April Fitness Goals

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I’ve been giving some thought to what will happen once I’m off of a training plan post-Cherry Blossom race this weekend. I’ve really enjoyed the Cherry Blossom Virtual Training Guide program but I will be honest – I’m ready for a break from running and from a strict training program. I’m ready for some fitness freedom!

Now that my triathlon is in August (instead of June and yes I’m still a little bitter about that), I won’t start training until the beginning of May so I have all of April to let loose and do whatever work I want to do. Wild!

Though I won’t be following a training plan I do have a few goals for the month. I want to get back into strength training more regularly. Not only does weight-lifting help weight come off quicker but it leads to becoming a faster runner and allowing me to do things like open a stubborn pickle jar when I’m alone in my apartment. I plan to increase me strength training by attending VIDA RX classes at my gym and bringing back some circuit training. I also plan to use the one free class I have at Bar Method (who am I kidding, I am totally using that on like Tuesday after the race – so excited!). And I also want to finally try out TRX with Addy. It’s her favorite class and I need to see what all the excitement is about. Addy, I’m ready to go!

Goal #1: Strength train 3x a week

While my muscles will be burning from all that crazy lifting, I don’t want to ignore cardio. I plan to do cardio for 45-60 minutes 5x a week. Now here is where it gets fun because I have a great variety of options that aren’t running. I will take full advantage of the class schedule at my gym with Zumba, spin, kickboxing and other cardio-heavy classes. I also plan on getting out to play tennis, taking a random dance class here and there and trying out some new treadmill/elliptical interval workouts. It’s a free for all – anything I want!

Goal #2: 45-60 minutes of cardio 5x a week

And yes. I will also be running whenever I feel like it. Some days you just NEED to go out for a run and I don’t plan on ignoring those desires when I have them.

My plan is to have 1 day of rest per week (probably Friday) but of course will take more as I feel I need them. I’m sure you noticed I’ve said nothing about yoga in my plan and that’s because I just really don’t like it. I know, I know, everyone raves about yoga constantly and how amazing it is but it’s just not for me. I’m going to concentrate on thoroughly stretching post-workouts and being sure to take care of my hip with foam rolling, tennis ball lovin’ and icing.

Yes, I still enjoy running, a lot in fact, but I’m ready to take a break and use my pricey gym and work, work work it out this April.


Look, I didn’t work out Friday, Saturday or Sunday. There, I said it. I did coach field hockey for 4 hours on Sunday which included some running and some squatting so I’ll take that as a great workout for my birthday weekend. Oh right, I also heinously danced for hours on Saturday night. Burn, baby, burn!

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[…] I am feeling good today but need to work out some knots and tightness on my right leg. Today is my day of rest and then I start on my April fitness goals. […]

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