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Sooooo, here’s the situation.

1. I don’t hydrate enough.

It’s actually really shameful because it’s pretty much the easiest thing to do. I put my body through the wringer with all of this training and then don’t take care of it! I woke up this morning with a massive headache and I deserved it after two sweaty sessions that day and only 54 ounces of water for the ENTIRE DAY. Right now I am on my third Klean Kanteen 27-ounce bottle and my third tab of Nuun. I’m basically trying to make up for my lack of hydration yesterday.

But this is a bigger problem than just yesterday. I don’t hydrate enough regularly and this is something I need to rectify before I tackle all of these upcoming races (especially the triathlon). I’m committing myself to drinking 3 27-ounce Klean Kanteen’s throughout the day at work and then at least 2 more when I get home from my evening workout. I don’t know what it is but drinking water after a workout when I get home is SO unappealing to me. Weird, right?

I also need to work on eating before my workout and not just afterwards and need to start thinking about Gu or Shot Blocs or something for the triathlon. I can’t expect my body to perform if I’m not fueling it properly.

Ok, enough with the hydration talk.

2. Addy is the best. She gave me a “Happy Birthday Month!” Starbucks latte this morning. I took a picture but apparently it didn’t actually take and I already threw it out. Go me.

3. I’m headed up to NYC tomorrow to celebrate my best friend’s Bachelorette and my great aunt’s 80th birthday. Two VERY different events. I promise to take a ton of pictures. Promise.

4. I didn’t get up and swim this morning. My alarm went off at 6am and yet I never made it to the pool by 6:30pm for a 30 minute swim. #swimfail

5. I need to get a long run in tonight so I feel good about not getting in two long runs this weekend. I do have lofty goals to run in NYC on Saturday morning before the Bachelorette festivities begin but who knows if that will really happen. I also had thoughts of trying to take a SoulCycle or Physique 57 class while up there since they are all the rage. Again, not sure if that will happen. Regardless, I’m going to pack some work out clothes and my sneakers and hope to sneak some type of workout in so I don’t feel like I’m derailing my training. Wish me luck.

It was really shitty weather here last night so I did a treadmill workout instead of running outside. It kicked my butt because I’m just not used to running on a treadmill anymore. I was super sweaty and huffing and puffing at the end of this.

Fit Sugar 300 Calorie Treadmill Workout


Wednesday’s workout: VIDA RX + 45 minute treadmill workout
Wednesday’s meals highlight: A piece of chocolate from Senor Murphy’s

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