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Delicious Dreams

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I would like to go on a Reuben tour of NYC. Anyone? Anyone? Look at these pictures and tell me you don’t want to join me.


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Thursday Thoughts

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I’ve been on this email list for awhile and one day I’m going to pull the trigger and actually attend one of these dinners. Though once something makes it into the NYT it’s no longer cool anymore…

I haven’t worked out since my double-sweat session on Monday and I’m OK with that. I am fighting a cold and it’s nice to have a week off from running. Hopefully, I can get back on track this weekend but until then, logging some sleep hours and chugging fluids is my game plan for this week. If I listen to my body this week, I’ll have more productive training weeks ahead.

I still need a May race to add to my calendar – any thoughts?

I plan on making this next week for lunch because it looks amazing.

When I went to that ballet class on Monday, there was a whole group of girls who were regulars. In fact, they were putting on their first solo performance piece on Saturday night (one that they choreographed themselves). And this really got me thinking about focusing in on one extra-curricular (not the right word but you know what I mean).

The dance girls. The people who live for Zumba. The Bar Method devotees. Runners. I’ve dabbled in all of this lately and sometimes I think I should just focus on one activity and really put my all into it. But at the same time, I love being able to do all sorts of different things and it add variety into life. I like playing tennis, training for races, swimming, attending a random dance class, going to Bar Method.

This begs the question is it better to concentrate on one activity and perfect it or to be a Renaissance woman of workouts?

Do you think she liked Zumba?


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Heart Shaped Pizza and a Run

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Valentine’s Day also happens to be the anniversary of our first date, so technically we get to celebrate both!   We didn’t plan anything at all for the evening, I had tried to get up and run in the morning so that I could just come home and relax with Justin after work, but I couldn’t get myself out of bed.  I tackled the 4.5 miles as soon as I got home from work (I stretched first, of course). The run was good, I hardly had any pain in my knee, so I was thankful for that.  My left foot has started hurting, I think that is because I am overcompensating for my knee pain…awesome.

After my run, Justin and I ordered the heart shaped pizza from Papa John’s for Valentine’s Day. I hadn’t had a Papa John’s pizza in forever, but my co-worker told me she was ordering one and I thought it was a fun idea, plus we had no food in our house to make anything for dinner.

The pizza arrived and did NOT look like a heart.  Justin took the pizza cutter to it and re-shaped it into a lovely little heart.  It was SO tasty.  We both scarfed it down quickly and then were sorely disappointed when it was all gone. Next time, we’ll order two.

I didn’t really get Justin a gift. I did make him the snickers bars like I promised in a previous post.  We’ve been enjoying them all week.  I even brought a few pieces in to share with some co-workers today.

Justin gave me the most beautiful roses that have brightened up my office for the last two days.

Fancy Instagram courtesy of my co worker, Yates

And the movie Dolphin Tale!

It’s kind of a gag gift, but I also have really been wanting to see it since I saw the previews!

And last, but not least – I’m sort of back on the on the hair straightening bandwagon. Stephanie and my sister called me out on it last week that I was so gung-ho about it and then haven’t done it since the week I bought my hair straightener. And let’s be honest, I’m only sort of back on because I didn’t do this myself today,  I can only take credit for the hair, but here it is:

Happy Wednesday!


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So Not Center Stage

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I went back into another world last night. A world I haven’t been in for a very long time. Where did I go?

To a ballet class!

I must have been 6 or 7 when I took my first dance class (actually, maybe even younger than that) and totally loved it. Ballet was always my main focus but I also dabbled in tap, jazz, character and partner. Yes, dabbled.

This is me.

Except it’s not me, at all. Not even a little. Maybe in another life. After dancing for 12 years, I decided I enjoyed field hockey, lacrosse and other sports better and didn’t see myself joining a dance company. Instead of dancing 6 days a week, I focused on playing sports and I think it worked out well for me.

But I will always have a love of dance.

When I first moved to D.C. I signed up for a ballet class with a friend. Every Monday, we showed up in our tights and escaped away for 90 minutes. It was splendid. But it didn’t happen again after that first class. I’ve made it to one hip hop class since then but know that I want to work dance back into my life when I can.

Two years ago (yup, that long) my best friend gave me a gift card to a dance studio in the area and I’ve been sitting on it until last night. I ventured out to one of their locations and took their intermediate ballet class.

Holy workout!

I forgot what it was like to take an actual dance class. I have to admit, I wasn’t feeling my most confident (even though, by some miracle my leotard fit and I did get to wear legwarmers the entire time) but by the end of class I was definitely feeling better. All of the women were extremely nice and welcoming and the instructor was really great. I introduced myself to her and told her that it had been an embarrassingly long time since I had taken a dance class (just warning her in case she had to call and ambulance). She just smiled.

