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As Addy mentioned earlier in her awesome post, today is my birthday and so far it has been amazing. My family and friends have gone over the top to celebrate and I am loving every minute of it. I’m excited for the rest of the day which will include dinner out and the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. Yes. I may be turning 29 but I act like I’m 15 🙂

But enough about me.

Oh wait, actually more about me because this is a blog where I write about my life.

Last night I ran the longest distance I have ever run – 10 miles. It was probably one of the poorest planned runs I’ve ever done but it happened and I’m happy that it did. I started this week off with a really crappy run on Tuesday morning. My hip was SERIOUSLY hating on me and after 2.5 miles that morning, I had to stop and walk back to my apartment. It poured the entire walk home. Of course. But honestly, that run really got me down. With less than two weeks from the Cherry Blossom race my hip was acting up and it really made me nervous. I had to redeem myself this week to boost up my confidence and luckily last night did the trick.

I am not going to lie, I was moving slowly. So slowly in fact that POTUS and/or the VP passed me twice in their super loud motorcade. I mean, I’m pretty sure they were following me, but I live in D.C. NBD. Anyway, I was averaging a 10-minute mile pace and then my overall average was way slower than that because I stopped to walk twice. And you know what, I’m totally OK with that. I’ve never been a fast runner and right now I’m more concerned with the mileage than with burning up the pavement.

So about that poor planning…I should have worn a tank top and shorts instead of capris and a t-shirt because even though it’s March it is really warm here in D.C. The longer days are leading to more sunshine after work and I was sweaty 5 minutes into my run. I wasn’t prepared for that type of heat. I didn’t even carry any water! What on earth was I thinking? I also didn’t really plan on running 10 miles. I did want to get a good 6-7 miles in and then I just kept going and going and I looked at my phone and was like, WHOA, almost to 10, let’s keep this going!

My hips did not hurt during my run which is a miracle. At one point my right knee started acting up and I literally said out loud, “Stop it,” and then it felt fine. I kid you not. I am magical. When I finally made it back to the office, I immediately popped a Nuun into a water bottle and drank that puppy before heading home. Oh wait, I actually snapped this sweaty picture first.

A gray shirt was a very bad idea.

I’m sexy and I know it [insert LMFAO song here]. I also took a cab home. Shameful, I know but it was 8:30pm and I could barely move another foot.

The rest of the night included some foam rolling, stretching, the quickest dinner ever (more on that later) and me collapsing in bed. I woke up super sore and spent a good 30 minutes this morning with my friend the tennis ball. I was 10 minutes late to work because of this. Go me.

I’d say logging the most miles I’ve ever done and re-gaining my running confidence before a race is a pretty good birthday gift. Hello, 29! You better watch yo self!


Tuesday’s workout: Epic fail 2.5 mile run + rain
Tuesday’s meals highlight: None
Wednesday’s workout: 10 mile run
Wednesday’s meals highlight: The following sandwich I created – rye bread, hummus, feta cheese, cucumbers, roasted red peppers and a veggie burger. SO GOOD!

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