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I really hesitate to use the word diet but that is in the title of the book. A book I read cover-to-cover after it arrived in the mail the other night. I love meat. There, I said it. I love a good, juicy hamburger. I love my favorite Armenian dish – lamb stuffed tomatoes & peppers. I love it all. However, I am looking for ways to eat a more nutritious and healthy diet and cutting back on meat and processes foods seems like just the ticket.

What is the Flexitarian Diet you ask? It’s a mostly vegetarian diet that gives the flexibility to add meat into meals from time to time without guilt. It’s a lifestyle that uses real, whole foods that give you the nutrients you need to lose weight and be healthy. For more information on the diet, check out this page.

I’ll be honest. I’ve tried a ton of different diets – Weight Watchers (multiple times), Atkins, South Beach, Paleo – and none of them have truly worked for me because I never wanted to stick with any of them. I also found on that on all of these diets, I ended up using low-fat, fat-free processed foods as short cuts. Eating microwave meals and fat-free cheese just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. I don’t want to eat that crap anymore and I’m going to start the new year by slowly changing my diet. After reading the book and looking through the 5-week menu plan, I really think the Flexitarian lifestyle is a great program to follow. Here are a few reasons why I’m giving the Flexitarian Diet a try and why I think it will work for me.

1. The recipes REALLY are easy. In fact, for most of them I already have the ingredients. The author comes up with a lot of really unique recipe ideas mixing foods and flavors I wouldn’t have thought of before. Most recipes are 5 ingredients or less and use real food only. Yum!

2. Directly from the website, “Flexitarians weigh 15% less, have a lower rate of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and live 3.6 years longer than their carnivorous counterparts.” Yes, please to all of that.

3. I can still eat meat! I’m not getting rid of anything on this diet or restricting in anyway. And like I said earlier, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. If I want a burger tonight, I’ll get a burger tonight and won’t let any guilt get in my way. Hello, that’s what being flexible is all about.

4. There is no calorie or point counting. Woo!! I think I’ll probably still put all of my meals into MyFitnessPal.com but there is no need to be super stringent about calories and to drive myself crazy with every bite. On the Flexitarian Diet the idea is to eat 3-4-5 – a 300 calorie breakfast, a 400 calorie lunch and a 500 calorie dinner. Plus snacks and dessert of course!

5. It will be easy to entertain with this new lifestyle. I will still be able to have friends over and won’t feel guilty giving them food from this diet and these recipes because they are still delicious, filling and flavorful. There is nothing worse than ruining your entire diet when you have some guests over.

For full disclosure, I haven’t started the diet yet. I just finished the book this week and will be heading home tomorrow so it will be a challenge but this new lifestyle is in the back of my head during all of my meals. I don’t want to say it’s going to be a resolution for the new year – because I don’t do those – but it will be a huge factor in my life starting in January. My first post-holiday trip to the grocery store will be on January 2 and I plan to buy foods that support the Flexitarian Diet and work my way up to 5 meatless meals a week. Wish me luck! I will report back on how all of this goes…of course. Get pumped, people.


Wednesday’s workout: Walked home from work
Wednesday’s meals highlight: Nada

Thursday’s workout: In the car all day!
Thurdsay’s meals highlight: Hoboken Gyro with my sister

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