At the end of class, the instructor exclaimed, “I’m surprised you made it through the whole thing after you told me you hadn’t danced in a long time!”

I’m just gonna go ahead and take that as a compliment.

So I didn’t use my rest day, instead I worked out twice. Whoops. Today is definitely a rest day after not waking up at 6am to run and having dinner plans tonight. Yes I’m following a training plan, but I can still do whatever I want 🙂


Monday’s workout: VIDA RX (what my gym calls Body Pump) + 90 Minute Ballet Class
Monday’s meals highlights: I made Lisa’s spicy tuna sandwich for lunch – delicious!

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Pasta Weekend

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My weekend was book ended by yummy pasta meals.  Friday night, I made arugula pesto. Unfortunately, it was a little too overpowered by garlic. I wanted to put it back in the food processor and mix in more cheese and arugula, but didn’t have the energy to use the food processor again.  I mean, I still ate two helpings of pasta with the pesto, but I smelled like garlic all weekend.

Saturday night, Justin and I went to dinner at Buck’s Fishing and Camping.  We used a Living Social deal there for 50% off.  I ordered the cheeseburger with jack cheese and spicy mayo. Justin got the sirloin steak.  My burger was good, his steak was amazing, it had a great amount of butter and the wood grill just made it taste so good.

We finished our night with a little beer pong at a friend’s house.  Justin and I did not win, sadly, but I did come out with a win at Wii bowling!

Sunday was my longest run yet, 7 miles.  I ran from River Road down the Capital Crescent Trail to Georgetown.  It’s such a nice and peaceful run.  I was worried about the cold, my knee and a little bit about the mileage.  The cold was fine, the distance was good (except when I thought I was almost at 5 miles and really I had only done 4, that was annoying) and my knee held up for most of the run. It hurt a little, but not to the point of not being able to run.   I got home and foam rolled and stretched it out.  New goal – 10-15 minutes of stretching pre and post run and continue with more foam rolling.

I found a place to grab a hot chocolate before Justin picked me up in Georgetown.  I also scooped up a yummy baguette and a hot dog smothered in cheese and bread.  I don’t have a picture of the hot dog, but the baguette appeared for some pre dinner snacking.

Dinner Appetizer

Justin made a tasty pasta dish with left over marinara sauce from the mozzarella sticks last weekend.  He also melted an entire block of Cabot cheddar cheese in a saucepan to mix with the pasta…brilliant new way to make mac and cheese!

Pasta, Cheese, Pesto, Marinara, Arugula, Bread

Please note, that is not the same pesto from Friday night – I didn’t need to continue to enhance my garlic smell already.  I would like to continue with the carbo loading today, but I may just have to settle for a salad.






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8 Ugly Miles

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I ran 8 miles on Saturday and let me tell you, it was not pretty. I went to “brunch” at 10am with some friends. I put brunch in quotations because 10am is too early to be considered brunch in my world. It was delicious and fun to catch up with friends but totally put a wrinkle in my work out plans for the day.

I didn’t end up hitting the pavement until 3pm for my run because I was distracted with errands and things on TV and my couch. Less than 2 miles into my run it started to snow and the wind began to blow furiously. I actually had trouble standing up without being blown over! Part of me wanted to call it quits and just head back and finish my run at the gym. But the other part of me decided that I needed to push through and keep going. And I did.

For once, I actually ran the route I had mapped out and ended up going from my place in Logan Circle, down around the Washington Monument, past the WWII Memorial, down the mall to the Lincoln, over the Memorial Bridge and back, onto the Mt. Vernon trail, up through Georgetown and down M Street and then weaved my way back home. I was moving slowly but saw a lot of great D.C. sites 🙂 And the weather got better the longer I ran. Whenever I passed a fellow runner (or biker) I smiled or gave a wave hoping to give them some positive energy toward their workout and maybe a small feeling that we were in this together.

When I turned the corner to my house I looked at my phone and realized I still need 2/10th of mile to get to 8 and so I ran around the block. That was probably the hardest part of the run! I went directly to the gym and did some great foam rolling and stretching. I didn’t want my hips to hate me today (they only kind of do).

I still didn’t get past the T, W, Th hump of running three days in a row and I didn’t run on both Saturday and Sunday, but I did run 8 ugly miles and for me that’s an accomplishment. I’ll work my way up to the T, W, Th block and both Saturday and Sunday. I know I can do it and I know I will.


P.S. Does anyone else have Whitney Houston’s Greatest Hits playing on their Spotify list today? I do and it’s SO good.

