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I’m running a 15k this weekend, which is the longest distance I’ve ever run…have I mentioned that yet? I’ve run in plenty of races before, and have completed two triathlons, and yet for some reason I am having major anxiety about this race on Saturday. I don’t really have a race routine and am starting to think that I should adopt one to avoid feeling this way because I plan on doing a lot more races moving forward (hello, Olympic-length triathlon in June!). I’ve been trying to sort through what is going on in my head and here’s what I’ve come up with so far and what I’m going to do about it.

Anxious Head: Have I trained enough?

Sane Head: Yes you fool! I followed Hal Higdon’s 12 Week Training Program (it’s designed for those running their first 15k). Sure, I may have skipped the first two and a half weeks and yes I didn’t run for the past 5 days, but I really did follow the rest of it fairly well. The fact that I can run 4-5 miles with ease is a miracle and all due to the fact that I’ve followed a training program.

Anxious Head: What if I’m wear the wrong clothes and am either sweating my butt off or completely frozen?

Sane Head: You sweat a lot and know that already (duh!). I do sweat a lot, especially when it comes to athletic activities. I’m not one of those girls that can squeeze out a lunchtime workout and get away without showering. I usually end up beet red and in desperate need of a shower. Once I get running I always heat up so I think the outfit I have planned will work out just fine: running tights (new!), my blue Sparkle Skirt (new!), a favorite short-sleeve t-shirt I know is super comfy and an old long sleeve t-shirt (I feel confident it will either end up around my waist or tossed to the ground). I have to wear what works and not worry about it.

Anxious Head: What if all of your co-workers totally burn you and you have to stop and walk?

Sane Head: Did I mention I’m doing this with a bunch of co-workers, including my boss? And you know what, who cares? It’s because of these co-workers that I even signed up for this race in the first place. I’ve been training with two of them for the past month or so and even if they all blow me away (they could all be secretly super speedy), at least I’m still out there, running, reaching a new personal goal and improving my health. Go me!

Anxious Head: What if I get lost, never find the parking lot and am late to the race?

Sane Head: You’re going to pick up the race packets at the expo on Friday so you’ll know where to go the next day. C’mon, that’s just embarrassing.

Anxious Head: What if my stomach totally freaks out and I have to run to a restroom?

Sane Head: On only a handful of occasions has this ever happened to me. I’ve experienced the beginning of a few stomach rumbles that could have gone wrong during a few training runs recently but I pushed through them and was totally fine. I also don’t have a history of stomach issues and as long as I eat something I’m used to – banana and either part of a bagel or a granola bar – I think I’ll be fine through the race. After I gorge on all the melted chocolate post-race, I may have some issues to worry about….

Clearly, everything will be fine. I’m going to do one last “long” run tonight (possibly on the treadmill because it won’t stop raining today), some cross training on Wednesday, a super short run on Thursday and rest it up on Friday. Hydration is my new middle name. And I know that when I finish this race I will feel energized and amazing and will probably sign up for another one right away like a fool.

Anxiety be gone!


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