Half Marathon Recap

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I finished and had a blast doing it!!

So excited to see Stephanie!!!

Friday at work, I was thinking about the race all day and mostly looking forward to the pasta that night.  I officially overdosed on the ice breakers sours I mentioned in a previous post and gave myself the worst stomach ache in the history of man.  I could only hope that the pasta that evening would soak up the remnants of all those sours.

After work, I met up with our two friends that were staying with us for the weekend.  Jeremy who was running his 31st marathon and Caryn who was doing her very first half too.

We set off for Vapiano’s to stuff ourselves full of pasta.  This place is kind of perfect for large groups, but also good for groups who don’t want to linger too long at a meal.  Plus there are pasta/pizza/salad options for all. I got a creamy, pesto sauce with spinach and proceeded to eat it all.  Justin also ordered some bruschetta and I had a peace of that with pesto and cheese.   I officially pesto and cheese loaded for the race – with some pasta thrown in there.

I decided on Friday night to wear my sparkle skirt, I went back and forth several times on what would be the most comfortable outfit. I’m not sure my final choice was the most comfortable, I was sufficiently hot the entire race, but didn’t feel like going through the effort of shedding the long sleeve shirt.

I was up at 5 am, puttering around the house until it was time to leave at 6 am.  I find it hard to be patient and wait for others to be ready to get out the door, but I was trying to do my best!

We didn’t have a long wait for either train – but the train at Metro Center was PACKED – we watched one go by us and then forced ourselves into the second one.  My head was in Jeremy’s arm pit, I was grateful that the this was pre race and everybody was not super stinky yet.

Once at RFK, we used the porta potties, but I continued to drink water and totally had to pee before the race started, but didn’t want to stand in line again for the irrational fear of missing the race start.   We walked to our corral and I enjoyed seeing the sun rise just over RFK.

I get a little teary eyed and emotional at the beginning of races and was trying to hold those tears back in the corral as we started moving to the start line, I never fully broke out in tears, but as I was saying good luck to Caryn, I definitely choked up a bit!

We crossed the start line with a lot of other people in Corral 9 and felt like we were keeping a pretty good pace.  I think my first two miles were somewhere around 9:03 and 8:50.  After mile 2, my Garmin did not match up to the mile markers on the course.  I’m pretty certain that at mile 5 I did not run at a 7:54 pace, so while it was helpful to be wearing the Garmin, I was not putting a lot of stock in at that point.  I saw Justin just past mile 3 and he took this picture.

I have to say the next 3 miles kind of flew by. I think it’s partly because there were SO many people on the course cheering and because I knew I’d see Justin, Stephanie, Tracy, Noah, Max and Nina at mile 6.

They all did not disappoint, mile 6 was the brutal hill up Connecticut – and seeing everybody spread throughout that hill made it so much easier.   I saw Justin first at the bottom of the hill and he passed off my lip stuff, which was a life saver at that point.  Next, I spotted Tracy, Noah, Max and Nina and started waving at them until they saw me.  I put my hand out for high fives, but all I really wanted to do was give them all a big hug!

About a few more steps up the hill, Stephanie yelled my name with two co-workers.  They were jumping up and down cheering everybody on.  I totally cut a few people off trying to get over to their side.  Stephanie made this sign for me:

I didn’t really get to see the sign because I was just so happy to see Stephanie.  She ran with me a few steps and then I couldn’t help but keep that high from seeing everybody for the next few miles!   I was also out of breath from being so excited so I had to try to catch it in those next few miles too.

I ran with Caryn up until mile 10. I had not trained (except that one run with Stephanie) with anybody else, so I was hesitant to plan to run with someone during the 1/2 marathon.  Caryn and I were pretty much on pace with each other the whole way and if I ever felt like backing off, it was nice to know I had someone there to push me.  She split off from me right around mile 10 and then I saw Justin.  I have to admit at that point, my legs were super heavy, my left hamstring was super tight (it had been the whole race, but I was powering through).  10 miles was also the longest I had ever run, so I had mental block to overcome as well.

Seeing Justin made me get super emotional and I wanted him to come ride along with me.  I composed myself as I went through another tunnel and then saw Justin somewhere right before mile 11 – he stayed with me until mile 12.  It was super helpful to have him ride along side me and tell me I was looking good – I didn’t feel good, but I knew with his support I could keep it up and finish strong.  At mile 12 I told him I’d see him at the finish!

I powered through, saw RFK in the distance and knew the finish wasn’t far off. I had scoped out the finish line before, so I knew I would not be able to see it until I rounded a specific bend in the road.  When I did see it, I was so overcome with joy that I was about to finish my first half marathon!!!

I crossed and immediately looked at my watch, just to get a sense of what it had to tell me (the official race photos even caught me looking at my watch, oops).

It was very much on par with the official races stats which had me at 9:30 pace finishing it in 2:04:22!

I did it, I was done and completed my first half marathon with a PR (since it was my first).  I’m 100% ready to sign up for my next half!

This was already long enough – next post will include post race shenanigans.


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Hi there! Saw your post at Losing Weight in the City. Trying to connect with other DC runner bloggers as well! Love finding new ones I didn’t even know about! Hope you will check me out too! 🙂 — Ericka @ The Sweet Life (sweetlifeericka.com)

Thanks for your comment, Erika! I’ve added you to my Google Reader 🙂 Always great to meet another DC runner.


Hey Ericka, great to meet you too, and glad you’ve found our blog! Have added you to my google reader and look forward to keeping up with your blog!

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