Friday’s workout: Day of rest
Friday’s meals highlights: Homemade sauce with whole wheat pasta
Saturday’s workout: 8 mile run
Saturday’s meals highlights: Late night grilled cheese – whoops!
Sunday’s workout: Day of rest…
Sunday’s meals highlight: Bethesda Bagel

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Fashion Friday: Booties

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I own two pairs of booties and I’m just going to go ahead and say it – they were cheap. I bought them a few years ago and wasn’t sure if it was just a passing trend so I went on the cheap side. My purple ones are from Payless and my black ones are from Forever 21. And honestly, they are both comfortable, easy to walk in and I get a ton of compliments on them. Score!

I busted out my black ones on Tuesday.

Oh heeeeey booties.

In other news, I got my February Birchbox last night and I’m super excited about its contents. Can’t wait to ransack it this weekend and give everything a try.

Who has fun weekend plans?


Thursday’s workout: Day of rest…I’m really struggling to run 3 days in a row. I’m determined to make it happen next week.
Thursday’s meals highlights: Eh.

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Thirsty Thursday

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My run this morning was less than stellar, my knee hurt like crazy. Crazy enough pain that I might even go see the doctor. Like any runner, I don’t want to hear from the doctor that I might have to take a little bit of a rest – so I’ve been putting it off and trying to self diagnose it as IT band issues.  I am going to try some serious foam rolling tonight and tomorrow and see how that goes.  I’ve been such a wuss about it and stopped about 1 minute in because it hurt so much. I will just remember that the pain this morning was so much worse than what I have to endure to make it better…right?!

I had a conversation with some co-workers yesterday about becoming a Starbucks Gold Card member, I am determined to become one. I’m so mad because I insisted on throwing away the gift cards (when they were spent) instead of keeping them and adding more money, which is what Justin wanted to do.   Justin, you were right.   Had I kept them, I could have registered them and been on my way to the Gold Card status by now.  I will get there, I know it!  I went this morning and I kind of love, no pun intended, their newest “holiday” cups.

A "lovely" grande skim chai

After I finished my chai, I ate a tasty tortilla – actually the tortilla was just so-so. The chunky peanut butter and banana made it tasty.

Do you like how it’s half sunny/half shade. I thought about taking another, but this captures my desk so perfectly in the morning.

Back to talking about love.  I love the look of these.  I think these might be my Valentine’s gift to myself and Justin too!  Surprise, Justin!   I wanted to try to make mini homemade peanut butter cups, but then I have to go buy mini muffin tins, and that seems a little too ambitious.

I can actually claim the title of this post to be true, I have a work happy hour tonight and am already looking forward to those few drinks at 6:30 pm!

Happy Thirsty Thursday!




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Savory vs. Sweet

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I FINALLY made savory oats last night and man were they delicious. This is definitely going to be another dinner staple moving forward. It was super easy and quick to make, healthy and delicious. My bowl contained sauteed onions, wilted spinach, 1/4 cup quick-cooked oats, nutritional yeast, red pepper flakes, some Annie’s Organic BBQ sauce and a sunny-side up egg. All of that combined was full of flavor and felt like I was eating a decadent bowl of comfort food. Who says you can only eat sweet oatmeal for breakfast? Actually, I think no one. Dinner win!

Right before I dug in!

Even though it was a cold, rainy night my co-worker and I pushed ourselves out the door and managed to get in a nice 5.5 mile run. We originally wanted to do 6 miles and then were feeling so blah we decided on 5, so we ended up meeting right in the middle! We weren’t speedy but we did some good mileage and got a run in on a crappy night when we were tired.

While we were running on the mall, it was dark and quiet and we passed three people running and one woman shouted at us, “Great job, ladies!” We both gave our own quick responses and I felt like gained a pep in our step. It’s a great reminder that we are really part of a community when it comes to running and training for races and I love it.

I finished the night with some hot chocolate and a great episode of L&O:SVU.


Wednesday’s work out: 5.5 mile run
Wednesday’s meals highlights: Savory Oats

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Oops, I never titled this yesterday…

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It has been a long week already and it is only Wednesday!  I was just thinking how it’ll be nice in a little over a month to have a half marathon under my belt.  I haven’t even gotten up to 7 miles running yet (I will this weekend!), but I am getting antsy for March 17 to arrive.   I would not say I’m ready for the marathon mileage wise just yet – more that I’m ready to just do it!

This morning on my walk to work, I saw this:

I’m not sure if you can tell in this picture, but this is a guy, wearing leopard print Adidas shoes with a tail!!!  Have I been missing out on this new trend?  How have I NEVER seen this before?  Here is a way better picture of the shoe itself.  It was impossible to capture this as I was walking behind this guy today.  Lucky for me the guy was wearing headphones, so he didn’t hear the blackberry camera snapping three consecutive times.

Maybe I should get a pair and run the 1/2 in them!  Would the tail make me run faster?


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