am? The only good news is that I have started to SERIOUSLY clean out my closet and I’m really being strict about getting rid of clothing that I never wear and stuff that is old and really needs to go. I’m making two piles: donate and throw out.

5. I have two friends coming to stay with me on Friday night. I need to find some time to clean my apartment this week and blow up the massive air mattress. Good-bye living room, hello Hotel Stephanie.

6. I am also going to Newport News, VA this weekend and I’ve never been there and am excited to go. Hello, America!

7. I am running two races in one weekend in there weeks. Whoops. They could not be more different: Warrior Dash and the Capitol Hill Classic. I am not sure how I am going to pull off half of those obstacles during Warrior Dash but we’ll see how that works out. I guess I should start running again. I’m going to aim to run 2-3 times a week for the next three weeks to prepare (and still stick with my April Fitness Goals which are now my May Fitness Goals).

8. I am out of town for a portion of this coming weekend and a portion of next weekend (don’t rob my apartment, burglars!). It’s already that time of year when suddenly there are trips happening right and left. It’s going to be important for me to keep a good routine during the week of workouts and healthy eating so when (not if, but when) I overindulge on weekends away I don’t feel completely guilty.

9. I’ll be at Yankee Stadium in two weeks!!!!

10. I don’t really have anything else to say but needed a number ten at this point.


Thursday’s workout: Spin with the great instructor who is leaving
Thursday’s meals highlight: ??
Friday’s workout: Bar Method
Friday’s meals highlight: Dinner at a friend’s house – Talapia, green beans and cherry tomatoes
Saturday’s workout: On Demand 20 minute strength-training workout
Saturday’s meals highlight: SkinnyTaste Buffalo Chicken Dip
Sunday’s workout: 2 hour walk with a friend
Sunday’s meals highlight: Tacos
Monday’s workout: VIDA Body (aka 45 minutes of HITT)
Monday’s meals highlight: Leftover tacos

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